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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

On Writing About Yourself

"I was thinking..." the start of a statement like that and it puts everyone on notice.  Yes, thinking can be dangerous to anyone who chooses to act in fear rather than love.  I choose love and have been choosing love when I write for decades contrary to what any critic would like to think!  I love victims, survivors and victors.  I have trouble loving enemies that is why I lean on God since he commanded we do so. This is why it is a must that I tackle any work I produce with God in the plan, because any other way I would then consider myself a fraud.  I don't agree nor do I support that kind of foolishness!

Maybe it would be easier for some of you reading this blog post to draw out your personal truths by doing the following: writing a song, singing, drawing, painting, dancing, acting, producing a play or traveling.  Whatever you choose to do, don't leave this world without being honest with yourself and those around you!  

Let's start with a little self-examination, shall we?  Prior to you reaching out to me or someone else to possibly tell your story, consider the following:

1) What do you want the world to know about you and why should they care?

2) Who are you really trying to help?

3) Why should we listen to you?

4) Will you approach the work ready to pay to create it, cry as you reflect on past memories, beg someone for a second chance, borrow from those who don't mind sharing, avoid the temptation to steal from those who put their time in..., are you sincerely ready to complete what beckons you to share?

5) How about who or what is it that inspires, motivates, and moves you to love them, and once again, why should we care?

6) When do you plan to pen, speak, or type your work and how might you stay motivated in completing your work?

7) What if you knew you were going to die tomorrow would all the hope to create your work really be necessary?

Part of knowing whether you are in fact honest with yourself and others is to interview yourself.  You will soon discover that you aren't ready just yet, but your getting there.  So go back to doing what makes you feel comfortable, isn't that what typically happens anyway?  Whatever it is that keeps you distracted from tending to what really matters and that is what your soul is telling you.

The reason why most people don't really commit to writing a book or any creative work that exposes them (although they desire to) other than those laughable excuses, "I'm too busy" or "I don't know what to write about," is they know they can't be honest with themselves or anyone else!  Those excuses, depending on who is saying them and how they are saying them, are funny to me, because I know they make plenty of time prepping food for a holiday gathering where stuffing faces is a requirement and I know they have some idea of what to talk about, because they sure know how to talk themselves out of doing things that might leave them feeling vulnerable or talk about what others are doing that they are not!  Therefore, there is still time for some individuals to figure out what they would like to leave behind for us all, but not so much for the many hard-hearted (even in my own family.)

People aren't getting any younger and so the clock of life continues to tick.  The thought of why you made certain life choices and not others gets buried.  Why you do what you do is never explained.  Who you really are when there is no makeup, wig, or nails polished...?  What you really stand for when no one is interviewing you?  When did you stop striving for that one dream and picked up a career instead?  Why you married who you did and did you ever plan on being a parent?  

A lot of people will check out of this world never telling us how old they are, who their parents are, the secret life they have lived, how broke they really are...we will learn from kinfolk or strangers, we will learn something in their passing that would have been better said had they told that above ground.

When you write or create something about you, let it be honest, straight from the heart!  Be vulnerable share your regrets, faults, and other weaknesses just as much as you share your achievements!  Social media is encouraging false narratives to be told for many people.  Let me help you write an honest life story in your very own words!  Begin your journey with me today!  We will go over your book idea and as your book coach, I will be there to encourage and advise for a reasonable rate.  Simply send an email with, "I need a book coach" in the header.

Most recently I decided to finally share a chapter of who I am, not in the traditional fashion of nonfiction books filled with challenges and wisdom like what I have already written (I have 17 self-published books now), but simply showing my story in stillness and peace I have found during my family moves.  I started out in Pennsylvania; however, I have lived in Ohio, Georgia, Colorado, California, Illinois and have visited my share of states. 

I didn't build upon any of my creative works by diving right in; rather, I started my writing quests in stillness then the words came.  In order to visually see what I am talking about and wear one of my timeless gift items, check out my new shop, "Stillness Gifts" here. I will be periodically adding more products soon.  Feel free to like, share, and purchase these eye-catching items today!