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Updates to My YouTube Page

Not that long ago, I updated my YouTube page with a combination of spiritual and parenting related videos.  Stay tuned for more in the coming months.  I am sharing information as God leads on my YouTube site to uplift, rebuke and correct those who have been misinformed on various biblical passages--thanks to money-hungry ministers.  I can no longer sit back and listen to people say things that actually steer believers away from the word of God.  I hope that those who visit the site will be enlightened.

Nicholl McGuire

The Spiritual Evolution of Nicholl McGuire

For years I had thoughts about God, relationship, family, business and more.  I just couldn't seem to find a way to clear my head from those thoughts that would just pop in my head out of nowhere--that is until I started spending more time on the Internet.

I have found there is some relief in being able to pen your thoughts freely on the Net without having to explain yourself to individuals offline.  I enjoy talking and listening to others' experiences offline when it comes to things like spirituality and business, but sometimes I just need time and space where I can simply be myself.

God is important to me, but in the past, for some, they would never suspect that, because I allowed myself to hide my faith.  I did it, because I didn't want to make others uncomfortable and I didn't think something that was so important to me was worth sharing with people who found it more interesting to debate then to listen.  However, I have learned, since walking with God, that it rea…

Subliminal Messages, Freemasonry, Secret Societies, Fraternities, Occult Activities

I started the following blog back when Michael Jackson died. I thought some of you interested in my work and commentary on this subject matter might be interested.

Subliminal Messages, Freemasonry, Secret Societies, Fraternities, Occult Activities

What More About the Death of One of America's Greatest Singers: Whitney Houston?

Since the passing of Whitney, I have noticed that people seem to be paying more attention to other celebrities as well as the fans.  This is great for business, huh!?  Someone dies and then soon after people are making money off of them through interviews, released singles, potential movie roles, possible books, and more!  I can’t help but think that someone or a group had something to do with Ms. Whitney’s death, but who?  I came across some interesting videos on YouTube I would like for my readers to check out.  Although some do not like conspiracy theorists, there is evidence in the following videos that simply can’t be dismissed as simply a theory. 

After reviewing Whitney's videos, look for patterns in other celebrity deaths.  What did they say before they died?  What were they working on?  Who did they anger?  What were their affiliations?  It turns out when I looked at one of the following videos, I noticed that at the funeral parlor where Whitney's body was kept, staff…