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Saturday, April 2, 2022

Spiritual Wisdom - Life is Too Short

Exciting times ahead whether good, bad or otherwise!  Get ready for serious life changes all around.  What you see now in media, is only the beginning of more to come.  From wars and mayhem to major businesses laying off dedicated employees from around the world, one will need to have a plan of action to weather the storms!  If you are a person of faith, you need only to rely on your God, but for others they will have difficulty trying to comprehend the castatrophic events that will come their way.  

I have seen and witnessed people trying very hard to run from life troubles using addictive drugs and alcohol to cope while others are immersing themselves in a variety of jobs and hobbies.  However, the events that beckon you to take ownership and work through them will not continue to be put off or away.  You must do something!  As some wise counselors have told us time and time again, "Life is too short!"  It truly is!

When I think back on my own personal and professional life challenges, I marvel at how far I have come with the help of kind souls and an awesome God, but I also realize that my existence is but a minute in time, and before long, I will join the many others who have left this world.  Our reunion on the other side will be magnificent--one of rejoicing and celebration!  When you walk with your personal savior, there is no doubt about your relationship with Him and the perfect world that awaits far beyond this one!  

More and more people are recognizing that there is more to mind and body as they sit in quiet and deep mediation.  They realize they are compromised of a spirit that surpasses all man-made reasoning that embodies a Creator who wants nothing more than to connect with the lost souls of man, woman and child.  How awesome would it be if flawed human beings would humble themselves before the great I Am and finally commit their lives to Him!

Although this blog has typically been about my work online and the services I provide to businesses, I periodically share spiritual wisdom and personal faith to remind those who have spent much time running the rat race while forgetting the one who got them the job or business in the first place!  There is more to life than just money, cars, homes, travel, education, networking events, customers, and paying growing bills!  Have you heard from your Creator lately?

I think of the many professionals I have connected with over the years.  We had lively discussions about the spiritual condition of people and how might they be better at communicating their concerns, living out their spiritual callings, and overall being the new and improved human beings they desire to be.

Lately, my sincere prayer has been that the world will experience the years of peace as promised in the Holy Bible before destruction comes.  I also pray that all might come to know Jesus before they close their eyes.

Back to work....until next time.

Nicholl McGuire