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Keeping with my last blog entry regarding social media giant, Facebook, I came across this interesting link about Twitter.  It looks like everything you ever said would be available for you to check out in the future.  Beware liars!

Also, I took the following statement out of the link, I think this sums it all up:

"In 2010, the Library of Congress pledged to preserve every public tweet as a matter of record — a significant undertaking, given that some 400 million tweets are dispatched worldwide every day."

Did you know that they did this back then?  I don't believe this was on every front page newspaper, advertised anywhere, or a main topic on your favorite Internet browser.  Most likely was buried somewhere behind some irrelevant celebrity gossip. (sigh)

Since Leaving Facebook...

I will tell you that I actually feel more free mentally since leaving Facebook.  You see, I spent time, sometimes too much time, catching up with people over the years on Facebook at one time I had over 800 plus friends then in later years I purposely only connected with less than a 100.  I grew weary of trying to stay on top of the latest events in people's lives so I could converse with them while doing daily activities offline.  I would think, "Oh this would be good to share...what about that...don't want to say this...wonder what this person is doing."   I would find myself at times having a dream about this person or that one.  But oftentimes feeling burdened to pray and share, there is indeed an energy of sorts that is generated between connecting and disconnecting with people whether on or offline.  But I knew my time on Facebook and other sites  was limited.  You just know these things when you pray for purpose, wisdom, etc. when dealing with others.

Some of …

Something to Think About...

Commentary about making money online

Today I'm sharing my thoughts about online business money-making with those of you who are interested or are currently making additional income from home. What troubles me about these matters of making extra money, is the fact that I tried numerous ways for years (over a decade), and I can tell you that none of them, make you rich unless you are one of those who know how to do some sneaky tactics to increase your wealth.
I am sorry to bust anyone's bubble who is a recent home business seeker, but those that in fact are claiming to be rich from affiliate marketing such as selling e-books (they didn’t create), marketing others’ business links, typing, or writing online is lying.  Those that are deemed successful, an expert or a guru, are actually using various software programs and deceptive tactics in order to increase profits. Some may even go so far as to steal other people's information on the Internet, duplicate, and then create a website or other things to pr…

No Winners or Losers for Christians

The believer must learn the personality of the one true God of this universe (and not the one by man's design) as best he knows how with the tools He has directed us to. Unlike us, he doesn't change, compromise, pretend, lie, or create smokescreens. The same God that didn't want men serving other Gods (ie. Mormon) and the same God that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (ie. homosexuality) is not dancing in heaven and cheering--this is a sad day for those that have been seeking the face of the Lord-- no matter what side you sit on (red or blue). Reflect on all truths and lies, don't look the other way. Sure, we will get what we want for awhile, but OH GOD, you haven't seen nothing yet. Stop looking at the color of skin whether you are white and think you're right or black who will never step back and look at truth which has no hue.

Hubs -- Nicholl McGuire Samples

Sometimes businesses need a stronger presence on the Internet, so they want to get creative while increasing website traffic to their sites.  I have found that traffic does increase when a business owner steps out of his or her comfort zone and entrusts others who like to create pages online to help them market their products and services.

So I presently put together pieces for my own businesses and help others market their products on places like Hub Pages.  Below, you will find samples of my work on a variety of topics.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Things to Do When You're Unemployed

How to Make a Child's Apartment Bedroom Feel More Spacious

Where to Upload Audio Online Music

DarkCopy - Simple, full screen text editing - StumbleUpon

Sometimes you get on the Internet and discover you need to type something fast.  But maybe you don't want to open a software program or write your thoughts on a piece of paper.  I came across this online text editing site and I absolutely love, love!  I don't save anything on it, I just copy and paste to where I want my text to go.  So try it!  Let your thoughts come to you and start writing!

DarkCopy - Simple, full screen text editing - StumbleUpon

Spying on people

A little something for fellow writers who want to interview subjects who claim one thing but do another, interact with others online about controversial subject matter and fail to hide their identities, and write about whatever whenever, uh oh, CAUTION.

Spying on people

When Surviving Life's Storms

I have had my share of storms and I will tell you it has been no easy feat restoring one's mind to peace and happiness and going on with life after a life storm.  But you manage, because your will to live is greater than your will to die.  Despite all of the challenges you might face, something on the inside of you whispers, "You are not done yet, there is still more we have to do."  Now that "something" for some of you reading this, you might call your gut feeling, higher conscious etc. but for me, I call "it" God, Lord, Holy Spirit.

When people tell me about their issues, I am learning to pray more, rather than just spectate and listen.  Oftentimes people are sharing their personal challenges, because they just want to know someone cares, and besides, they desire something great to happen in their lives.  So if you claim to be a believer in the one true God, then it might be wise to permit him to use you to reach that troubled individual along your …

Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic

After four years of planning, creating, editing, crying, and being challenged on all fronts concerning my book, finally I have released it-- thank God!  Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic was one of those books that I couldn't write without being tested.  Like Job, I had personal trials that came up during the creation of this book that made me draw nearer to the Lord.  Satan is REAL!  The devil doesn't want you exposing him!  He wants to come into your camp and cause mayhem and expects the Believer to lie down and take it--well not this Christian, he had me mistaken!  Far too many believers cover their eyes and carry on with their lives oblivious to the enemy's schemes.  It's time to take back what the devil has stole from you, expose him on his plans to destruct your world and those around you, stand when he tempts you to run, and use every situation to just love the Lord just a little more!  You will enjoy this read even if you haven't been to church in…

Tech Secrets: 21 Things 'They' Don’t Want You to Know - Page 7 | PCWorld

Thought this might be useful information for some of you concerned about your online activities...
The NSA Is Tapping Your Data Stream, Your Facebook Apps Are Spying on You, Your Geolocation Data Is Not Private and more read the whole article (this link takes you to page 7)
Tech Secrets: 21 Things 'They' Don’t Want You to Know - Page 7 | PCWorld

Bye LinkShare! A member since '06

I spent years marketing products and services of companies connected to Linkshare.  I also recommended many people join the company and never saw referral credits.

Overtime, I noticed a pattern with my Linkshare account, it seemed the minute I started noticing commissions through heavy promotion, a company would soon after leave the program.  Other times, I saw months of no commissions, so I would send a variety of affiliate links from different companies out to people I knew so that I could test the integrity of this company and its tracking tools. Those relatives and friends I knew who made purchases, including myself, through some of those links, their purchases didn't show up. I got one small commission check a month later for $1.10 from a popular company.  After several times of doing this, I backed off.  But before I did that, I connected my banking info. with my account so that I could get a direct deposit, just in case my commissions caught up with me, so that I didn't…

Author Sharing Spiritual Insight on YouTube

Recently, I have been  inspired to add videos to my collection on YouTube discussing spiritual issues related to things like: relationships, pop culture, family and more.  God is blessing men and women with some wonderful insight using all who are willing to receive Him.  I have shared some revelations, see here:

Inspirational Videos, Poetry, How-to and more by Nicholl

Updated YouTube Channel: Nicholl McGuire, Writer


Lately, I have been taking the time to record video and share audio to assist people who are interested in subjects like: parenting, spirituality and business.  As a writer, I cover a wide variety of topics, but my focus these days has been to add spiritual wisdom to subject matter that would have ordinarily been simple how-to tips based on secular medias' gurus or experts.

Since I believe in an awesome God, I have been trusting in him to elevate my mind, body and soul.  I believe as I draw nearer to him and what he wills for my life, prayers will continue to be answered.  When there is a meeting of the minds, between God and man (woman), you can't help but see blessings overflow.  So click around the following site and do subscribe, thank you. 

nmenterprise7 - YouTube

If you ever need to reference legitimate, widely known education sites for things like reporting, consider this useful site.  You can search for what you need without all the sites looking to sell you items when all you want to do is collect data.  Hope this helps some of you newbie writers.

They Said They Would Buy, But They Didn't...

Whether someone buys an author's book or not is really a non-issue, but what is a problem, for me, is when someone promises to buy a book and doesn't.  You see, I have bought plenty of things that really didn't tickle my interests, but I wanted to show my support to a new author, to someone's offspring, a new dad, etc.  Once I bought their book (cd or other products), I gave them to someone who I thought would appreciate their hard-work more than I would.  So this brings me to the following point, for those people who I personally know, who have yet to buy any of my books, could you stop making promises, and just buy something?  Thank you.


Yours Truly,

Love, Love...

Nicholl McGuire When Mothers Cry (9781448660469): Nicholl McGuire: Books

 Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

Laboring to Love Myself

Check out other books, journals, and photobooks by me HERE.

You guys and gals know who you are!

College Central - Job Search Resources and Employer Services

Years back I received an email from a woman who worked for this site wanting me to submit some of my material.  So I surfed the site and then submitted one of my writings.  But while looking over the website, I thought, "Where were sites like these when I was in college?"  Very interesting site that provides informative pieces on job seeking after college.  Share with your young people.

College Central - Job Search Resources and Employer Services


When I just don't feel moved to write paragraphs of text about my feelings, I lean on one of my old hobbies that dates back to when I was nine, writing poems.  Sometimes I spend hours just penning my thoughts and other times I speak them.  Here is one thing I did with some old spiritual poems I had offline from the late 90s.  

Nicholl McGuire's Inspirational Poetry

Virtual Assistant Services Offered By Request

After years of working for businesses and individuals outside of the home, I explored various ways to make money from home and shared many of my experiences on this blog.  However, these days I have slowed my article writing and Internet marketing for online businesses.  I did this simply because the pay isn't what it use to be and I am currently writing a book part-time.  These days, I am focusing on my virtual assistance skills.  I am offering a variety of services to individuals and businesses for affordable prices.

If you are an individual or business, some of the services I provide include: mailing cards and documents, sending email, word processing, and editing.  If this is something that interests you, feel free to send me an email to: include in the subject line, Need Virtual Assistance.  Being that much of my work has been family friendly, I do not support any projects related to adult entertainment or is offensive to one's religion, sex, or ethn…

Updates to My YouTube Page

Not that long ago, I updated my YouTube page with a combination of spiritual and parenting related videos.  Stay tuned for more in the coming months.  I am sharing information as God leads on my YouTube site to uplift, rebuke and correct those who have been misinformed on various biblical passages--thanks to money-hungry ministers.  I can no longer sit back and listen to people say things that actually steer believers away from the word of God.  I hope that those who visit the site will be enlightened.

Nicholl McGuire

The Spiritual Evolution of Nicholl McGuire

For years I had thoughts about God, relationship, family, business and more.  I just couldn't seem to find a way to clear my head from those thoughts that would just pop in my head out of nowhere--that is until I started spending more time on the Internet.

I have found there is some relief in being able to pen your thoughts freely on the Net without having to explain yourself to individuals offline.  I enjoy talking and listening to others' experiences offline when it comes to things like spirituality and business, but sometimes I just need time and space where I can simply be myself.

God is important to me, but in the past, for some, they would never suspect that, because I allowed myself to hide my faith.  I did it, because I didn't want to make others uncomfortable and I didn't think something that was so important to me was worth sharing with people who found it more interesting to debate then to listen.  However, I have learned, since walking with God, that it rea…

What More About the Death of One of America's Greatest Singers: Whitney Houston?

Since the passing of Whitney, I have noticed that people seem to be paying more attention to other celebrities as well as the fans.  This is great for business, huh!?  Someone dies and then soon after people are making money off of them through interviews, released singles, potential movie roles, possible books, and more!  I can’t help but think that someone or a group had something to do with Ms. Whitney’s death, but who?  I came across some interesting videos on YouTube I would like for my readers to check out.  Although some do not like conspiracy theorists, there is evidence in the following videos that simply can’t be dismissed as simply a theory. 

After reviewing Whitney's videos, look for patterns in other celebrity deaths.  What did they say before they died?  What were they working on?  Who did they anger?  What were their affiliations?  It turns out when I looked at one of the following videos, I noticed that at the funeral parlor where Whitney's body was kept, staff…

A Year Prior to Whitney's Death R&B Vocalist Vesta Williams dies

She was an R&B singer that could leave you feeling speechless with her 4 octave voice range.  She was best known for a song entitled, Congratulations.  I am speaking of Vesta Williams.

Now this R&B vocalist died prior to Whitney back in September 2011.  Some entertainment websites tried to suggest that she may have overdosed on prescription medicines like this one.  Her autopsy was completed the same month.  Here's what popular celebrity gossip site, TMZ reported at the time.  See here.

What I find disturbing about this story is Vesta, like Whitney, died in a hotel room with pills nearby.  I couldn't help but think was Vesta's death something that didn't happen naturally.  Some websites, like this one, reported in December she died of an enlarged heart.

Given the recent events with Whitney's death, I have to say that something just stinks.  With so much satanic influence emerging at a rapid pace in black music with the younger generation, I can't help b…

Now Whitney Houston Gone...

Since writing about Etta James not that long ago, you can only imagine my surprise when I found out Whitney died. 

Now is it just me, or are our late 80s and 90s R&B artists falling behind the scenes or slipping through the cracks (on purpose mind you,) because far too many modern day artists are simply selling their souls to the devil, no longer by choice, but by force to some degree?  I was thinking of an interview where Whitney exposes "they."  Those who wanted her to do some sell your soul kind of things, I assume, since her comeback.  She wasn't having it.  Here is a link to that interview.  Interesting enough on the same website, friends share personal details about Whitney's gay lifestyle, oh you didn't know?  You can also read about Whitney talking more about Jesus leading up to her death as well.  Here's a link to that article as well.     

I'm looking for patterns more closely in future deaths of celebrities.  I can't help myself.  Bei…

My Thought When Researching Celebrities...

Every now and then I get into these discussions with family and friends about celebrities.  Some of them claim to know this and that about a star.  I usually notice something funky in their stories and correct them on it, especially if I already did some research of my own.  Usually they redirect the conversation to some other artist when they know they have been proven wrong.  When people don't take a little bit of time to find out a few things about a celebrity, before making comments, they look silly.  They may watch a television show and then falsely assume they know all there is to know.  Case in point, Etta James.  This entertainer recently passed and all one hears about is her funeral.  But the real news, is behind the scenes.  Now how might you research subject matter about what was really going on with an artist leading up to her death?  You might start out by using one or two of your theories, notice I said theory, not fact ie.) follow the money trail, follow a controver…

Thinking about Relocating?

There have been many times in my life that I have moved from one neighborhood, city and state for this reason and that one: a new job, change of scenery, more space, better location, you name it!

Everytime I moved, there was always some new experience I encountered living amongst strangers.  Sometimes the neighbors were friendly and other times they were not.  Sometimes children behaved themselves and then other times I wished I never saw them.  With every move, I would notice the neighbors had a story.  There was always something going on with them that was awkward.  I recall a neighbor who enjoyed drinking not only on the weekends, but through the week too.  Another neighbor enjoyed sharing his pleasure of a certain illegal drug by letting the smoke outside his window so everyone could smell it.  Then there was a neighbor who liked using his Karoke machine every Friday night while a couple found that yelling and screaming about their relationship difficulties every weekend would hel…

It's Time

Revelation is here!  More and more people are seeing that all that glitters in the entertainment industry, television news, talk show circuit, print journalism, front page search engine news, and even people in their own families ain't gold!  We have a lot of "wannabes" walking amongst us.  People that pretend like they are free emotionally, spiritually, and physically, but are really captives in prisons designed by other captives!

You see evidence of this by the many news stories and videos that are watered down!  You may have noticed this when you have attended large churches or watched them on TV.  It's not just you, truth is being watered down by any tax free organization that signed a government document!  Those at the top never want those at the bottom to know what is really going on!  This type of thinking has been going on forever and people at the bottom who speak truth aren't liked and eventually are silenced because of it!

Everything in our media, chur…

Rise Above It

Whatever your "it" is, rise above it!  Now I know that at times we all want to talk a long time about what bothers us to that significant person in our lives, we may call, "My best boo."  But let's just be honest, how many times have they heard our same broken down song.  "She makes me sick...I wish he would disappear...I can't stand working for...I would rather die then have to put up with..."  To all your story-telling, your partner might make a comment, deeply sigh, offer a little advice, or walk away with, "Not this again!" He or she may have drawn a line in the sand and if it could talk it sounds something like this, "You will not be upsetting me today with your mess! Cut your crazy people off.  Tell your boss to go to...I just don't want to keep listening to this mess!"

"Rise above it!" I say.  You know what?  It's obvious that you are wearing your advisers out…