Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tell Me Mother You're Sorry - the book is here!

Are you expecting your mother or any mother type in your life to apologize for some wrong-doing?  Well, keep waiting.  For some prideful women, they aren't going to say anything more than, "Keep on being angry...You owe me an apology!"  Those loved ones that do apologize, some are sincere.  But  others not so much, they have a personal agenda right around the corner.

Tell Me Mother You're Sorry is a playbook that opens up a game that many manipulative mothers like to play that love to control others more than relate to them.  This work will enlighten some who are naive, gullible, and silly (like I once was) to the game(s).  There are mind games that some of these women that have been around their share of players, pimps, hustlers, and overall crooked people that they play.  If you don't know any better, you come off as weak, needy, troubled, or crazy even if these things are not true about you.  By the time you are finished with Tell Me Mother You're Sorry, you will want to work hard on changing some things about you while coming to the conclusion on what you want to do with those toxic women in your life.

The book is not for those who are scared, nervous, or still grabbing on Mother's apron strings.  This is a non-fiction piece for the daughter or son who is simply fed up with Mama, Mother, Mommy, or Mom.  Issues involving stepmothers, mother-in-laws and enabling fathers are also addressed.  You will find many things you have been through with your mother or someone else's in this book as well as tips on how to move on with your life.

I observed much growing up when it came to familial relationships between mothers and their children as well as sibling issues, and I can tell you from my experience that some people will never learn or change.  They are who they are, and you have the choice to do some things different for yourself and your family.  Sometimes we have dysfunctional relationships with relatives for far too long that we would never tolerate with a toxic boyfriend or girlfriend.

Be free!

You can get your copy here.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic, Laboring to Love Myself, and other books.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Look for the Moments that Make Life Worth Living

When you are down and out and it seems like life difficulties are really getting the best of you just hold on to the positive people, places and things that remind you why you must keep waking yourself up each and everyday.  Is it the smile of a child?  A good book?  The nice place you live in?  The hope of moving to a new location?  The anticipation of meeting that someone special?  Whatever your motivation for making you feel that life is still worth living, embrace it and know that there is a God who sees all!  Good times are ahead, keep the faith!

Nicholl McGuire
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

For my blog entry today...I will share...Zoom - Commodores

Good music never dies.  Sometimes a song speaks to how you truly feel.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Tell Me Mother You're Sorry by Nicholl McGuire

After writing family history books and thinking back on mother daughter relationships including the one I have with my mother, I realize that there was a pattern.  Those ups and downs in mother daughter relationships that were typical, you talk and then you are distant, you talk and then you break.  But there are those daughters who distanced themselves and never picked up the phone or came around again,

Tell Me Mother You're Sorry is a nonfiction book that supports those adult sons and daughters who have had enough of their mothers to put it quite simply.  In the work, I share the experiences of others, the personalities of those I have personally encountered and how I became an adopted daughter to them as well as advice from women who have gone no contact for years.

I hope that when the book is released you will support me and thanks for stopping by.  Do check out YouTube video, Distant Daughters, Troubled Mothers - No Contact nmenterprise7

God bless.

Nicholl McGuire

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Nicholl McGuire - Back to Hub Pages

Lately, I have seen much advertising for Hub Pages around the web at various work at home websites and job boards, so I have returned to the site and it seems that things are getting better.  For those of you unfamiliar with Hub Pages, it is another place, like Blogger, for writers to create, share and learn more about public opinion related to just about anything you might want to talk about.

There are templates now that help with creating hub pages.  You will also notice there are more quality hubs since there are certain restrictions on the site.  The site is still quite active and is doing well in search engines.  So if you want a place to share what's on your mind, you might want to head over to the site.  They also still have their systems in place to help you earn money too.

Here are my latest Hub Pages:

Black People Around the World

Questionable Epidemics in the United States

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Loved Ones with Toxic Behaviors

Population Reduction Issues - Greed, Power

Interested in signing up with Hub Pages, see here.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Older I Get, The More I See Children Inside Grown-ups

They might look old, have some wit about them, and experienced much, but underneath the adult exterior are men and women who have a myriad of personality issues, ignorance, and downright weirdness.

Sometimes I try to talk myself out of what I'm seeing.  I pretend at times that I don't see what I see in people.  It's as if I hear a voice from their souls that wants to be let out of their dysfunction.  There are moments that I can feel their negativity and ugliness.  I have to work real hard not to reveal what I know about some of these people.

Supernatural gifts are powerful and can make or break a person or group depending on how you use them.  In the past, I have become quite angry and revealed my foes' issues in battle as far back as I remember and of course didn't win any friends doing so. I have physically fought with another foe's demonic energy and we both lost wearing permanent scars on our bodies as a result.  I have experienced so much pain from some that I felt sick to my stomach for a long time, had headaches, and shared their heartaches as well while asking the heavenly Father for strength to get through another day.

Some admire my strength, courage and boldness for being that spiritual person that really knows how to connect with others, but then there are those who look at me with eyes that wish I were dead.  They know I see their demons and worry that I might expose them for who they really are.

As I mature, I see children in many troubled adults, grown men and women who have yet to grow up. These little people that were abused and used and were never released.  They still hold on to adult bodies like infants clutching the fingers of mothers, but rather have beautiful angelic looks about them, they are dark, ugly babies within.

Mean-spirited, angry, frustrated, bitter, unforgiving, and resentful adults with agendas, schedules, appointments, money, and other material goods and still unhappy.  At times their eyes are like daggers with envy on the tips of them as they look you up and down from head to toe.  These sick people fake interest in you, smile half-heartedly, and if they should see the slightest flaw or weakness, these miserable people will amuse themselves by pointing it out.

Ugly men and women on the inside, yet attractive on the outside, tend to create offspring who wear their demons like badges of honor.  That's why for some they have no desire to bring human beings into this world because they know what they are, children of darkness.

Some of these evil adults will quite boldly tell you, "I am what I am.  I'm not interested in Jesus, God, wisdom, love, peace, patience...nothing!  Leave me be."  If you're wise, you will do just that, but if you were once like I was, you will try to play a Good Samaritan role and get burned.  When a person warns, "I'm not who you think.  I can't be who you want me to be.  I am incapable of loving others.  I don't want to be bothered.  I don't like you..." heed the warning!  You can't save them, so don't try. No amount of gift-giving, patience, love, or nothing else will win that person's love, his or her soul to Christ or anything else!  Rather than make the individual's life or others miserable with feel-good tactics, prompts to get others to tip-toe around the individual, or try to persuade him or her to change, save your energy for those who are willing and able to reciprocate love.

These lost men and women with childhood issues and tantrums are unfortunately headed to dead-ends unless they face their demons, purge their bodies of them, and embrace all things good.

Nicholl McGuire

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Author Page on Amazon - Nicholl McGuire

Thanks for stopping by!  Nicholl has an author page where visitors and customers of her books can share discussion on Amazon.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Work at Home Resources

Is making additional income one of your New Year's resolutions?  Well if so, over the years I have checked out the following and am currently connected with a few work at home opportunities found on the sites.  Visit these sites if you are seeking supplemental income.

Kelly Connect -
Qmee -
Work at Home Mothers -
Workers on Board -

You can also check out more at my blog When Mothers Cry.  I have a separate page devoted to home businesses.  In addition, I have some helpful information on YouTube as well, see here.

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