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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tempted to do something stupid?

Playing with the kind of thoughts lately that if anyone would know you would surely get locked up?

On Motherhood...

Mothers, are you trying to make sense of those feelings that got you down? Well I have my share. That's why I created a blog for all sorts of moms with all sorts of feelings, check it out:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to Use English Punctuation Correctly - wikiHow

I thought this site was worth sharing for writers like myself. This is a quick reference for some of those punctuation errors that frequently come up in the online world.

How to Use English Punctuation Correctly - wikiHow

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Like to Shop on the Net!

When I'm not writing I enjoy shopping on the Internet. I often visit the stores where I need certain items then search on the Internet to see if I can get a better deal and acquire points for future purchases. However, there is always someone or something lingering on the Internet to ruin your shopping experience. Not that long ago, I got an unauthorized charge on my bank statement after using my debit card.

I had made a purchase for an item at what I thought was a reputable company and didn't think twice about using my debit card via the Internet, because I have used it everywhere without incident. I checked out at the company's website and then weeks later discovered there was another charge that was non-related to my purchase from the same company. I went to the bank about the charge and it was cleared.

Then there was another occasion with a different company. This time I didn't receive my product and went to the bank to get my money back since the company was not interested in refunding my money. Well in this situation, the company reversed my claim and somehow the credit that the bank originally gave me, was reversed. So not only did I not get my product, but I didn't get my credit either! I was livid!

So since those incidents, I use prepaid cards and gift cards on the Internet. I can't afford to have everything come out of one bank account. Here is one I have experience using: Need a Prepaid Card to Use on The Internet?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Is There Anyone Home?

Sometimes the Internet world can be a very lonely place. Despite a ton of things to do, people are still lonely, attention starved, angry or just plain tired! It's obvious that's what is going on with some people when you see their photos and read their work. I mean how many naked chests, bare bottoms and sad faces must we see?

Anyway, I wanted to connect with some people who see what I see and don't mind sharing a few online experiences. I enjoy reading people's work and don't mind displaying it (of course with free rights to reprint) on my blogs.

So if you have anything to say and would like a little exposure, feel free to share what's on your mind--of value of course! There is enough smart "you know whats" in the world. You can send me an email to:

Also, if you are a mother, feel free to take a look at my blog:

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thanks for Your Support!

Sometimes I come across some interesting people who show their support for my work by compliments, donations, and/or promotion. When it comes to spreading the word, I provide various tools to those interested in supporting me. The following is a site that lists widgets of some of my endeavors, feel free to include one of my helpful widget tools on your site: NM Media Widgets

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An Awakening

There comes a time when we all have those eye-opening moments in life where we question the decisions we made in the past and grieve over the impact that they have made on our present day. We think of what we could be doing differently. We are disturbed at what our negative actions may have done to others...So many thoughts, so little time!

I realize that I am at a place in my life that some would call perimenopause -- the change before THE CHANGE. Every now and then, what seems good and looks good on Monday is not good and never was good by Friday. Gray hair is annoying to me. A bloated belly makes me cringe. Older men that once looked handsome to me just look old. Lines are beginning to show up on my face that weren't there a couple of years ago. Strange feelings, odd pains, and maybe a little voice that whispers, "Take a vitamin, seek out an herbal remedy, and when did you last exercise?" has now shown up. Whether it's hormones, stress, or the sun just not shining as bright from one day to the next, who knows? But the great thing about mid-life changes, you aren't that naive, fearful immature "think you know everything" brat that you once were in your twenties -- can I get an Amen!? Oh, I see them the twenty-something or early thirty-something who knows everything. Whether she is single, childless, godless, or irritable, she doesn't want to hear what anyone has to say! Although there are those who have yet to grow out of that mentality ( forties, fifties, and sixties) I am not talking about them today.

In midlife (thirty-something,) for some, there is now room in between your ears to really listen to what your elders have to say and appreciate their nuggets of wisdom rather than sigh and roll your eyes. Chances are you will be back to doing that in your forties while pushing them into a nursing home (LOL!) During your early mid-life season, there is usually a little more money in your pocket to do something meaningful with your life other than buy material items that tear, break or go out of style and crap that will only end it up in the toilet! (Someone out there reading this can relate!)

So I welcome thirty-something each year that I get closer and closer to forty-something. Who knows what I will be doing next? As the brain matures hopefully one will get a little bit more wiser!

Be blessed!


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