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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hyper Focus - Super Concentration - Lambda Monaural Beats

One of many tools to help people train the mind to focus.  Sometimes life can become so distracting that you lose your drive. Learn to tune into sounds other than the typical music heard on the radio.  Take a breath, listen for as long as you can, and then get started on whatever task is in front of you!  To your success!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

An Essential Tool for Your YouTube Account - YouTube Video Publishing Tool

What many people don't know about video creation is that it takes time.  Some YouTube publishers spend hours crafting a video that may be just under 10 minutes long.  After creating the video, then there is the editing process--even longer!  If you are working with someone, he or she is going to want to add or subtract details in the video (sigh).  Every now and again the video software doesn't work.  Between adding transitions, special effects, titles, credits, and more for about a week's worth of videos, one can easily burn-out.  But your work as a video creator isn't over (viewers just don't have a clue when they leave their critical comments and thumbs down).

YouTube has there share of functions behind the scenes to ensure the video looks presentable as well as rules to follow.  Once the video is complete using software offline, you ready to upload online and that process, depending on the length of the video, can take a very long time too.  If you are experienced, you most likely have researched your keyword phrases to help generate page views, so that your title stands out.  Then you select a custom thumbnail if you don't like the image the software picked.  In addition, there is the description of the video you come up with and then type out along with links to your website, products, services, relevant videos, etc.  But that's not all...

Tags are included as well.  These are important words that are selected so that viewers can find the video.  A video creator spends much time selecting the right keywords in this section to help viewers find your video.  Afterward, you, who are a newbie or expert, you know what you must do next, right?  Send that link to all social media accounts, share it with relatives and friends, and you know the rest...if traffic generation is important to you.

There are other details too when it comes to uploading a video to YouTube, but I probably already exhausted you with this task list.  This is why professionals use video syndication tools which is online software that helps them with their publishing tasks. When I found TubeBuddy via a blog like this one, I was ecstatic, because I knew what this meant, no more spending long hours doing so much with my YouTube channel.  Since using the easy-to-use video tool, I have created bulk video links with a push of a button.  I have learned how to do other things like, bulk annotations, create easy to use templates so that I don't have to keep typing the same things or going back to an old video to remember what I did to generate traffic, etc.  In addition, I can spy on the competition and much more!  So if you want to save time when it comes to publishing videos, this is the product that you need!  It is installed via Chrome, so you will need to log into that in order to connect the software and also be logged into your YouTube account.  The software is totally legit.  There is no blackhat methods it uses so you don't have to worry about your account being banned.  This software isn't going to generate automated page views, you still have to do some work.  Also, you don't have to download anything and you have 14 days to try it for free and you can still continue to use even if you don't upgrade to the affordable premium choices which are monthly charges that range from less than $10 to $39 monthly.  

I rarely recommend a product on my blog, but this one I can say is definitely worth it for YouTube video creators!  Stop wasting time on research, SEO, custom thumbnails, posting links on each video one at a time (sigh), get this product today!  Shop via my link so that the creators know I referred you, and take advantage of any offers, Tube Buddy If you plan to purchase use coupon code ShoutBuddy. 

Have a great time using it and thanks for your support!


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Read Across America 2017: Your Favorite Book/Series

It's a beautiful thing when the young people show support!  Shout out to Dom Kemp, Gaming YouTuber!  Many thanks!