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Monday, May 16, 2016

About Nicholl McGuire - An example of What One Person Can Do to Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

For almost two decades, Nicholl McGuire, a wife, mother, author, and inspirational speaker has not only provided thought-provoking wisdom to people around the web, but offline too.  She has impacted her audiences in so many ways with her non-fiction works such as: When Mothers Cry, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and over 10 others. 

Nicholl has appeared before families sharing candidly stories of her own abusive experience at the young age of 21.  Her abuser had attempted to kill her in a choking incident.  In recent years, she has helped bring awareness to issues related to relationship and family involving emotional and physical abuse.   

This ambitious woman has volunteered her many talents from acting to administrative support and has also helped others with their projects including spreading the word about her mentor's program in Pasadena California, Shepherd's Door, a domestic violence resource center headed by Linda Offray. 

One summer, Nicholl sat with teenagers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to help with their writing projects through the Pittsburgh Black Media Federation Urban Journalism Workshop, founded by Christopher Moore.  She had attended the program in her youth and received a scholarship. She was also invited to return back to her elementary and high school to motivate students.

To date, she provides a family book service to assist people who are interested in researching their genealogy.  In one example, Nicholl brought joy to a woman's eyes who wanted very much some information about her father, a jazz musician who was not welcome to openly date the grieving daughter's mother due to ethnic differences.   

Nicholl is indeed a rising star, someone who could possibly lead a movement, build a school or create a dynamic program that just might encourage thousands more to live out their highest callings and be the beacons of light they were called to be in some dark places in this world.

YouTube Channel: NM Enterprise 7

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Friday, May 13, 2016

My Work is not for the Faint-Hearted

My non-fiction books, audio, articles, and video will not always be well-received by certain types of people (worried, strange, self-righteous, jealous, petty, and evil), people don't always want the truth.

Over the years, I have learned that many individuals rather believe lies.  So I don't go to everyone or everything to share my work for reading, review, or much else.  For instance, a book about manipulated mother types is not an easy read and nor do I recommend reading this around the mothers in your life that are giving you a hard time.  A memoir about dating/domestic violence is not going to leave you uplifted, nor would your abusive partner approve.  Non-fiction guides that bring awareness to so many types of individuals with many challenges are not meant for people who are uninterested in physical change, mental healing, and most of all FREEDOM!  So I'm not surprised when some just don't get me or my work. 

Unfortunately, many human beings enjoy their cages--these are the ones who say, "I don't want to know...I rather not read it...I don't understand...What?"  They don't want anyone coming by and telling them they are in bondage and they need to be let out.  "Let me stay..." their disputing eyes say.  "Leave me alone, I'm not ready for this..." their bodily mannerisms project.  And so, when I see this sort of thing, I am not angry nor am I worried, but I am disappointed because I don't have a clue when the rebellious will come up out of their miserable situations.  I don't give them anymore warnings, no sales pitches, and no pleading, "Get my book."  My work is simply not for those who are easily offended, suffer with many personality issues, and unwilling to see the truth for what it is.

To every non-fiction author out there who has felt like people just don't understand you or your work, consider this, there are those who do, but in the wrong hands, your projects might be dangerous for them.  When the walking blind are not ready to see a light or two shine brightly on their lives, they just won't connect with you or your work or neither.  When hurting people don't want to take our hands and walk, we don't force them.  On to the next chosen child of God...we keep moving!

Nicholl McGuire