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Don’t Like Your Life? 5 Action Steps to Personal Growth

I have had moments in my life where I simply didn't like what I was doing and where I was headed so I made up in my mind to make necessary changes.  Many people are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready for personal and professional changes in their lives, but they just don’t know how to go about making their desires happen.

Jobs, relationships, and money, may be negatively influencing the way you see your life right now.Have you been doing something about it?You may have already shared with others how you feel about being a wife, husband, parent, employee, or friend.Behind your back, someone might be praying for you, talking about you, or hoping that things will get better for you. You feel this way, because you don’t like the choices you have made.The children came too soon, the man wasn’t what you had in mind, the woman you married changed drastically, the job wasn’t what you expected, and your friends aren’t available anymore. You might personally believe that y…

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Welcome to My New Inspirational Website - Nicholl McGuire Inspirational Speaker and Author

Feel free to check out!  A place for curious people and supporters of my YouTube channel NM Enterprise 7 and others from around the web.

Many thanks all!  Still growing...

My Thoughts on Online Marketing

Interviewing, writing, and posting material is something that I have been doing for quite some time on a variety of publishing formats.  From the early days of Twitter to newer sites around the web, content is king and everyone wants it, but everyone doesn't have the time to devote to it. 

I have read numerous articles about all things related to writing, publishing, video marketing--you name it.  One thing I consistently see is the lack of transparency with many of these so-called experts who claim to know how to increase traffic to our blogs and websites.  The information is obvious most often and redundant.  What I have learned is that you have to meet with a guru face-to-face (sometimes pay for his over-priced system), buy many books, and/or befriend a person who knows the tricks of the Internet world when it comes to marketing, building a social media presence and more.  Most successful, online businesses pay for specific tools and human labor to increase page traffic, build …

What You Didn't Know About Nicholl McGuire

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Wix Websites - Easy, Free

Lately Wix has been back in the media showing us just how easy it is to make a website.  Awhile back, I decided to go for it.  It  really is so simple that an elementary school-aged kid can create one.  If you would like a website, take a go at it and if it gets to be a bit too challenging, let's talk about it. My rates are reasonable.  Here is what I put together, see Nicholl McGuire Media

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Professional Virtual Assistant, Ghost Writer in Denver - Nicholl McGuire

With over 10 years publishing experience online, I have created books, articles, blogs, and performed virtual tasks including internet marketing and social media engagement for individuals and businesses.  I am now providing services to the good people of Denver, Colorado. 

Recently, I got the opportunity to network with some ambitious small business owners who were all in need of ghostwriters. So I stood before two large audiences and participated in a small group and pitched my online publishing virtual business, Nicholl McGuire Media.

I have an extensive history with writing the following:  non-fiction books, features and news articles, classified ads and other sales copy, business descriptions, and resumes.  I also have a team of quality virtual assistants with writing experience who can handle bigger requests as well.

So if you are in need of additional help, feel free to email me with your request.

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