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Saturday, April 5, 2014

They Say, "I Need Someone to Write My Book"

For years, I have offered my services to assist individuals and businesses with writing their books, articles, reports, press releases, etc..  From memoirs to a simple two-page biography, if someone dared to come out of his or her shell while trusting me enough to write about him or her, I did it.  Well, that season is coming around again, where I say, "Here I am!  If you need assistance with your book, then let's get started!"  But I am only offering this service for a limited time only before I am back to preparing my publications.

Sometimes people are all talk, because they know I have written a book.  Others are no show and no go because they aren't about to share what they believe are their precious secrets.  Then there are still others that want to do business, but don't have the time or money, so they put their book writing project off.

These days I am willing to assist with the beginning of one's most desired book project for $99 down.  This means that I interview with the subject who is determined to write the book and we get some of what is in his or her head onto paper.  Now the kind of book, the target market, and everything else related to publishing will come later.  What is most important is getting some of what the person wants to talk about the most out in the open.

So if you know someone who strongly wants to write a book and he or she is very much willing to pay for the book assistance, then have that person email me at so we can further discuss.

Nicholl McGuire