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Spring Break with the Children: A Good Way to Catch a Case of Writer's Block

You would think staying at home with children would actually give you plenty to write about. I mean you could sit back and think about your childhood, laugh about those times when your own children made you smile, and even pen a few tips to help other parents. Yet, the first week the children were out of school, it was nothing more than a playland that at times got out of control leaving someone crying about being hurt. The more energy around me from my four active boys, the more writer's block arose to the surface of my mind. I sat in front of the computer a few times with nothing to say. I think that was a good thing considering the negative emotions swirling within me from having to say far too many times, "Be quiet! Sit down! Stop doing that..." And they say, "The joys of parenting..." Who is "they" anyway?

So finally I took some quiet time just before the oldest boys closed their eyes to go to sleep and I just prayed and cried until every …

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