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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Updates to My YouTube Page

Not that long ago, I updated my YouTube page with a combination of spiritual and parenting related videos.  Stay tuned for more in the coming months.  I am sharing information as God leads on my YouTube site to uplift, rebuke and correct those who have been misinformed on various biblical passages--thanks to money-hungry ministers.  I can no longer sit back and listen to people say things that actually steer believers away from the word of God.  I hope that those who visit the site will be enlightened.

Nicholl McGuire

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Spiritual Evolution of Nicholl McGuire

For years I had thoughts about God, relationship, family, business and more.  I just couldn't seem to find a way to clear my head from those thoughts that would just pop in my head out of nowhere--that is until I started spending more time on the Internet.

I have found there is some relief in being able to pen your thoughts freely on the Net without having to explain yourself to individuals offline.  I enjoy talking and listening to others' experiences offline when it comes to things like spirituality and business, but sometimes I just need time and space where I can simply be myself.

God is important to me, but in the past, for some, they would never suspect that, because I allowed myself to hide my faith.  I did it, because I didn't want to make others uncomfortable and I didn't think something that was so important to me was worth sharing with people who found it more interesting to debate then to listen.  However, I have learned, since walking with God, that it really doesn't matter what one's personal opinion is about an individual's faith.  People will believe what they want.  If they happen to agree with you on various issues, they will connect with you, and if they don't they have the free will to walk away.  What they say while they walk away, doesn't matter when what is real to you is what is sustaining you!  There are those individuals who sincerely need a faith to keep from hurting others.  Wayward, big mouths, who are your friend today, but your enemy tomorrow when you talk about things like religion and politics, were really never your true friend!  Like intimate relationships, you have to ride out the highs and lows with your true friends, but false friends only want to stay in your life for your pinnacles of success.

So I decided I wasn't going to keep my faith hid in a closet.  I reasoned, that if a homosexual, lesbian, or bi-sexual could come out and tell the world about his or her lifestyle unashamed, then I know that I can come out unashamed of the gospel of Christ!  I see men on TV boldly wearing women's high heel shoes.  I see women blatantly acting like men.  I have observed pimps, players, and drug dealers say, "Thank you god!"  If all these people could come out the closet with their sinful lifestyles, then I knew I could come on out the closet with the righteousness of Christ!!

You see, I have been going through a spiritual process of renewal for years.  You can't just suddenly say, "I love the Lord and I am going to break up my home and throw away all of my past mistakes and become everything to everyone who I have ever wronged!"  God doesn't expect us to operate that way.  He is long-suffering, merciful and his grace abounds!  So while observers chanted behind my back, "Who does she think she is...the nerve that she would even put her mouth to say anything about Jesus..." What the critics didn't know is that God has been working with me ever since I gave my life to him back in 1997!  What they didn't know was that I have been a work in progress and will still be going through an evolution of change until the day I die.

So my videos on YouTube, that is just another phase.  My articles and blogs are more examples of a work in process.  My books: Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, Laboring to Love Myself and When Mothers Cry are just open doors to what is to come.  Those who want to be moved, inspired, anointed, and prosper are welcomed to follow me on a spiritual journey with the one true God, his Son and the Holy Spirit.  For the walk ahead of me was never designed for the Pharisee-minded to come tag along, but it is for those who came from mental jails like I did.  We were once bound, but now we are called to be FREE!

Nicholl McGuire
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Subliminal Messages, Freemasonry, Secret Societies, Fraternities, Occult Activities

I started the following blog back when Michael Jackson died. I thought some of you interested in my work and commentary on this subject matter might be interested.

Subliminal Messages, Freemasonry, Secret Societies, Fraternities, Occult Activities

What More About the Death of One of America's Greatest Singers: Whitney Houston?

Since the passing of Whitney, I have noticed that people seem to be paying more attention to other celebrities as well as the fans.  This is great for business, huh!?  Someone dies and then soon after people are making money off of them through interviews, released singles, potential movie roles, possible books, and more!  I can’t help but think that someone or a group had something to do with Ms. Whitney’s death, but who?  I came across some interesting videos on YouTube I would like for my readers to check out.  Although some do not like conspiracy theorists, there is evidence in the following videos that simply can’t be dismissed as simply a theory. 

After reviewing Whitney's videos, look for patterns in other celebrity deaths.  What did they say before they died?  What were they working on?  Who did they anger?  What were their affiliations?  It turns out when I looked at one of the following videos, I noticed that at the funeral parlor where Whitney's body was kept, staff had two Egyptian tombstones standing watch.  They stood like two pillars before an entrance-way.  When you connect the dots, were there also Freemasonry ties?  Although Whitney had a religious background, could she have been an Eastern Star?  Who was with the star during the time of passing? How does one's death affect a community, nationally or even internationally?  Who stands to benefit from the death?  What does the family believe?  Many questions and more surround Whitney's death and others.  Someone or group has got to sound the alarm with a massive platform, will it be you?  

A Diamond Jubilee?  Whitney’s middle name is Elizabeth?  What’s the connection? 

Did Clive know?

Jennifer Hudson’s reps. release a brand new single not that long after Whitney’s departure.  The show must go on, right?  And what about this note Whitney gave Brandy--shouldn't she be ordered to release it to the police for investigation or will this piece of evidence just fade to black?

Goodbye kisses…did the other singers know that Whitney was in trouble?  Their names suddenly disappeared from the headlines the day of the death and weren’t they supposed to be on an award show?

Lesbians even took advantage of Whitney's death.

Whitney's Baptism - Was Water Ritual used in Death a Mockery of her Faith?
Back in 2003, Whitney participated in a water baptism in Israel.  Was her death in the bath tub a mockery of her faith?  A cult expert wondered about her alliance with the Black Hebrews.

Whitney Ties to Cult?
We have all been conditioned to solely stick to the mainstream media experts and reporters’ research.  We are persuaded to look the other way when one gives an opinion even if they back it up with proof.  The truth seeker is often ridiculed and insulted, because a fan doesn’t like negative commentary about his or her idol.   But do mainstream media even know “the facts” or are they, like so many viewers, simply brainwashed into believing that there is nothing more to any of these celebrity deaths, but self destruction—nothing more, nothing less. 
I personally believe that from the beginning of one’s career in the entertainment industry, there is a campaign to discredit the celebrity by introducing them to various substances to help them get over this issue or that issue they might have.  Remember there is a team behind these stars and a lot of money at stake.  I believe that these celebrities are encouraged by their handlers to use both legal as well as illegal drugs.  Those that may not like a particular celebrity might partake in helping the person self-destruct.  Therefore, some stars will never make it to their senior years to tell the truth about how the industry really works behind the scenes. 

In my opinion, there are those that know all too well the human conscience especially if one has a faith.  Devil workers know that it is only a matter of time that an “old fool” might break their programming and start giving up details about what goes on behind the music industry.  The bigger a celebrity’s platform, the more they can impact the masses.  The educated know this.  They have spent many years knowing how just one word, one look, or signal can send a firestorm of hate, anger, and more; therefore affecting an industries’ cash-flow.
So we all must think twice before we believe mainstream media or conspiracy theorists, but we shouldn’t be so foolish as to think that what appears on TV is fact without questioning the details either.