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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Commentary about making money online


Today I'm sharing my thoughts about online business money-making with those of you who are interested or are currently making additional income from home. What troubles me about these matters of making extra money, is the fact that I tried numerous ways for years (over a decade), and I can tell you that none of them, make you rich unless you are one of those who know how to do some sneaky tactics to increase your wealth.

I am sorry to bust anyone's bubble who is a recent home business seeker, but those that in fact are claiming to be rich from affiliate marketing such as selling e-books (they didn’t create), marketing others’ business links, typing, or writing online is lying.  Those that are deemed successful, an expert or a guru, are actually using various software programs and deceptive tactics in order to increase profits. Some may even go so far as to steal other people's information on the Internet, duplicate, and then create a website or other things to profit.   It’s not right!  I speak from experience.  I just wish that there would be more people who would speak out against some of these individuals and companies deceptive practices, faulty products and misleading advertising.  Even some legit software programs that help with organizing, posting, researching, and more tend to have problems--in fact, they end up being rip-offs.  Do visit Warrior Forum to find out what others are saying about these products that promise to do a lot for your endeavors.

My sincere prayer would be that people would contact the Better Business Bureau, go to and other consumer complaint forums and sites just to let people know that their business ventures are not working.  Certain companies are not giving them the monies that they had hoped to attain.

Some legit affiliate marketing businesses I had connected with over the years, but monies were dismal or not at all include:

Commission Junction
Link Share
Roi Rocket
Share Results

I marketed into the wee hours of the morning soon after joining and tried all sorts of strategies over the years to increase traffic to links.  I sent links, attached links, embedded links, shared links, posted links, etc. consistently at times to increase revenue, before the Google changes, but still so-so-results.  Pennies on the dollar folks!   Sometimes I saw dollars, like my first $100 (sigh) but that took months to reach on Clickbank.  Then I heard about marketers stealing commissions by messing with affiliate links.  So cloaking one's links became a big deal.  There are thresholds to reach and it can take years to reach them.  People just don’t spend money on books like they do everything else.  So marketing an e-book isn't a good thing unless one has an established network, is known, and has big money to spend on advertising.

More online sellers, marketers, writers, typists, customer service reps. and others need to come out and say, “I receive pennies on the dollar.  That company is no good, they ripped me off!”  I know that it can be disappointing to share such information, but the truth does set you free.  Then you are able to pursue other endeavors.  So I am encouraging someone to comment below about your experiences working from home.

It is our responsibility as business owners, entrepreneurs, whatever you call yourself –a representative affiliate marketer, customer service rep. or writer—it is our jobs to let people know the truth about these different companies. I've already done this on my blog.  Take a look around.  There are a number of companies that I’ve talked about in the past.  

Note: Please be advised since some of my postings on this blog, I haven’t been pleased with Bukisa’s site and found that they haven’t been paying many writers since my last check (and that was a very small check in 2009).  Every time they upgraded their site, the Adsense connection would need to be reconnected (knocking one out of potential revenue) there is still a problem to date (11/28/2012) and the “contact us” section doesn't work either.  Yet, they still continue to showcase writers’ work.  Someone or a group should investigate and call for them to shut down.  One site I used to be connected with, did just that.  Too many complaints filed against them.  Just when I was ready to complain to BBB, they were gone.

Another site I am not too happy about is Xomba, they too permitted writers to publish their material, but I have never seen a check from them and I have been on that site for years!

Feel free to look up my personal experiences working from home. The information is on this blog to help individuals so that they aren’t spending hours and hours and hours working on different projects hoping they are going to make lots of money.  

It seems some of these online businesses, the minute they pay out a nice sum of money, the next thing that happens they are finding some fault with your account.  I have learned the hard way that they do this, because they don't want to pay out another check especially if you are a monthly $100 earner.  It’s not right to cut off workers when they are consistently bringing traffic to one's website!  I realize that errors can be made on a select piece, misunderstandings, or an individual makes an error, but cutting people off entirely just because payouts are too large and a company can’t meet demand—ridiculous!  Go out of business, but don’t keep using worker’s material, links and traffic to fund your site!

These companies should always pay their people and pay them fairly and not create situations where websites go down during peak seasons, because they don't want large payouts.  I also noticed that links are tampered with or programs are created so that affiliate marketers, writers, and others who work online, pay is cut.  

I personally want to start a class action lawsuit, a protest, or something against these sites that claim they will pay people, but then figure out ways to manipulate people out of pay.  For instance, when a survey company I joined in the past realized they couldn’t keep sending checks to us survey takers and our voices were getting louder about, "Where's our checks?"  They came up with a point system, I personally hated the idea--just pay me! The point system threshold, of course, is hard to reach.  Instead of paying us with checks, they offered a selection of gifts to choose from claiming that is what the people wanted after a survey went around.  I doubted that.  Then another company did the same.  So I stopped taking surveys with them and apparently many others did too, because I don't see their advertisements anymore--yeah!  Now with other survey companies, what they would do is limit how many survey takers were qualified to complete a survey in an effort to not only limit their sample audience, but to control payouts.  Many cash surveys that I once qualified for, nowadays I don’t.  I find it highly unusual since nothing has changed much in six years personally for me and the surveys are typically the same back when I did see checks.  So I rarely, if ever, take surveys with any businesses paid or unpaid.  Besides, thanks to all those people who willingly hand over their personal opinion on merchandise for free on popular department store websites, they are cashing in on that too without needing to pay shoppers to fill out surveys.

There are so many sneaky tactics that many companies use to target stay-at-home moms, retirees, students, and the elderly in order to make profits, create loyal customers, and tap into family circles they otherwise couldn't have reached.  They practically get people to volunteer to help them despite promising profits.  

Many shady multi-level marketing corporations, article farms, vanity publishers, product/service businesses, and more come up with strategies to get people to spread the word about their businesses while not keeping their promises, rewarding loyal customers, or assisting those who are marketing their businesses   Phone calls and email go unanswered, marketing tools are scarce, limited or don't work, and checks are not in the mail.   

If I am due a discount as a loyal customer, then why do I have to pay regular price like everyone else?  If I am told a site is going to permit me to make money using my Google Adsense account, then why do I not see the tracking or monies earned from the site?  If I am told that I will receive a commission for work rendered, must I have a threshold to reach and why doesn’t a company do more to assist its marketers?  If I share my link with family and friends, why do I have to keep track of this, test the company to see if I will get a commission, and then contact them when I realize I never received payment?  

Some businesses do very little so that numbers stay low and profit made never makes anyone rich.  I think, by design, they hope that you will stop working, writing, marketing etc., yet still come to their site as a consumer in the hopes that you will click on an ad, make a purchase and do other things without paying you a dime as an independent representative or affiliate marketer.   It is simply much easier to have a consumer, rather than a money-making representative for some businesses.  They think, "Well she might not be selling for us, but we have her and those she knows as customers."  

Please do your research and find out more about the companies you are affiliated with whether you type, write, sell, or do something else online.  Find out what others are saying by conducting a keyword search using the name and words like "complaints, reviews, lawsuits, ripoff, scam..."

Feel free to subscribe to my blog.  I periodically list information to help writers, sellers and marketers who work online.

Well I guess this is it, I just wanted to share that information. And thank you so much for stopping by my page.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No Winners or Losers for Christians

The believer must learn the personality of the one true God of this universe (and not the one by man's design) as best he knows how with the tools He has directed us to. Unlike us, he doesn't change, compromise, pretend, lie, or create smokescreens. The same God that didn't want men serving other Gods (ie. Mormon) and the same God that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (ie. homosexuality) is not dancing in heaven and cheering--this is a sad day for those that have been seeking the face of the Lord-- no matter what side you sit on (red or blue). Reflect on all truths and lies, don't look the other way. Sure, we will get what we want for awhile, but OH GOD, you haven't seen nothing yet. Stop looking at the color of skin whether you are white and think you're right or black who will never step back and look at truth which has no hue.

How to Promote Affiliate Products on your Facebook Page

Too funny!  Great information for newbies!

How to Promote Affiliate Products on your Facebook Page

Also, keep in mind the following:

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What the!? EBates & McAfee stealing from Affiliates and Merchants!! - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

EBates & McAfee stealing from Affiliates and Merchants!! - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hubs -- Nicholl McGuire Samples

Sometimes businesses need a stronger presence on the Internet, so they want to get creative while increasing website traffic to their sites.  I have found that traffic does increase when a business owner steps out of his or her comfort zone and entrusts others who like to create pages online to help them market their products and services.

So I presently put together pieces for my own businesses and help others market their products on places like Hub Pages.  Below, you will find samples of my work on a variety of topics.

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DarkCopy - Simple, full screen text editing - StumbleUpon

Sometimes you get on the Internet and discover you need to type something fast.  But maybe you don't want to open a software program or write your thoughts on a piece of paper.  I came across this online text editing site and I absolutely love, love!  I don't save anything on it, I just copy and paste to where I want my text to go.  So try it!  Let your thoughts come to you and start writing!

DarkCopy - Simple, full screen text editing - StumbleUpon

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Remove a page or site from Google's search results - Webmaster Tools Help

Did you create something you wish you hadn't and submitted it to the search engines?  Are there private images or information floating around the Internet about you?  If so, you might want to use the following tool:

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