Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Thank My Inspirations for Writing

Every now and then I have to show appreciation to those that have supported me-- those that keep me motivated to write, to them I say, Thank you!  Those that listened to my verbal concerns, rants, flattery, and more--thank you!  Those that read my work and paid for it--special thank you! 

In addition to supporters, there are "Inspirations" that move me to pen my thoughts.  From the beatiful artwork that someone has left on a wall for observers to analyze to someone nice I meet while working/shopping in public, these people, places and things are motivations for me.

Despite living in a world that promotes/glorifies/upholds evil, it is up to us as writers, speakers, teachers, parents, and others to bring good!  Wherever we might work and whoever we might talk to, it is our divine job to utilize the light we have to shine on lost souls in dark places.  As a result of our Heavenly Father using us, we should see atmospheres cleaned, rearranged, broken down, and/or built back up again since being in a troubled person's presence or walking in a challenging atmosphere.

I know that there are many in our world who don't like to read or write.  I also realized that these same people oftentimes don't like the ones who do especially those who are skilled at exposing falsehoods.  But rather than show disdain for one's hobby, skill or craft or attempt to compete, he or she might want to embrace it--be grateful that one is courageous enough to say the things you could never say and read books you have no interest.  The naysayers, thieves, backsliders, and liars are also my inspiration as well for writing.

Thank God for RELEASE, now it's time to get on with a new chapter, stay tuned.

Nicholl McGuire  

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Writing Full-Time

These days still busily writing, but I will be back to doing it full-time real soon.  I have offered my services in the past to individuals and businesses and will continue to do so.  If you are not familiar with other things I do like: record audio, post on social networking sites, ghost write for blogs, provide administrative service offline, then do check me out here: Nicholl McGuire Media

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Small Town Mindset Can Kill Big Dreams

One of the biggest mistakes people from small towns do after being exposed to big city life is to go back home and adapt to the small mindset of locals once again. 

After months or even years of broadening one's horizons, far too many individuals relocate back home and accept ignorance.  From negative comments about big cities, lifestyles, and cultures (that most small minds have never encountered personally) to what they think they know about a neighborhood because they "read somewhere...heard cousin use to live there..." so this makes someone knowledgeable?  How about living and staying in the big city rather than running into the arms of worry and fear?  What about walking the streets, riding the buses, attending events, and lending your service to that new community rather than finding solace in the ever-popular statement, "I just want to be close to family..."?  Aren't those the people you needed to get away from in the first place in an effort to grow up? 

I simply have little patience for the little know-it-all mind who spreads his or her limited view of the world.  Then later, he or she wants to go back home and act as if this individual is the authority to speak on big issues in a big city that he or she ran away from.  Is anyone paying attention to that kind of action?  It wasn't about family, it was about survival.  The mind could no longer handle big city life coupled with the fact that a loved one or friend whispered repeatedly over the years, "Why don't you come back home?"  Think of the many people who did relocate only to later wish they had never returned home.  Now they are nothing more than a problem to the family since returning, because they are filled with so much regret.

I have sat with those who came from backgrounds that were mainly decorated in white or in black.  These people chose to live that way, not because it was necessary, but because they enjoyed the comfort of dealing with their "own people" or "own kind."  I didn't argue or persuade these folks to "...think out of the box" because I could tell from their conversations that it just wasn't an option.  They were either "too old to change...was afraid...liked their simple life..."  For a few, they went so far to say that they "didn't want drama in their lives..."  I didn't know that opening one's heart and mind to other people outside of one's ethnicity was "drama."

Anyway, since living in various cities and talking with many people, I recognize that a leopard just isn't going to change its spots.  It doesn't matter where he moves, who he meets, or what he does, underneath all of the smiles and so-called "open to all" conversation, is still an ignorant, angry or fearful person who just doesn't like the idea of living in a world with people who aren't staying up late at night contemplating on how to hurt him.  Some just look for fights that were never there in the first place--good riddens, the small-minded should go back to their small towns and while there, tell the locals the truth, "I thought it was for me, but it really wasn't...I couldn't handle it."

May today be the day that those readers who happen to stumble on this blog entry, awaken or reawaken to the life you know you are expected to live--not being governed by the ignorance of the small mindset, the fearful or the worried. 

Live your best life now for you are not promised tomorrow!

Nicholl McGuire author of Laboring to Love Myself on

Saturday, April 5, 2014

They Say, "I Need Someone to Write My Book"

For years, I have offered my services to assist individuals and businesses with writing their books, articles, reports, press releases, etc..  From memoirs to a simple two-page biography, if someone dared to come out of his or her shell while trusting me enough to write about him or her, I did it.  Well, that season is coming around again, where I say, "Here I am!  If you need assistance with your book, then let's get started!"  But I am only offering this service for a limited time only before I am back to preparing my publications.

Sometimes people are all talk, because they know I have written a book.  Others are no show and no go because they aren't about to share what they believe are their precious secrets.  Then there are still others that want to do business, but don't have the time or money, so they put their book writing project off.

These days I am willing to assist with the beginning of one's most desired book project for $99 down.  This means that I interview with the subject who is determined to write the book and we get some of what is in his or her head onto paper.  Now the kind of book, the target market, and everything else related to publishing will come later.  What is most important is getting some of what the person wants to talk about the most out in the open.

So if you know someone who strongly wants to write a book and he or she is very much willing to pay for the book assistance, then have that person email me at so we can further discuss.

Nicholl McGuire 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nicholl McGuire -

He's not through with me yet.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Nicholl speaking on Being Content With What You Have

Click on YouTube video, to hear message.  Nicholl shares biblical wisdom and spiritual commentary with family and friends.  She has attended many churches over the years and is certified to teach Sunday School.  In recent years, Nicholl talks of God moving her to write books and speak his word.  Many years prior, leaders in the churches that she attended prophesied what she is doing now.  May God bless them for boldly speaking God's word into her life! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Free Time

Sometimes those free moments come in one's life when nothing much is going on.  It is then that I think about things--anything.  I begin to ponder about article topics, think about past events and how I could have/should have, and plan the next thing I'm going to do. Yet, other times I just feel a myriad of emotions sometimes those that move you to tear just a bit.  One in particular is that moment of elation, simply being thankful about what a Heavenly Creator has done so far with me--ever so grateful for life and not fearful when it all comes to an end.

When you have that moment, you know the one you aren't doing much of anything, take a deep breath.  It just might be just what the doctor ordered--a quiet time that might have saved your life just a little while longer!

Stay blessed.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

What I Hope to Become?

I haven't arrived yet.  You know that place where you can kick your shoes off and prop your feet up.  I am so far from being at peace with my life.  I have so much more to do and I haven't begun to scratch the surface! 

These days I am focusing on my external life--you know the one we all have when we aren't on the Internet.  I have been spending time networking, putting my skills in front of some people, and assisting others with their business ventures on a part-time basis.

What I hope to become is not a specific title, but a Spirit who can comfortably say, my Creator is pleased with me.  It doesn't matter what society deems successful, where I go, who I meet, or what I see, I just want to know that I  am doing alright--that I am truly living the way God intended!

Nicholl McGuire

Friday, February 28, 2014

No Good Thing Last Forever

No good thing last forever, so you might as well make the most of your good times.  Sit back and enjoy those smiles, take in those laughs, and appreciate the sun when it is out.  Take a moment to walk or sit down and take in your environment.  For we never know the day or hour when something so bad will shake up our world to the point that many will suffer and die. 

Your heavenly Creator put you on this planet for good reason.  You may not know the plan for your life, but I assure you that there is one.  Experience a life beyond this one, go get the Holy Word of your Maker and start reading it the moment you have some free time.  The more you read, the more you will begin to feel and look different.

Nicholl McGuire

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What on Earth Was I Thinking When I Started Journaling?

The teachers had instilled in us young children to write.  They wanted us to write sentences about things like:  personal interests, people, places, and things.  I was programmed from the time I could put a sentence together to journal.  Yet, something so innocent, can be used against you as you grow older.  Those optimistic teachers didn't warn us children about parents who would give you a hard time about the things you write about them or others (they think are them).  They didn't prepare us for the sacrifices we would make for writing or not writing from partners to networks.  They didn't tell us that there was such a thing as Writer's Block.  They didn't tell us that we could break the rules sometimes with generalizations, exaggerations, fiction, and poor grammar without excuse.  They surely didn't warn us about the myriad of mean-spirited emotions, strange voices, and weird muses that help to periodically give us our best work. 

What on earth was I thinking when I started journaling?

I didn't know many decades ago, in my child-like mind, that writings could be used to identify one's personality and other hidden things about one's self that you rather the world not know.  I hadn't a clue about building confidence through writing, finding a mental release after trauma, or anything else that may have been deemed helpful growing up had I not been so scared to write down my true self for so many years of my childhood. 

Recently, I realized, after ripping one of my many diaries in two, that what was supposed to be my childhood diaries was really someone else's--an angry girl who had been micro-managed to the point that she was unsure of how she truly felt about things since others made decisions for her.  Others insisted they were right even when they were wrong.  People who had problems that they didn't want an inquisitive little girl to uncover.  A bright child who was told by the media to write about boys and rant about parents through television shows.  But what I really wanted to write about is now on 15 plus blogs, show up in over 100 plus videos, and are presented in seven plus books in a few different categories and I'm still not satisfied (sigh). 

Too many vital years of controlling men and deceptive women suffocating my core through emotional abuse (and a past of domestic violence) has long been the fuel that has kept me writing.  However, I received great news at the start of the year from a world beyond this one, "You are free!  You are free!"  No longer bound by my past, I have arrived to my present and look forward to my future. 

Nicholl McGuire

Monday, February 17, 2014

There's Nothing Easy about Being Me

You have those who congratulate you on a job well done.  Others will say nothing while wishing you fall flat on your face.  From disrespectful comments to eye-rolls, some of my writings and topics I speak about offend.  Truth doesn't win me life-long friends--never did, never will.  I think of the Bible, when Jesus said, "They will hate you because of me..."  He was so right!

"Keep your mouth closed...don't say anything...just smile..." I grew up around people who never wanted anything said about anything truthfully speaking.  If you got a little courage about yourself and let loose with your tongue, there was always the threat of violence looming.  If you didn't want to reap the consequences, you just might turn and walk away, but not before experiencing "payback."  In my 'hood, payback was nothing more than revenge.  Sooner or later someone was going to pay you back for speaking truth.   Protest your parents' unfairness, payback.  Speak up about a shady friend in the camp, payback.  Tell what a relative was really doing when no one was looking, payback.  So you walked on eggshells wondering when the day would come that you would be confronted on what you said.  What a life for a child, right? 

Looking back, so-called "private" folks, who liked to stay out of people's business (yet always in it), weren't liked very much.  Those that typically didn't mind talking about themselves, would withdraw when the "private" folks came around certain loved ones in my family.  "Don't tell her anything," I was told.  "Because she doesn't share any information about her self or family."  Therefore, as a child, I would have to limit my conversations, carefully pay attention to every word, select certain things to say and not while speaking to adults.  Sometimes one couldn't always remember the rules in the playbook, so there was a price to pay if you didn't keep someone's lie or cover-up straight.

Thank God, I'm not a child anymore!  Having been exposed to all sorts of personality disorders dressed up with so-called normalcy growing up, I have learned quite a bit from the impostors--probably too much.  It is difficult at times walking around in my body, seeing what I see in people, sometimes I can see through people, right down to the foolishness in a person's story, notice their odd expressions/mannerisms, or experience their negative vibe--sometimes all at once.  It can be difficult to be content with some loved ones when you know the truth behind their fake smiles with others while pointing the finger at you as if you are so wrong, weird, crazy, etc.  I get this sort of attitude quite often from sexist males who feel threatened by a spiritual woman.

When you are a person that has been challenged much in life, it isn't always easy connecting with people in the way that you had hoped.  Sure, you pray for the best in your relationships and partnerships, but sometimes even God warns, "No matter what you say, what you think you know, you don't know about XYZ person.  Watch while I work."  God never tells me, "I told you so..."  Rather, I usually find one of his life tests soon after on what I learned or didn't learn about people. 

You can hear many revelations of my spiritual journey and advice on YouTube, listen here.

Stay blessed.

Nicholl McGuire
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