You might only have one chance to make the right not write impression.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Know When to Write, Know When Not to

The Internet makes it extremely easy to write just about anything our little hearts desire, so with that you may write good, bad, or evil.

I was thinking about my purpose, my role in this life. I realize the length of my days aren't very long. The average human being lives well into their late 70s that's if he or she eats right, exercise, have good genes, live in a great community, etc. but compare that to the hundreds of years people lived in the Holy Bible, and that's not very long. Anyway with knowing the reality of my short existence on planet earth, I understand the significance of what action and inaction with a gift (also known as a calling, destiny or purpose) can and can't do. It can backfire and hurt if one should let it. Resulting in an individual abandoning his or her gift forever. It can elevate if a person cultivates his or her gifting. It can motivate one into other things if the individual tweaks his or her calling.

I have been a writer since I was nine years old, penning my first poems and jotting down notes in my diaries over the years (which I am not all that proud of, but I digress.) With knowing what my role is as a writer, just like a minister of a church preaching, I must be careful to write the words just as they were meant to be whether they are meant to encourage, persuade, convict, love, etc. I haven't always wrote my best and at times I was confused myself by something I wrote, but I thank God for his mercy and the opportunity for him to come into my own life to make a difference, so that I could help others as well.

Although Twitter, Blogger, MySpace, Facebook, Black Planet and many other social networking and blog tools are quite nice, they can also be very deadly. I don't suggest anyone write anything anywhere on the Internet including comment sections when they are in a bad mood, hormonal, confused, forgot to take their medication, had a few too many drinks, or even on a spiritual high after coming from church. The reason is we are held accountable especially as believers for everything we say (or don't say - that's another subject.)

There are times that a woman shouldn't speak just like a man shouldn't including on the Internet. Not everything that is in our hearts and minds should be told. We are so quick to type off a message not realizing the person on the other side of the world is indeed a being with feelings.

Sometimes there are some profound things that we read and write and the power we later experience is beyond words. There are those that may not receive our words well and may become easily angered. Does that mean we are to quit writing? No. The way I see it sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some. I just pray for those who go on and on about what they don't like about what I wrote and why I am not worthy of saying this or that. I don't work for people, I work for my God who is also a God to many others as well. True believers are all on one accord. We know what the other means even if it isn't articulated in the best way. I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ who are out there fighting the good fight with their words!

We must be mindful of the God we serve and know when the time is right to write, just like when we sit before men and women in-person. We must avoid the following temptations: write about subjects that we know nothing about (no matter how many hits we can get,) lie, steal others' material, or say something without knowing all the facts. We can usually determine when something is not good to write about when we are in a ball of confusion ourselves about the matter.

May God bless all of you who tweet, blog, comment, survey, and/or review!

Nicholl McGuire