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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents

Thought this site would be useful to those of you  who enjoy putting together slides online (like me).  Enjoy!

Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents

Updated YouTube Channel: Nicholl McGuire, Writer


Lately, I have been taking the time to record video and share audio to assist people who are interested in subjects like: parenting, spirituality and business.  As a writer, I cover a wide variety of topics, but my focus these days has been to add spiritual wisdom to subject matter that would have ordinarily been simple how-to tips based on secular medias' gurus or experts.

Since I believe in an awesome God, I have been trusting in him to elevate my mind, body and soul.  I believe as I draw nearer to him and what he wills for my life, prayers will continue to be answered.  When there is a meeting of the minds, between God and man (woman), you can't help but see blessings overflow.  So click around the following site and do subscribe, thank you. 

nmenterprise7 - YouTube

Friday, May 18, 2012

If you ever need to reference legitimate, widely known education sites for things like reporting, consider this useful site.  You can search for what you need without all the sites looking to sell you items when all you want to do is collect data.  Hope this helps some of you newbie writers.

Unresolved Conflict: How To Handle Unresolved Conflict in Your Family

As the weather becomes increasingly warmer, more family gatherings are planned.  What to do when you simply don't like some people in your family?

Unresolved Conflict: How To Handle Unresolved Conflict in Your Family

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

They Said They Would Buy, But They Didn't...

Whether someone buys an author's book or not is really a non-issue, but what is a problem, for me, is when someone promises to buy a book and doesn't.  You see, I have bought plenty of things that really didn't tickle my interests, but I wanted to show my support to a new author, to someone's offspring, a new dad, etc.  Once I bought their book (cd or other products), I gave them to someone who I thought would appreciate their hard-work more than I would.  So this brings me to the following point, for those people who I personally know, who have yet to buy any of my books, could you stop making promises, and just buy something?  Thank you.


Yours Truly,

Love, Love...

Nicholl McGuire When Mothers Cry (9781448660469): Nicholl McGuire: Books

 Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

Laboring to Love Myself

Check out other books, journals, and photobooks by me HERE.

You guys and gals know who you are!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

12 Alternatives to YouTube

I thought this would be helpful to some of you who have a passion for making videos.  These sites are sincerely fun to view, organized and many seem to be doing quite well.  Thinking about uploading future videos on a few.

12 Video Sites That Are Better Than YouTube

College Central - Job Search Resources and Employer Services

Years back I received an email from a woman who worked for this site wanting me to submit some of my material.  So I surfed the site and then submitted one of my writings.  But while looking over the website, I thought, "Where were sites like these when I was in college?"  Very interesting site that provides informative pieces on job seeking after college.  Share with your young people.

College Central - Job Search Resources and Employer Services


When I just don't feel moved to write paragraphs of text about my feelings, I lean on one of my old hobbies that dates back to when I was nine, writing poems.  Sometimes I spend hours just penning my thoughts and other times I speak them.  Here is one thing I did with some old spiritual poems I had offline from the late 90s.  

Nicholl McGuire's Inspirational Poetry