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Happy Holidays! My Online Shopping Experience

I'm glad you made it to this site. Just wanted to share my experience shopping online for Christmas presents.

First, I had a list in mind of what to get the children based on television shows they watched. You can't go wrong buying something they see on tv, because in their world it's like having their favorite character jump right off the television screen into their home!

The next thing I noticed during my internet surfing was the incentives that jumped out at me on the various websites. I found that the ones that say "select shipping" is a complete waste of time when you are on a limited budget. Most of the popular items you will have to pay shipping costs.

When I find a site I am interested in, usually the ones that I would shop offline because they tend to still beat out most of the competition, I head straight for the clearance items first. When you do this, you never know how much you will save! However, what I have noticed is that since it is gett…

Are Secrets Destroying Your Relationship? What to Do About Them.

Someone knows something about you that you don’t want your partner to know. You know you should have told him or her by now; but you don’t want to because you fear what he or she may think of you if they knew the truth, so you continue to lie or don’t say anything at all.

It may have been a scar on your body that you lied about, an experience that you told them but left out the details, or something that you did in the past that you regret. Whatever the secret, if it is killing your peace, stealing your joy, or destroying your relationship, then it is something that has to be said and you will just have to deal with the consequences as they come up.
People lie out of fear and they make up excuses when they don’t want to bother with the truth. “I told you this lie, because I was scared you would break up with me.” The reality is that a person will more likely break up with you because you didn’t just come out with the truth and kept the lie going. It is never too late to tell the …