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Back to the Drawing Board...

After years of writing for myself and other websites from home, I spent the summer working as a temporary employee for a bank.  I needed the time and money to be more of a help to myself and others during that stage in my life.  I believe that one must not only take, but also give to others as one's Lord leads him or her to.  It makes sense to me, because the one who created me, knows the future.  Therefore, I will sow seed wherever he tells me the harvest is, capice?

Anyway, I have been reworking old home business plans in my head these days and ridding myself of dead-end so-called home business opportunities.  I am still a work in progress and find that sometimes I tend to get too overwhelmed and excited about little things that just have no place or impact in my life.  I think we are all guilty of this, hoping for things that clearly aren't prosperous and talking to people that can't help us.

I thank you as always for taking time out of your busy day to keep up with me …

Visit me on YouTube

Lately, I have felt like sharing more from my previous works.  You can listen to me read from my very own books at YouTube channel:  nmenterprise7.  There you will hear contrast and rhyming poetry about myself and experiences as well as thought-provoking commentary on relationships, life and spirituality.  Enjoy!