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Latest Book Release: Should I Go to the Party? by Nicholl McGuire

The food wasn't that good, the place was crowded, children were unruly, negative attitudes were everywhere, and you should have stayed home! 
Don't fall into the sentimental trap that millions of people fall into when it comes to the holiday season.  It is one that leaves you feeling moody the following day, hung over, and wishing you never sat in the same room with some people. 

The next invite is coming up, are you going?  Should I Go to the Party? by Nicholl McGuire only on, get your copy today!

Still Winning - So Grateful!

Sometimes you just have to look around and tell yourself, "I have strength to move mountains because my Creator gave it to me." No matter what they said you couldn't do, wouldn't do...but you say, "I can."

When you tap into the spiritual part of your existence, you can do far greater than what your flesh can handle.  Don't just thank God for what He has already done in your life, but what He is getting ready to do!  This message is for those who believe in His Son Jesus Christ. 

Many blessings to you and your family now and in the coming year!


Nicholl McGuire's New Book: She's Crazy a book for battered men in dysfunctional relationships

For decades we have heard about the many plights women have faced when it comes to abusive relationships.  However, what has steadily been rising over the years are the amount of men being battered by women.  Mainstream media has enabled this reality with images of aggressive women fighting men.  This is a real issue for many men.  In the non-fiction guide, She's Crazy, Nicholl speaks directly to hurting men who feel trapped in relationships with "crazy" women.  Get the book today, here.

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When Mothers Cry

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Genealogy X: What to Expect When Researching Family History

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YouTube Channel: NM Enterprise 7


Nicholl's Twitter Page for Virtual Assistance Work

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A Little Something for My Coupon-using, Frugal Followers...

You know I can't forget about those who provided me with tips over the years to save, invest, donate, and spend money.  So here is a micro-blog site, Twitter, with a page I dedicate to my frugal followers--enjoy!  Click here. By the way, the following link is where I will post periodic coupon codes for my books as well, see Facebook.  If you have a mobile phone, I partnered with Ibotta and get cash back! Install using my referral code & you’ll get an extra $10, click link.  They provide rebates on everything you can think of--good site!

New BlogTalkRadio Site Underway in 2016 for Self-published Author, Speaker Nicholl McGuire

So fresh the factory seal isn't off this package yet, Nicholl McGuire Media is putting together informative shows about the works of non-fiction author and writer Nicholl McGuire. 

Spiritually led with moving commentary, Ms. McGuire, also a blogger and Christian believer is ready to impact a new audience on BlogTalkRadio.  This wife and mother of four will be bringing an entertaining and thought-provoking view to listeners based on her most popular articles, books, blogs, and other projects.

BlogTalkRadio brings an interactive experience to visitors, so connect with Nicholl McGuire in 2016 on the show!

On to Another Project...

Presently, years of research as well as private and public writings are being sorted for an interesting compilation about my daily personal journey uncovering truth in all its forms.  From family to media, there is much to be discovered when you start questioning things like:  spiritual beliefs, holiday traditions, government, media, education, parenting practices, relationship, and more.  Through this process of truth-seeking, one grows spiritually, mentally and physically while freeing his or herself from regrets, pain, resentments, lies and more.  It is then that you become better equipped to help others. 

I recognize that in order to attain certain things in life, one must be willing to step outside the box of his or her mind (personal perceptions, judgments, etc.), make some sacrifices, and strive to become the best you can be at anything you set your mind to do.  However, you can't do that when you are bogged down with negativity from media and other mediums, opposition fr…

YouTube Channel: NM Enterprise7 Celebrates 7 Years!

Motivational, inspirational, and convicting, Nicholl McGuire is the owner and manager of YouTube Channel: NM Enterprise7.  She has been instructing, praying with, and counseling her audience for many years now.  Nicholl joined YouTube on October 31, 2008.  This past month marked seven years since her channel has been in existence.

Feel free to stop by and receive a spiritual perspective on personal and professional issues.  "We are more than just a body," Nicholl says.  "Our spirits need nourishment too."

Attention Business Professionals: Nicholl McGuire Media Facebook Updates

Familiar with Nicholl McGuire Media?  If not, this is my publishing and virtual assistance business.  Hi, I am Nicholl McGuire, freelance writer and content marketing manager.  I provide data entry, writing, editing, and other services for individuals and organizations.  You can check out N.M. Media's Facebook fan page here and if you would like to learn more about Nicholl McGuire Media, visit the blog. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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