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For those who need to display their work around the web and suggest reading material to others, Amazon has yet another a place worth checking out, feel free to register and connect with me there, see  Shelfari

Nicholl McGuire Media: Virtual Assistance - Marketing Services

Nicholl McGuire Media: Virtual Assistance - Marketing Services: As of December 2015, we are assisting individuals and small businesses with promoting url links  which includes tweeting messages, attachin...

Listen to Inspirational Messages...

Author, Poet and Blogger Nicholl McGuire now on YourListen. This is a great site for hosting some of your best audio recordings, enjoy!  Feel free to connect with Nicholl at the website.

Before Writing Nonfiction Books, Introducing My First Love...

Now I See Truth - an upcoming book by Nicholl McGuire

Once you are spiritually awakened from years of being broken, blinded, and numbed to your pain, personal observations of others, and innate gifts/talents/skills, you will start to question the foolishness around you.  You will begin to wonder why do you tolerate certain people, places and things.  A stirring occurs within your soul pushing you toward change and when it does, look out you are never the same again! 

In Nicholl's upcoming book for 2016, she is going to take you on a journey when powerful lies are exposed not just about family and friends but media propaganda, celebrity sensations, leadership in the church, American history and other enlightening discoveries her Father in heaven brought to her attention to investigate for further understanding on how from birth we are mind controlled. 

This is a spiritually insightful book you can't miss if you too are on a unique path that at times leaves you in awe, thirsty for more truth, and wanting to scream from the rooft…

Nicholl Shares More Wisdom and Truth on Sutros - Enlarge My Territory

Share your message and be inspired!  Whether you are a musician, writer, or someone else gifted in communications, check out this site and feel free to connect with me at Sutros!

Wise on a Good Day, Sometimes Bold, and Always Thinking - Nicholl McGuire

So you thought this message was going to be about me?  Nope!  It's all about YOU!

A new year will soon be here so don't be discouraged if you are having a challenging time right now. Your blessings are right around the corner! 

Have a bit of patience, the energy to keep fighting the good fight, and the strength to keep on praying!

Through many failures, your best is indeed ready to show up and show out!  Do what is right and maintain your faith!


Join We Heart It

Recently, I joined an interesting site to upload or share images from around the web you feel are worth sharing.  Find out what We Heart It is all about and while you're there, feel free to connect with me.

Nicholl McGuire Printed Books - Available on Amazon Author Central Site and Blurb

You can find published books by Nicholl here.  Also, on Blurb for journals.  However, most of her eBooks are not available in print.  Those can be downloaded into any portable device after purchase or on to a computer. 

Lastly, family memoirs are not available to the mainstream public, but can be bought via private links which may be requested directly from the author. 

Happy holidays and thank you in advance for your support.

Latest Book Release: Should I Go to the Party? by Nicholl McGuire

The food wasn't that good, the place was crowded, children were unruly, negative attitudes were everywhere, and you should have stayed home! 
Don't fall into the sentimental trap that millions of people fall into when it comes to the holiday season.  It is one that leaves you feeling moody the following day, hung over, and wishing you never sat in the same room with some people. 

The next invite is coming up, are you going?  Should I Go to the Party? by Nicholl McGuire only on, get your copy today!

Still Winning - So Grateful!

Sometimes you just have to look around and tell yourself, "I have strength to move mountains because my Creator gave it to me." No matter what they said you couldn't do, wouldn't do...but you say, "I can."

When you tap into the spiritual part of your existence, you can do far greater than what your flesh can handle.  Don't just thank God for what He has already done in your life, but what He is getting ready to do!  This message is for those who believe in His Son Jesus Christ. 

Many blessings to you and your family now and in the coming year!


Nicholl McGuire's New Book: She's Crazy a book for battered men in dysfunctional relationships

For decades we have heard about the many plights women have faced when it comes to abusive relationships.  However, what has steadily been rising over the years are the amount of men being battered by women.  Mainstream media has enabled this reality with images of aggressive women fighting men.  This is a real issue for many men.  In the non-fiction guide, She's Crazy, Nicholl speaks directly to hurting men who feel trapped in relationships with "crazy" women.  Get the book today, here.

Welcome to Nicholl McGuire's Blog

I highlight some of my latest work around the web here on my personal blog.  You will find that there are plenty of websites that I am affiliated as well as useful information and personal reflections.

Feel free to scroll around to view something that peaks your interest.  I am often partnering with independent contractors to help with my product promotions, writing contributions on various websites and more. 

There are services I get to use freely and others that cost from production related expenses to software programs and websites subscription fees.  I welcome donations big and small.  My business is growing and with that expenses grow too.  So if you would sincerely like to help, make a donation of any size on my YouTube page by clicking here and looking to the right of the screen or click this link, Paypal.

Thank you in advance for your support and please do subscribe to this blog for the latest content!

Give the Gift of Nicholl McGuire Resources to Your Email List, Facebook, Pin Interest, Twitter Families...

You may not know many of the people you have connected with online and wouldn't think of buying them all gifts, but what you can do is give select individuals a resource list, a suggested book, blog or website.  A free offer that costs nothing but time.  Feel free to share my products, blogs and audio with the following types of individuals and encourage them to subscribe if they want the latest information.  Thanks in advance for your help!

People needing to get free from family issues

Tell Me Mother You're Sorry

Say Goodbye to Dad

Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

Family Articles By Nicholl

When Mothers Cry

People who are interested in performing family research

Genealogy X: What to Expect When Researching Family History

People who talk of making plans to do something but have yet to do them

Business Plan

Job Journal

Business Journal

People who are open to receiving spiritual advice about life decisions, problems

YouTube Channel: NM Enterprise 7


Nicholl's Twitter Page for Virtual Assistance Work

On Nicholl's Twitter business page, there are updates.  Postings about services, online resources, Nicholl's new business information and publishing related thoughts. If you are interested in following Nicholl on her virtual assistant Twitter page, feel free to connect with her, new page here, for content and virtual assistance. @writeratservice

A Little Something for My Coupon-using, Frugal Followers...

You know I can't forget about those who provided me with tips over the years to save, invest, donate, and spend money.  So here is a micro-blog site, Twitter, with a page I dedicate to my frugal followers--enjoy!  Click here. By the way, the following link is where I will post periodic coupon codes for my books as well, see Facebook.  If you have a mobile phone, I partnered with Ibotta and get cash back! Install using my referral code & you’ll get an extra $10, click link.  They provide rebates on everything you can think of--good site!

New BlogTalkRadio Site Underway in 2016 for Self-published Author, Speaker Nicholl McGuire

So fresh the factory seal isn't off this package yet, Nicholl McGuire Media is putting together informative shows about the works of non-fiction author and writer Nicholl McGuire. 

Spiritually led with moving commentary, Ms. McGuire, also a blogger and Christian believer is ready to impact a new audience on BlogTalkRadio.  This wife and mother of four will be bringing an entertaining and thought-provoking view to listeners based on her most popular articles, books, blogs, and other projects.

BlogTalkRadio brings an interactive experience to visitors, so connect with Nicholl McGuire in 2016 on the show!

On to Another Project...

Presently, years of research as well as private and public writings are being sorted for an interesting compilation about my daily personal journey uncovering truth in all its forms.  From family to media, there is much to be discovered when you start questioning things like:  spiritual beliefs, holiday traditions, government, media, education, parenting practices, relationship, and more.  Through this process of truth-seeking, one grows spiritually, mentally and physically while freeing his or herself from regrets, pain, resentments, lies and more.  It is then that you become better equipped to help others. 

I recognize that in order to attain certain things in life, one must be willing to step outside the box of his or her mind (personal perceptions, judgments, etc.), make some sacrifices, and strive to become the best you can be at anything you set your mind to do.  However, you can't do that when you are bogged down with negativity from media and other mediums, opposition fr…

YouTube Channel: NM Enterprise7 Celebrates 7 Years!

Motivational, inspirational, and convicting, Nicholl McGuire is the owner and manager of YouTube Channel: NM Enterprise7.  She has been instructing, praying with, and counseling her audience for many years now.  Nicholl joined YouTube on October 31, 2008.  This past month marked seven years since her channel has been in existence.

Feel free to stop by and receive a spiritual perspective on personal and professional issues.  "We are more than just a body," Nicholl says.  "Our spirits need nourishment too."

Attention Business Professionals: Nicholl McGuire Media Facebook Updates

Familiar with Nicholl McGuire Media?  If not, this is my publishing and virtual assistance business.  Hi, I am Nicholl McGuire, freelance writer and content marketing manager.  I provide data entry, writing, editing, and other services for individuals and organizations.  You can check out N.M. Media's Facebook fan page here and if you would like to learn more about Nicholl McGuire Media, visit the blog. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Feel free to connect!


Assistance with Holiday Projects Underway

This is the time of year when individuals and businesses need assistance with everything from stocking products on shelves to marketing.  I have performed typing services, book creation, copy editing, website content, and more for many people.  If you find that you are short on time, but have plenty of tasks to do, feel free to check out what I do with my independent contractors at Nicholl McGuire Media.  you can also click the tabs on the top of this page for more information.  Our prices are affordable and turn around time is fast depending on the project.  We are taking orders for a limited time, so do contact as soon as possible at Business inquiries only.  Hope to work with you!

Nicholl Interviews Professionals On and Offline for Various Projects

If you are interested in being interviewed for something you are working on or would like to partner with Nicholl on future projects, please contact her via

New Book Release: Genealogy X: What to Expect When Researching Family History by Nicholl McGuire

What many people don't know is that Nicholl is the author of many family publications and has counseled others about their genealogy history projects offering them direction and resources. 
In the past, Nicholl's services have been requested by individuals and groups.  The mother of four sons has prepared a family tree how-to guide advising family historians how to get over various obstacles when researching family history.  The book is now available here.

Blog Top Sites

Back in 2010, I stumbled across a website, Blog Top Sites. I had noticed in the past this site's icon was on many blogs.  It turned out it was a traffic generator that helped attract readers to blogs.  The site is still active to date.  If you have a blog and would like to submit your work to a directory for free, check out my profile and join.  Click here.

Old Classmates? Join Nicholl

Nicholl has a page on  If you attended high school or college with her, feel free to stop by this popular reunion site.  See here.

Author Nicholl McGuire's Interview on

Learn more about Nicholl's experiences, interests and more.  See interview here.

Nicholl McGuire Author, Speaker, Virtual Assistant - 2007-2017


Freelance Content Writer and Content Marketing Manager - Nicholl McGuire

For quite some time now, I have been ghostwriting content for individuals and businesses as well as creating blogs.  I populate sites like this with content and then manage them.  Performing these kinds of tasks requires a good knowledge of English, an understanding of social media and SEO, and quality customer service skills.

Much of what I write is evergreen content and at times very keyword specific.  Sometimes researching, planning, preparing information, and editing blog posts, articles, social media text, and more can be a challenge, but it comes with these positions.

When I adjusted my title from an offline Freelance Writer to an online Freelance Content Writer (Internet Content Producer) it wasn't difficult.  If anything, I found it easier.  My work reached more people than I could ever dream of and I wasn't limited to taking on writing assignments exclusively in my community. 

The Content Marketing Manager title began to emerge when I started creating blogs back in …

Nicholl's Blog: When Mothers Cry

Years ago when Nicholl published the nonfiction book, When Mothers Cry, the stories, wisdom, personal experiences and more didn't end with that book.  The continuation of motherhood challenges spilled over into the blog, When Mothers Cry.

All sorts of women have their share of videos, audios, and writings of their parenting struggles and how many are surviving.  There are many tears (both happy and sad) that mothers shed for marriages that ended in divorce, children moving away, relatives dying, and other stories that truly touch visitors.

It doesn't matter your background, culture, gender, faith, etc. if there is one thing that we all have is a mother.  Stop by the site sometime it is updated weekly.

Nicholl's Blog: Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

Many blog entries written by Nicholl provide dating and relationship experiences and advice as you will see on Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate.  Her writings specifically bring awareness to real relationship issues she has had to face and others.  Visit blog which is frequently updated: Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

Updates on Daily Motion - Nicholl McGuire Media - Relationships, Spirituality and More

Author and Speaker Nicholl McGuire shares more insightful information about God, relationships, family, business, and other useful topics.  Please show your support and check out videos!

New Book Release: Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men by Nicholl McGuire

With over 20 years experience interacting, interviewing and meeting all sorts of men, I must say by far angry men are at the top of the list.  The holy Scriptures' warnings in the book of Proverbs about making no friends with angry/hot tempered men are definitely worth heeding. 

In my book, Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men, I bring to you a collection of personal experiences, research, wisdom and more when it comes to the following:  who these angry men are, what it's like being around them, and how to avoid them.  Get your copy here:
Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men

Thanks for your support!

Please Help with School's Fundraiser

Every now and again I assist schools and other groups with fundraisers.  If you like cookies, candies and other fun treats, please shop on the following site, proceeds go to helping the following school.

Please help our school's fundraiser: ROYAL OAKS in California is having a fundraiser. You can shop online

The group receives profit from the sale and the seller will receive prize credits. Enter the seller ID below to begin.

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Commentary by Nicholl: Claiming to Be a Survivor When You're Still a Victim

Nicholl McGuire Shares Her Thoughts about What She Does Online

In this video, the writer, blogger, author and mother, Nicholl, talks about her creative, nonfiction articles, books and blogs and provides places where you can learn more about what she does online. She offers her services at for individuals and small businesses.

NOTE: To relatives and friends, the family memoirs are not available to the general public, if you want to order those books, contact Nicholl directly.

Some of Nicholl's writings are related to: motherhood, Christianity, women's issues, African American experiences, domestic violence, dating, poetry, and more. She also sells a variety of products online mainly books and useful electronics, accessories and toys.

Study with Nicholl - a partner with Amazon -

Nicholl is the author of the following books:

Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men
Say Goodbye to Dad

Author Nicholl McGuire Reading Ch. 2 of Say Goodbye to Dad


Nicholl McGuire reads from her books - New Playlist via Youtube


Nicholl McGuire's Amazon Author Page Updated

Stay in the know about non-fiction writer Nicholl McGuire's latest book releases on Amazon by following her Author Page on the popular site.  Click here for more information.

Nicholl's Christian Media Store

Feel free to check out some of the latest Christian media.  Your generous purchase is a great help to keep marketing efforts going and assist with other projects.  Click here.

A Word from Nicholl McGuire

With each passing year, there are new things happening with me.  I am excited about the many things that have taken place in recent years with myself and family from relocation to many writings.  Although we have had our shares of challenges, most of us have survived the storms.  So I encourage loved ones to continue to keep your heads up!  There is little time to worry, stress, or cry over spilled beans, so to speak.

I am learning each day to manage my time effectively, drive myself to finish my to do lists, and most of all allow God to be my guide.  I am happy with my progress.  Recently, I re-connected with extended relatives and old friends and that has been most beneficial. 

In centuries past, there was no need of telephones, email, gaming devices, planes, trains, buses, etc.  and I personally believe people got more done too!  Nowadays, some can't even wrap their heads around not celebrating holidays, seeing relatives, or sitting on couches watching television screens.  It…

Bored? Nicholl Maintains and Contributes to Blog for Bored People

If you are ever bored online, Nicholl has some interesting material on a blog for people who are easily bored.  The mother of four will be releasing a book this year related to boredom and has been maintaining and contributing to her blog for bored people for years.  Nicholl admits that sometimes she feels bored with a variety of things and so the blog was just a fun way to stay busy even when you aren't as well as generate some productive ideas to get some things done personally and professionally.  So enjoy the blog, share a comment and spread to friends! 

Things to Do When Bored

New Posts on Pinterest

Nicholl has new pins on Pinterest.  Feel free to join her on the popular site, take a look at her page here.

Back on Facebook...

Nicholl has recently reconnected with contacts on Facebook.  Feel free to join her network on FB.  Say "Hello!" You can like her business page, Nicholl McGuire Media here.

New Audio Messages by Nicholl McGuire on Chirbit

Updated recorded thoughts, sermons and other useful audio by Christian speaker, writer, and author Nicholl McGuire available on Chirbit.  Connect with her on the site.  Enjoy!

Spiritual Poems by Nicholl: Thoughts & Prayers to Encourage & Convict: 7 Things You Should Pray For Often

Opportunities for Teens, Students, Expectant Moms ...

Tell Me Mother You're Sorry - the book is here!

Are you expecting your mother or any mother type in your life to apologize for some wrong-doing?  Well, keep waiting.  For some prideful women, they aren't going to say anything more than, "Keep on being angry...You owe me an apology!"  Those loved ones that do apologize, some are sincere.  But  others not so much, they have a personal agenda right around the corner.

Tell Me Mother You're Sorry is a playbook that opens up a game that many manipulative mothers like to play that love to control others more than relate to them.  This work will enlighten some who are naive, gullible, and silly (like I once was) to the game(s).  There are mind games that some of these women that have been around their share of players, pimps, hustlers, and overall crooked people that they play.  If you don't know any better, you come off as weak, needy, troubled, or crazy even if these things are not true about you.  By the time you are finished with Tell Me Mother You're Sorry, y…

Look for the Moments that Make Life Worth Living

When you are down and out and it seems like life difficulties are really getting the best of you just hold on to the positive people, places and things that remind you why you must keep waking yourself up each and everyday.  Is it the smile of a child?  A good book?  The nice place you live in?  The hope of moving to a new location?  The anticipation of meeting that someone special?  Whatever your motivation for making you feel that life is still worth living, embrace it and know that there is a God who sees all!  Good times are ahead, keep the faith!

Nicholl McGuire
YouTube channel: nmenterprise7

For my blog entry today...I will share...Zoom - Commodores

Good music never dies.  Sometimes a song speaks to how you truly feel.

You're Not Crazy - Relationship Drama, Business Challenges and Parenting...


God Answers Prayers - It May Not Be Exactly What You Want, When You Want


Tell Me Mother You're Sorry by Nicholl McGuire

After writing family history books and thinking back on mother daughter relationships including the one I have with my mother, I realize that there was a pattern.  Those ups and downs in mother daughter relationships that were typical, you talk and then you are distant, you talk and then you break.  But there are those daughters who distanced themselves and never picked up the phone or came around again,

Tell Me Mother You're Sorry is a nonfiction book that supports those adult sons and daughters who have had enough of their mothers to put it quite simply.  In the work, I share the experiences of others, the personalities of those I have personally encountered and how I became an adopted daughter to them as well as advice from women who have gone no contact for years.

I hope that when the book is released you will support me and thanks for stopping by.  Do check out YouTube video, Distant Daughters, Troubled Mothers - No Contactnmenterprise7

God bless.

Nicholl McGuire

Nicholl McGuire - Back to Hub Pages

Lately, I have seen much advertising for Hub Pages around the web at various work at home websites and job boards, so I have returned to the site and it seems that things are getting better.  For those of you unfamiliar with Hub Pages, it is another place, like Blogger, for writers to create, share and learn more about public opinion related to just about anything you might want to talk about.

There are templates now that help with creating hub pages.  You will also notice there are more quality hubs since there are certain restrictions on the site.  The site is still quite active and is doing well in search engines.  So if you want a place to share what's on your mind, you might want to head over to the site.  They also still have their systems in place to help you earn money too.

Here are my latest Hub Pages:

Black People Around the World

Questionable Epidemics in the United States

A World of Toys Not in Walmart, Toys R Us, Target and Other Mainstream Stores

Loved Ones with Toxic B…

The Older I Get, The More I See Children Inside Grown-ups

They might look old, have some wit about them, and experienced much, but underneath the adult exterior are men and women who have a myriad of personality issues, ignorance, and downright weirdness.

Sometimes I try to talk myself out of what I'm seeing.  I pretend at times that I don't see what I see in people.  It's as if I hear a voice from their souls that wants to be let out of their dysfunction.  There are moments that I can feel their negativity and ugliness.  I have to work real hard not to reveal what I know about some of these people.

Supernatural gifts are powerful and can make or break a person or group depending on how you use them.  In the past, I have become quite angry and revealed my foes' issues in battle as far back as I remember and of course didn't win any friends doing so. I have physically fought with another foe's demonic energy and we both lost wearing permanent scars on our bodies as a result.  I have experienced so much pain from some …

Nicholl McGuire Books, Blogs, Articles, and Audio


New Author Page on Amazon - Nicholl McGuire

Thanks for stopping by!  Nicholl has an author page where visitors and customers of her books can share discussion on Amazon.