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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Personal Attraction, does it exist?

I thought this article was worth noting on my site since I couldn't say it better myself, tell me if you agree.

Do you find yourself banging your head against the situations that keep going on and on? Are you caught up in a revolving door going around and around? When you take a good look at where you are in life, do you think you should be doing something else?

Not to long ago, I stopped and reviewed my goals. But there are some days when I feel very frustrated. I feel like I am spinning my wheels in the mud. You might be thinking that I am a dreamer... or at least crazy. Well? I'm crazy enough to pursue my dreams. I definitely have BIG dreams.

I feel blessed! Because I have challenge each and everyday to be conquered, I face everyday with excitement and passion.

I'm doing what I truly love. I love interact with people. Life is wonderful just because of the fact I'm alive, compared to the horrors we see out there. I am successfully pressing on to greater things. But I have had my share of frustration along the way.

Well, unlike many who are too busy trying to make a living instead of projecting a life, I took the time to examine what I might be doing wrong.

Let me tell you something: To busy doesn't mean you are successful, just because you're busy doesn't mean prosperity. In fact, if you are to busy, probably you don't have time to make real money at all!!!

So I discovered myself doing my things in the opposite way what I really desired. And that may be your problem, too. Let me explain.

Let say you are the owner of a big field, and you sow an olive seed, but you're thinking to reap grapes. But it seems as though that is exactly what we are trying to do when it comes to aligning the seeds in our minds versus the harvest we want as a result.

You have to see it done on the unseen field first, than you'll have on your hands right on time. Seeds of doubt and fear planted in our minds can reap their own sort of crop. If you wake up doubting whether you will make it or not, it doesn't matter how much you have done for the day, you will not make much progress. You must believe!

We can't afford to let people dump their frustrations and other negative opinions in our heads. Don't you dare let them do that to yourself, get over it!

Fear is like a weed. Once there, will grow and fight against the good in you. Don't let it suffocate you. You must saturate your mind with good until you have your goal turned reality. God never lets us down. We let ourselves down. Does that make sense to you?

Growing in online home business
isn't something that just happens to the lucky or to the people who are very talented. It happens to the person that sees the opportunity and goes for it.

Project yourself five years from now. Where would you want to be in life? If you like the reading and have a deep desire to change or improve your entire life for good. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to invite you to join us on this journey of success. We have a Step-by-Step blue print done just for you.

Surround yourself with positive and successful people.

I wish you the best SUCCESS!

Silvio Marques

Monday, April 26, 2010

So I'm Hearing A Song in My Head...

With this month being National Poetry Month, it seems that the creative spirit seems to be on a bit of a high for me. I wrote two songs this month and now I am just sitting on them. That's right letting them marinate like a steak.

One song I hear a rocker in my head singing it and the other an R&B singer. I thought about submitting them to songwriting contests, but I am undecided. Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Newbie Affiliate Marketers: Listen Up!

For years I have been making pennies, dimes, nickels, and dollars through various ventures on the Internet. There are many things that have changed over the years especially with affiliate marketing. It seems the more someone says, "How it easy it is to make money..." The harder it becomes online. Posting your affiliate links everywhere just isn't like it use to be!

Restrictions on Craigslist

You can't use the short, the tiny or the short urls without a warning coming up.

Anything and everything being called, "Spam!"

If you post your url on Twitter, it just might be alerted as "Spam" to the site that hosts your url especially if you have it on an automatic scheduler. It's best just to cloak your link and limit how many times it shows up throughout the day.

Classified ads

There was a time that you could list your products and affiliate links galore, but now there are limits, restrictions, rules and regulations! Some sites charge additional fees to include your url with your ad or some have simply done away with business opportunity sections.

Yahoo Answers

Put your affiliate link on this site like some of those outdated videos suggest and your account will be suspended.

Feel free to comment on changes you noticed as well.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Like MyLikes

This week I was introduced to yet another company looking for people to help them promote their businesses. I guess it pays to look at your direct messages sometimes. The guy told me about MyLikes, a site that allows you to post links to everything you like on the Internet. Well that got my attention since I frequent many sites seeking answers to questions, research for articles, compare prices on products and more. I thought some of you who would like to keep all the things you like on one website as well as make your likes available to others would appreciate it! MyLikes

Friday, April 16, 2010

Writers and Photographers are Always Needed!

One day while surfing the net I stumbled upon a great site that helps anyone who is seeking someone to write, edit, desktop publish, take photos, or record for their upcoming projects. To be more specific, wedding planners.

As you and I know there is always something that needs to be done when planning a wedding. I created a blog that helps the do-it-yourself type. I thought it is worth mentioning on this blog since I know some of you are like me, go-getters, always looking for extra cash! I included a site that connects the creative person with the project. So check it out and let me know what you think. Wedding Planning Projects

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Source for Publishing Your Book

There are many places that will publish books these days, including this one I found. I thought those of you who are interested in going with a company that has all the bells and whistles and have a little money to invest in your project will appreciate this one. Click on the following link: iUniverse, Inc.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Strong Women Just Aren't Popular with Insecure Men

When you are a woman who stands for what she believes in and will not back down because someone has told you, "You shouldn't say your can scare a man a way acting like that" you are deemed a b*tch and if you raise your voice with tears in your eyes then you are called a crazy b*tch! Welcome to my world!

I write impactful articles and at times I don't come across as one who is "nice, sweet, and a beautiful person." When a person is agonizing over an issue, but aren't ready to let go and let God, they don't like a person such as me. They look for flaws in everything from my writing to my personality in order to shut what I am saying down! They will even go so far as threaten my life! The Internet world is comprised of many hypersensitive, stubborn, miserable people who want advice but when it isn't wrapped with a nice bow all the time, they reject the gift!

When you are a strong woman whether on or offline, and I am not talking about a sista with an attitude, but a woman who has boundaries and sees people for who they really are even when they don't want to share much about themselves, you are considered a threat! People don't like to be exposed and many are not transparent on or off the Internet! They work real hard to get you to believe in their lies from sales people to world renown ministers! They study you to find your weaknesses and when they realize they can't penetrate your emotions to get you to do what they want, then they don't like you! They will say you are "a trouble-maker," "crazy," "off your rocker" and other similar statements.

A man who doesn't like women especially hates a strong woman! An insecure man hates a strong woman. He is often worried that she will step out on him, because he isn't living up to the words that are coming out of his mouth. A macho man hates a strong woman because he doesn't want to risk being hen-pecked. There are many weak men who desire strong women as if they will complete them when they won't. If anything these type of men learn that strong women require them to work in many aspects of their lives, both personal and professional, and if he isn't the type that wants to make a change, he is off looking for a weak woman.

So if you are a strong woman reading this wondering why you just can't seem to keep a man consider the kind of men who are attracted to you. If you are a woman having troubling swaying the people at your workplace to do something you know is good for the company, consider this, you may have a long history of standing up for what's right and people may be growing weary with going along with your ideas no matter how great they are. Some people will not support you just because they are tired of you being right so often! Even a strong woman's own children can be a problem to her especially if they are just not convinced that their mother knows best!

So with all that said, I encourage both the strong women and men out there to not allow others to keep you from speaking truth, but at the same time be prayerful! Continue to read the wise words of the Bible if you are a believer and God bless!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sometimes We Forget to Set Goals

I will be the first to admit that every project I get involved in I don't always set goals especially if it isn't long-term. I came across this great article, I thought I would share:

How to Set Your Goals - Step by Step
By Kristen Burgess

You know that goal setting is very important. It helps you stay focused, keeps your productive, and you feel great when you achieve your goals. But if you've never set goals, or if you've set a lot of goals and haven't achieved them, setting goals can seem really overwhelming.
It should not be hard to set goals. It does require thought and effort, but it's not hard. You may need to set aside several hours or even a whole day to think about things and start solidifying some goals.
Start when you have some time to think. It's good to begin by thinking about where you are in your life. This isn't really the time to think about your regrets and mistakes - or where you could have been if you hadn't made those mistakes. This is the time to think just about where you are now. It's a time to "take stock of the situation."
Now that you've considered your situation, think about how you'd like to change that. Where would you like to be in your life next year? How about five years from now? What about ten years from now? Just brainstorm some things you'd like to have. What kind of money do you want to be making? What kind of job do you want? Would you like to travel somewhere in that time? What is your home or family like?
Just write several of your goals down now. It's good to include some short term ones and some long term ones. You can include concrete goals like "I want to live in a four bedroom home in my favorite neighborhood." You may also want to include some like "I am a happy person" which are not quite so concrete.
Now pick out a few goals that you really want to focus on. If you're unsure about things you can just start with a few. Do pick some that are more short term along with a long term one or two.
It's time to plan out your goals. Look at your goal and "work backwards." Think about what will need to happen for you to achieve that goal. I recommend you think about three months, or ninety days in the future. Where do you need to be, three months from now, to be on-target for that goal?
What knowledge will you need to have? What steps will you need to have taken? Write these things down under your goal. Now think about what it will take to get to that point? Make a list of actionable steps. "Actionable" means it's something you can actually do that will get you one step closer to your goal.
It's OK if these steps are "easy" in the beginning. They may involve simple research. For instance, if you want to own a four bedroom home within the next two years, you may start your goal planning by listing "research how mortgages work" as an action step.
This "information gathering stage" is often a first step for goals, and it's a good thing to start with. It gives you a pretty easy way to cross something off your list as "accomplished" and know that you're making real progress.
There will be steps beyond research, however. You may know what they are right away. Sometimes you'll need to do your research and knowledge gathering before you know what you need to do next. That's OK too. Just come back to your goal sheet when you've finished your research.
Reviewing your goals every four weeks or so is a good idea. Breaking them into 4-week chunks of action steps makes it easy to accomplish your steps and stick with your goal. It also allows you to modify your plan as you work through it and learn things you didn't know about before.
Sit down and think about your goals, then develop your action steps. These steps will be the plan that takes you from where you are now to where you'd like to be - one leap forward at a time.
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