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Where Self-Published eBooks are Sold

Since publishing my first e-book and many others after that, I have accumulated a list of many sites that have accommodated me by making my e-books available to the public.  They also provide useful information and services. 

The following list might help someone who is interested in companies that host self-published authors' e-books on websites and apps.  These resources are professional, so by all means start clicking away!  While you're at it if you find this list helpful, please show support by purchasing a copy of my e-books as well as other self-published authors.  Thanks!

Nicholl McGuire
List of eBook and Book SitesTxtr ebooks

Tolino e-book reading







Flipkart (They also have a free app, see here.)

Barnes & Noble

Axis 360 (Baker & Taylor)

iTunes (Apple)


Attention Virtual Assistants, Writers: Don't Cave into the "Free" in Freelance

Some people notice "free" in freelance and think that services are free.  Others, who work as freelancers, see FREEDOM.  You are now free to work with who or whatever you choose (with a fee of course) and you are your own boss.  You make the rules, set the prices, pay your taxes, and take breaks when you feel like it.  Yet, in my quest to grow my business, I realize that free or freedom doesn't work like it once did for us freelancers.  The demands of our money and time are greater--every software program costs and any special request from a client ends up costing more time than its worth.  When we use "free" in marketing, we are attracting a bunch of spoiled people who want something for nothing.

I am one who wants to help others, but not at the expense of having my family frown on me because once again I can't meet their requests because I am too busy doing something d*mn near close to free. 

Years ago, when I was a mere 19 years old I started "McG…

A Beginner's Guide to the World of Self-Publishing

Describe Yourself

You don't need a dating profile, social networking page or anything else in order to describe yourself in the way that I am about to with you.  Who are you, really?

At times we need to check in with ourselves, find out what is new about us, still the same, as well as open to exploring.  So I sat back and thought how might I explain who I am in one short paragraph.

"An avid writer, a conspiracy enthusiast with a nose for useful news...A wife and driven mother of four discerning boys.  An unashamed Christian who doesn't mind sharing life experiences and inspirational advice.  Always learning new things while taking one day at a time anticipating what God has in store."

Once you write a description about yourself, notice the areas where you are still true to who you are as well as those things that have since captured your interest, changed your life, etc.  You never know when you might be asked, "Describe yourself."  I notice that right now I am more spiritua…

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