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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Place for Authors and Readers

For those who need to display their work around the web and suggest reading material to others, Amazon has yet another a place worth checking out, feel free to register and connect with me there, see  Shelfari

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nicholl McGuire Media: Virtual Assistance - Marketing Services

Nicholl McGuire Media: Virtual Assistance - Marketing Services: As of December 2015, we are assisting individuals and small businesses with promoting url links  which includes tweeting messages, attachin...

Listen to Inspirational Messages...

Author, Poet and Blogger Nicholl McGuire now on YourListen. This is a great site for hosting some of your best audio recordings, enjoy!  Feel free to connect with Nicholl at the website.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Now I See Truth - an upcoming book by Nicholl McGuire

Once you are spiritually awakened from years of being broken, blinded, and numbed to your pain, personal observations of others, and innate gifts/talents/skills, you will start to question the foolishness around you.  You will begin to wonder why do you tolerate certain people, places and things.  A stirring occurs within your soul pushing you toward change and when it does, look out you are never the same again! 

In Nicholl's upcoming book for 2016, she is going to take you on a journey when powerful lies are exposed not just about family and friends but media propaganda, celebrity sensations, leadership in the church, American history and other enlightening discoveries her Father in heaven brought to her attention to investigate for further understanding on how from birth we are mind controlled. 

This is a spiritually insightful book you can't miss if you too are on a unique path that at times leaves you in awe, thirsty for more truth, and wanting to scream from the rooftops, "Thank you God, I'm finally awake!" 

Coming soon, "Now I See Truth" by Nicholl McGuire.  Continue to stop by for more updates on this nonfiction release.

Nicholl Shares More Wisdom and Truth on Sutros - Enlarge My Territory

Share your message and be inspired!  Whether you are a musician, writer, or someone else gifted in communications, check out this site and feel free to connect with me at Sutros!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wise on a Good Day, Sometimes Bold, and Always Thinking - Nicholl McGuire

So you thought this message was going to be about me?  Nope!  It's all about YOU!

A new year will soon be here so don't be discouraged if you are having a challenging time right now. Your blessings are right around the corner! 

Have a bit of patience, the energy to keep fighting the good fight, and the strength to keep on praying!

Through many failures, your best is indeed ready to show up and show out!  Do what is right and maintain your faith!


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Join We Heart It

Recently, I joined an interesting site to upload or share images from around the web you feel are worth sharing.  Find out what We Heart It is all about and while you're there, feel free to connect with me.