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A Word from Nicholl McGuire

With each passing year, there are new things happening with me.  I am excited about the many things that have taken place in recent years with myself and family from relocation to many writings.  Although we have had our shares of challenges, most of us have survived the storms.  So I encourage loved ones to continue to keep your heads up!  There is little time to worry, stress, or cry over spilled beans, so to speak.

I am learning each day to manage my time effectively, drive myself to finish my to do lists, and most of all allow God to be my guide.  I am happy with my progress.  Recently, I re-connected with extended relatives and old friends and that has been most beneficial. 

In centuries past, there was no need of telephones, email, gaming devices, planes, trains, buses, etc.  and I personally believe people got more done too!  Nowadays, some can't even wrap their heads around not celebrating holidays, seeing relatives, or sitting on couches watching television screens.  It…

Bored? Nicholl Maintains and Contributes to Blog for Bored People

If you are ever bored online, Nicholl has some interesting material on a blog for people who are easily bored.  The mother of four will be releasing a book this year related to boredom and has been maintaining and contributing to her blog for bored people for years.  Nicholl admits that sometimes she feels bored with a variety of things and so the blog was just a fun way to stay busy even when you aren't as well as generate some productive ideas to get some things done personally and professionally.  So enjoy the blog, share a comment and spread to friends! 

Things to Do When Bored