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Are Some Things Better Left Unsaid?

How do you know when you should keep some things to yourself without being a recluse and share other things without looking foolish? There is a fine line between the two when it comes to writing and so I will take this time to explain.

You see, when I write I have my boundaries I will not cross. If I know a person and he or she is in my inner circle I will tell a story using fictional names and in some cases change the situation a bit. I don't feel it is necessary to share specific details about the person I know since the story is all the reader is really after. As for the person who the story is about, they will feel naked, exposed, even insulted that I would actually share such details about their life. Of course he or she would, because they know who I am talking about. At first it seems like a shock, "how dare you put my business out in the street?" But in time it wears off.

I have been writing stories about people since the sixth grade. I will never forget …