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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Should I Go to the Party? Think Before You Go. A book by Nicholl McGuire

When I wrote this book, I didn't realize how important it is these days to think twice about attending large gatherings.  With so many people dying, you can't help but think that the next party you attend might be putting you on a long path of illness that may result in death.  

I spent years, like many of you, walking among thousands of people.  I held hands, gave hugs, and received my share of kisses on my face.  Yet, these days I hesitate making contact.  Instead, I offer the elbow bump, air hug, a wave, or a simple bow.

Should I go to the Party? questions our reasoning behind why we feel it necessary to accept invitations especially from those who have a long history of being difficult.  I share how a simple party invite accepted from the wrong person at the wrong time has cost relationships, time, money, energy and more.  

If you are concerned about you or someone else continuing to plan parties, attend events and do other things that create more problems than solutions, take comfort in this book.  Be inspired to have a reasonable conversation with those you love about party attendance.  Should I Go to the Party? by Nicholl McGuire