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Friday, February 28, 2014

No Good Thing Last Forever

No good thing last forever, so you might as well make the most of your good times.  Sit back and enjoy those smiles, take in those laughs, and appreciate the sun when it is out.  Take a moment to walk or sit down and take in your environment.  For we never know the day or hour when something so bad will shake up our world to the point that many will suffer and die. 

Your heavenly Creator put you on this planet for good reason.  You may not know the plan for your life, but I assure you that there is one.  Experience a life beyond this one, go get the Holy Word of your Maker and start reading it the moment you have some free time.  The more you read, the more you will begin to feel and look different.

Nicholl McGuire

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What on Earth Was I Thinking When I Started Journaling?

The teachers had instilled in us young children to write.  They wanted us to write sentences about things like:  personal interests, people, places, and things.  I was programmed from the time I could put a sentence together to journal.  Yet, something so innocent, can be used against you as you grow older.  Those optimistic teachers didn't warn us children about parents who would give you a hard time about the things you write about them or others (they think are them).  They didn't prepare us for the sacrifices we would make for writing or not writing from partners to networks.  They didn't tell us that there was such a thing as Writer's Block.  They didn't tell us that we could break the rules sometimes with generalizations, exaggerations, fiction, and poor grammar without excuse.  They surely didn't warn us about the myriad of mean-spirited emotions, strange voices, and weird muses that help to periodically give us our best work. 

What on earth was I thinking when I started journaling?

I didn't know many decades ago, in my child-like mind, that writings could be used to identify one's personality and other hidden things about one's self that you rather the world not know.  I hadn't a clue about building confidence through writing, finding a mental release after trauma, or anything else that may have been deemed helpful growing up had I not been so scared to write down my true self for so many years of my childhood. 

Recently, I realized, after ripping one of my many diaries in two, that what was supposed to be my childhood diaries was really someone else's--an angry girl who had been micro-managed to the point that she was unsure of how she truly felt about things since others made decisions for her.  Others insisted they were right even when they were wrong.  People who had problems that they didn't want an inquisitive little girl to uncover.  A bright child who was told by the media to write about boys and rant about parents through television shows.  But what I really wanted to write about is now on 15 plus blogs, show up in over 100 plus videos, and are presented in seven plus books in a few different categories and I'm still not satisfied (sigh). 

Too many vital years of controlling men and deceptive women suffocating my core through emotional abuse (and a past of domestic violence) has long been the fuel that has kept me writing.  However, I received great news at the start of the year from a world beyond this one, "You are free!  You are free!"  No longer bound by my past, I have arrived to my present and look forward to my future. 

Nicholl McGuire

Monday, February 17, 2014

There's Nothing Easy about Being Me

You have those who congratulate you on a job well done.  Others will say nothing while wishing you fall flat on your face.  From disrespectful comments to eye-rolls, some of my writings and topics I speak about offend.  Truth doesn't win me life-long friends--never did, never will.  I think of the Bible, when Jesus said, "They will hate you because of me..."  He was so right!

"Keep your mouth closed...don't say anything...just smile..." I grew up around people who never wanted anything said about anything truthfully speaking.  If you got a little courage about yourself and let loose with your tongue, there was always the threat of violence looming.  If you didn't want to reap the consequences, you just might turn and walk away, but not before experiencing "payback."  In my 'hood, payback was nothing more than revenge.  Sooner or later someone was going to pay you back for speaking truth.   Protest your parents' unfairness, payback.  Speak up about a shady friend in the camp, payback.  Tell what a relative was really doing when no one was looking, payback.  So you walked on eggshells wondering when the day would come that you would be confronted on what you said.  What a life for a child, right? 

Looking back, so-called "private" folks, who liked to stay out of people's business (yet always in it), weren't liked very much.  Those that typically didn't mind talking about themselves, would withdraw when the "private" folks came around certain loved ones in my family.  "Don't tell her anything," I was told.  "Because she doesn't share any information about her self or family."  Therefore, as a child, I would have to limit my conversations, carefully pay attention to every word, select certain things to say and not while speaking to adults.  Sometimes one couldn't always remember the rules in the playbook, so there was a price to pay if you didn't keep someone's lie or cover-up straight.

Thank God, I'm not a child anymore!  Having been exposed to all sorts of personality disorders dressed up with so-called normalcy growing up, I have learned quite a bit from the impostors--probably too much.  It is difficult at times walking around in my body, seeing what I see in people, sometimes I can see through people, right down to the foolishness in a person's story, notice their odd expressions/mannerisms, or experience their negative vibe--sometimes all at once.  It can be difficult to be content with some loved ones when you know the truth behind their fake smiles with others while pointing the finger at you as if you are so wrong, weird, crazy, etc.  I get this sort of attitude quite often from sexist males who feel threatened by a spiritual woman.

When you are a person that has been challenged much in life, it isn't always easy connecting with people in the way that you had hoped.  Sure, you pray for the best in your relationships and partnerships, but sometimes even God warns, "No matter what you say, what you think you know, you don't know about XYZ person.  Watch while I work."  God never tells me, "I told you so..."  Rather, I usually find one of his life tests soon after on what I learned or didn't learn about people. 

You can hear many revelations of my spiritual journey and advice on YouTube, listen here.

Stay blessed.

Nicholl McGuire

Nicholl McGuire published on Saved News is a Christian publication located in North Carolina.  I had the pleasure of reading the company's offline work in my spare time.  There were many entertaining stories about Christians in various industries including entertainment.  I read insightful editorial and news pieces as well related to spirituality.  After reading several copies of the newspaper, I decided to submit my own creative work.  It appeared online, but now the site no longer exists.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Love Poetry by Nicholl - Happy Valentines Day!

For years now, I have shared my love poetry at Love Poetry by Nicholl.  I used that blog site as a way to free myself of good as well as bad memories of love in an effort to move on with life.  I must admit that it works!  You can receive peace of mind when you share personal feelings.  Although you might find it awkward at first, with enough writing, you won't agonize over past regrets or dwell on the "what ifs" of lost love.

I enjoy writing poetry.  I sometimes hear melodies in my head before I write.  There is something special about writing poems.  Take a walk with me at Love Poetry by Nicholl and appreciate what you got while you still got it!

Stay blessed.

Nicholl McGuire

Monday, February 10, 2014

Places Online to Talk Your Thoughts Out With Others

Podcasts are popular with those who enjoy communicating with others.  I have found myself visiting these sites and listening to some interesting conversation about a wide variety of topics.  If you enjoy speaking to others or have thoughts on a show idea, why not create your own podcast?  It's simple.  Here are a few resources to help you get started.  Best wishes!

1.   Ipadio (I have used this service, it's easy--no glitz, no glamour straight to the point.)

2.  Blog Talk Radio

3.  Talk Shoe

Information about podcasting

How to Start Your Own Podcast

How to Create Your Own Podcast

Friday, February 7, 2014

Kill Boredom

When I get weary of visiting the same websites and doing the same things online, I always go back to my projects.  Times of boredom actually inspire me to do what I like the most which is writing. 

Years ago, I created a site for people, like myself, who sometimes find certain activities on the Internet redundant and quite boring.  I listed various tips on dealing with boredom from boring people to being bored while unemployed and what to do about it.  When you have a moment, please do visit: Bored Looking for Things to Do.  Feel free to comment on some of the material there.  I hope the thoughts/ideas will kill your boredom!

Thanks in advance for your support.


Monday, February 3, 2014

My Thoughts on Love this Valentine's Day

I thought of my book, "Laboring to Love Myself" and how appropriate to call attention to it to those who are starved of love this Valentine's Day.  Why does one feel so overwhelmed with just living? 

For I have learned, that one is void of love.  No love coming and no love going.  Repeated rejection over one's years produces no love for self or others.  "What do I care?  I care about no one?  No one cares about me..." says the loveless. 

No action produces no reaction.  If I show no love to others it isn't any wonder that I have not love.  If my love is not received, then it is my responsibility to find someone or group who will sincerely love me.  I hope that this Valentines Day you will reflect on what it truly means to love beyond a simple token of appreciation.

Nicholl McGuire author of Laboring to Love Myself