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Seeking a Few Good Writers, Contributors - blogs, microblogs, and videos

If you are looking to add yet another achievement to your long list, then why not grace my business with your editorial, feature, how-to, or some other writing?  Nicholl McGuire Media is looking to partner with individuals and businesses who can make contributions to over 20 different sites around the web including blogs related to relationship, business, spirituality, and family topics.  Interested? Send an email to inquiries only.  All other email will be rejected.

If you are looking to market your products and services, our rates are affordable so do ask.  We sponsor blog posts, uploads and mentions on our YouTube channels as well.  Look forward to checking out your work!  Is there something you would like for me to personally test and share with my group on this site?  Let me know in your email correspondence.

Feel free to stop by our faith based channel for inspiration and thought-provoking spiritual commentary.

Hyper Focus - Super Concentration - Lambda Monaural Beats

One of many tools to help people train the mind to focus.  Sometimes life can become so distracting that you lose your drive. Learn to tune into sounds other than the typical music heard on the radio.  Take a breath, listen for as long as you can, and then get started on whatever task is in front of you!  To your success!

Laboring to Love Myself - Why do people struggle to love self?


An Essential Tool for Your YouTube Account - YouTube Video Publishing Tool

What many people don't know about video creation is that it takes time.  Some YouTube publishers spend hours crafting a video that may be just under 10 minutes long.  After creating the video, then there is the editing process--even longer!  If you are working with someone, he or she is going to want to add or subtract details in the video (sigh).  Every now and again the video software doesn't work.  Between adding transitions, special effects, titles, credits, and more for about a week's worth of videos, one can easily burn-out.  But your work as a video creator isn't over (viewers just don't have a clue when they leave their critical comments and thumbs down).

YouTube has there share of functions behind the scenes to ensure the video looks presentable as well as rules to follow.  Once the video is complete using software offline, you ready to upload online and that process, depending on the length of the video, can take a very long time too.  If you are experien…

Read Across America 2017: Your Favorite Book/Series

It's a beautiful thing when the young people show support!  Shout out to Dom Kemp, Gaming YouTuber!  Many thanks!