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A Year Prior to Whitney's Death R&B Vocalist Vesta Williams dies

She was an R&B singer that could leave you feeling speechless with her 4 octave voice range.  She was best known for a song entitled, Congratulations.  I am speaking of Vesta Williams.

Now this R&B vocalist died prior to Whitney back in September 2011.  Some entertainment websites tried to suggest that she may have overdosed on prescription medicines like this one.  Her autopsy was completed the same month.  Here's what popular celebrity gossip site, TMZ reported at the time.  See here.

What I find disturbing about this story is Vesta, like Whitney, died in a hotel room with pills nearby.  I couldn't help but think was Vesta's death something that didn't happen naturally.  Some websites, like this one, reported in December she died of an enlarged heart.

Given the recent events with Whitney's death, I have to say that something just stinks.  With so much satanic influence emerging at a rapid pace in black music with the younger generation, I can't help b…

Now Whitney Houston Gone...

Since writing about Etta James not that long ago, you can only imagine my surprise when I found out Whitney died. 

Now is it just me, or are our late 80s and 90s R&B artists falling behind the scenes or slipping through the cracks (on purpose mind you,) because far too many modern day artists are simply selling their souls to the devil, no longer by choice, but by force to some degree?  I was thinking of an interview where Whitney exposes "they."  Those who wanted her to do some sell your soul kind of things, I assume, since her comeback.  She wasn't having it.  Here is a link to that interview.  Interesting enough on the same website, friends share personal details about Whitney's gay lifestyle, oh you didn't know?  You can also read about Whitney talking more about Jesus leading up to her death as well.  Here's a link to that article as well.     

I'm looking for patterns more closely in future deaths of celebrities.  I can't help myself.  Bei…