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Thursday, June 15, 2017

15th Book Released - Face Your Foe on Confronting the Critics by Nicholl McGuire

It was long overdue to print a book that had begun about the same time I started Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic back in 2009 but released it in 2013 with the '09 copyright.  I had taken a pile of printed sheets and placed them in a manila folder, I had no passion or plans for a work that just might ruffle someone or a group's feathers again (yes my work does just that).  However, my God had other plans and it felt like out of the blue I became determined one day to work on that book.  On the other hand was Face Your Foe...(which had no subtitle at the time), it just wasn't ready--not in 2011, 2014, or even 2016, but then 2017 came along.

Over the years, I was still learning more about the greatest adversary to the Christian faith, Satan.  It wasn't time to face a foe when I was still gaining some understanding as to why I was still sparring with him about the work rather than trusting in my personal Savior to complete it. 

You see, God had set me on a path to do something a bit different with my creative nonfiction writing skills.  I had spent much time writing worldly content, but spiritual work was quite a different story--it was a challenge--the flesh wars against the spirit within when it objects to all things righteous and true especially the material that directly impacts you and those you love. 

The Holy Spirit was leading me into unfamiliar territory with my work and admittedly I was nervous and scared sometimes, because simply put, God is real, He speaks and walks with you when you sincerely believe in Him.  Yet, self-defeating thoughts and worldly distractions were keeping me away from both Christian books for a time, but I eventually prevailed, because I chose to shut out people, places and things that didn't know the least bit about writing, spirituality, God, faith, etc.  Why argue with ignorance or debate your experiences with unenlightened ones?

It took some time to make up in my mind that I would begin writing books of faith.  Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic was a smooth process when I finally sat down long enough to type it and stay focused on the work back in '09.  However, Face Your Foe was quite a different story since I had experienced the passing of my grandmother (May, 2015) while writing that book along with Tell Me Mother You're Sorry.  If you are a writer, I'm sure you can relate to the highs and lows of preparing an article, report, book, or some other work.  You are on a roll and then something occurs in or around you that slows you down. So Face Your Foe...was once again placed on the back-burner.

Now that Face Your Foe on Confronting the Critics has been released (June, 2017), I feel somewhat at peace, but I have other works that are sitting in the background of my mind and on paper that I am on the fence about.  They aren't spiritual books simply practical guides and a children's book.

In closing, I am quite grateful to my Creator for what has already been done through me to help others.  If there is anything I want people to know is that I have given up a lot and have fought spiritually and in-person about my writings.  I have lived through difficult circumstances so when I write work, it is from a true and tried place. 

The responses I have received over the years from readers, who have been in a variety of life circumstances, has been overwhelming at times, but I am glad that they have seen the light in my work and have been dedicated to make necessary changes.

I challenge anyone to be emotionally, physically and spiritually set free from the people, places and things that have kept you bound for years.  God didn't put us on this planet to be nothing more than slaves to children of darkness--walk in the light, your spiritual calling.  Pray about what burdens you and wait for God to answer.

Peace, love and joy

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