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Trials are Breeding Grounds for Elevating One's Self Spiritually

Before you pity someone who appears to be going through much trial, consider thinking about what you can learn through someone else's storm.

When one is under pressure, sometimes the mind is clouded with much confusion and chaos, but other times ideas come--many ideas that seem promising especially when money is an issue.

I have learned that blessings are readily available to us when we are willing to give of ourselves without expecting reimbursement.  What might one give to a business, a school, an organization, church, and other places that might increase traffic, revenue, better programs, and more without dropping a single dollar in the lap of yet another someone who just might be looking for a little more than that?  An idea that not only helps what is on the surface, but renews what is deep within.

With many trials over my years, I have recognized that although mind and body were at times weakened, spirituality stayed strong.  It propelled me to think higher, to take the dist…

3 Places on the Web for Videos/Audio I Like...Howcast, YouTube, Blog Talk Radio

When talking with people about a wide variety of subjects, I find myself referring them to the following websites including my own blogs and videos.  You might find these useful depending on your needs.

1.  Howcast - great place to learn how to do things visually.  Very professional videos and easy to understand.  Each video tells you what you need in advance.

2.  YouTube - in addition to silly entertainment, they have good audiobooks and documentaries that the public has uploaded including my very own life experience channel:  nmenterprise7 

3.  Blog Talk Radio - insightful podcasts, music programs.  Here are a couple by friends of mine, one about marriage and the other with gospel music and interviews.