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Motherhood Books: When Mothers Cry by Nicholl McGuire

Mean partners + naive mates = Physical Violence...Someone is being Abuse...

On the Move Again...

Time to re-locate!  Preparing to move again across America to sunny So-Cal.  As always, keep me in prayer those of you who know me.  I am very happy with our family's latest decision.  Here we go!

Check out past photos of our So-Cal experiences.  Walking and riding around Los Angeles County and yes, we saw a deer near a busy neighborhood with little undisturbed land, that's why it was so surprising!

The Work has Begun on Yet Another Site...

I didn't anticipate recording audio and video related to my spiritual experiences, the Bible, and societal observations of the saved and unsaved for literally years now.  But after being around sincere believers in Christ for a time while visiting loved ones in Pittsburgh back in 2009, I felt spiritually charged and I haven't come down, I seem to be elevating for every trial I go through both on and offline.

What is it about a faith that makes one feel like he or she is on top of the world one minute and down in the mirk and mire the next?  How does a belief in a Creator you can't relate to, like human beings, make you want to do some things differently in your life?  I needed a place to lay my thoughts down like one lays his or head.  Sometimes audio and video just can't capture those little things that hit home.  There is work in reading--the kind of work that auditory and visual learners need in order to come up higher in their personal walks with Jesus.

So I am wor…

Self-published Author Writing/Editing for Others

This is something that I have never stopped doing, writing for others.  Whether my name appears in the by-line or I am a ghost writer for someone who needs Internet content or desires to write a book, I love writing so I keep doing it. 

My focus these days has been on providing relationship content and journaling for family.  However, the beginning of the new year will slow down immensely for me, so I have my eyes open for future partnerships.

If you are an individual or business in need of a writer to supply online or offline content, feel free to email me at  Also check my Work Experiencepage on this site and visit Linked In (I was recently married so I am Nicholl Lewis at that site.)

I look forward to a bright and prosperous future for all my connections!  Thanks for stopping by my page!

Nicholl McGuire

Tyus Ties Family Book

For those who didn't know, I completed the Tyus family book with zero issues spring of 2013!  Very happy with the outcome.  Everyone involved was forthcoming with information, obtained some great photos, and I was able to complete the whole project within a month.  When everyone works together, everything comes together--much appreciated!

My grandfather was Allen Tyus originally from Alabama, but relocated to Pennsylvania during a time of heavy segregation.  He had a bit of mystery about himself, so I started digging and found out that he had his mother's maiden name, but that his father's last name was Pyers.  Although this book is not available for public view, relatives are welcome to contact me if they are interested in purchasing it. 

Anyway, it was a great project, I thought I would have stopped doing family memoirs after the Growing Up McGuire book, but good things happen to those who wait!  If you are interested in talking about your family project, feel free to c…

Peterson Family Stories

Another family book worth mentioning to those who are related to me.  I have been working on this project on and off during 2013.  I have interviewed relatives and collected various information about them. 

Peterson is the last name of my grandmother.  She was born in a family of 20.  Her father was Arthur Peterson and mother Mamie Littles of Alabama.  My motivation for putting this book together was after years of listening to the good, bad and ugly concerning this family, I thought, "Why keep the stories and life lessons to myself?"  Thus, another book has been created to pass on to my children.  To be quite honest, I just don't want any kissing cousins!  If you are interested in someone heading your family tree project, for the right price, we can talk!  See my blog pages to find out more about who I am and what I do to help individuals and businesses.  Thanks for stopping by!

Hardcover with Image Wrap Books

I posted this video for those who have purchased books from me in the past.  When I send links out, you have options of what type of book you would want to purchase from me.  The representative at Blurb, featured in this video, explains in detail what Hardcover Image Wraps look like.  This way you can get an idea of what you want before it arrives.  Thanks as always for your support!  Below are links to my books on Blurb.  (Please note: family books are not available for public viewing, you will have to contact me if you are a relative in order to review.  As always, I have a limit to how long I am making family related books available.)  Click the links below: 


Floral Beauty on A Dead End

Spiritual Poems by Nicholl


My Business Plan

What Can I Say About My Job?

My Prayer and Fasting Journal

Check out others on site by clicking here, thanks for stopping by!

Nicholl shares recordings on

With so many recordings, sometimes there isn't enough time to organize them, create something interesting with them, or even distribute them, so I needed a place to back up some of my work and then share as needed.  Voicebase provided me with such a place.  You can find some of my spiritual recordings there, feel free to listen while you surf the Internet:

God Helps Us to Become Better People


God Opens Our Eyes to Errors

Hagar and Sarah

From Virtual to Reality...

One day you are going to meet some of these people you see online and when you do you will be either impressed, disappointed or eager to make friends.  For me, I had butterflies in my stomach seeing some people I hadn't seen in years offline, were online and vice versa.  At times I was excited, other times not-so much, funny how memories not only show up in your mind, but those negative feelings tend to accompany them as well. 
If you would like to connect with me, Nicholl McGuire, feel free to connect with me:

Nicholl's Video of Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh 2013, Youtube

Traveling through the Pittsburgh area brought back some childhood memories this past summer.  Enjoy video! Check out more videos by Nicholl at

Nicholl is in Columbus GA sharing books - Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and Laboring to Love Myself

October is domestic violence awareness month.  Nicholl has been writing and talking about her books, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and Laboring to Love Myself.  She is available for speaking engagements in the Columbus, Georgia area this month.  If you are interested in more information about this author and poet, click on the pages on this site and also send inquiries to her personal email:

Been Facebook Free for Over a Year--YEAH!

Someone not that long ago was looking for me on Facebook.  I laughed, so glad to be free of it.  It forced her to have to look me up in other places, "Wow!" she said.  "I didn't know you were involved with so you think you can help me with..."  There are plenty of sites besides Facebook--support them!

More Tidbits about Working from Home

Increase Your Social Presence

There is the person you are offline and then there is the person you are online or maybe you are simply the same both on and off. But whoever you are, you have got to promote your product and service in such a way that people can connect with you in a personal way depending on what you are selling.

When I sold Avon, I got many sales because I made myself available to the public. I introduced myself through word of mouth, fliers and other traditional forms of advertising. Rather than just sell a product, you are selling yourself! What is it about you that makes you different? If I am seated in your presence, what am I going to come away with that is memorable and will make me want to get to know more of you?

Sometimes I used my mother side, my wife side, my "back in the day" side, etc. depending on the day, time, season, connection to sell a product or service for not only myself, but those I worked for too.

My biggest sales came from those who c…

My Experience Returning to Online Selling Using eBay and Amazon back in 2012

I wanted to start back to making some additional money using auction sites like eBay and an online market place like Amazon selling various consumer electronics. Since I had years of prior experience utilizing these avenues in the past, I thought that it would be good for me to return to roots that were familiar. But the game had changed a great deal over the years, and it was actually becoming harder to make some serious cash to pay off bills (notice I didn’t say make a payment on a bill!) So I decided to share some of my experiences selling electronics online.

I opened accounts with both Amazon and eBay. What I didn’t do that I had done in the past was use my personal name to build a business. I wanted to keep personal me from business me and that is why I went with this plan. However, what I didn’t do was create a separate email that wasn’t in my name for PayPal purposes and I encourage anyone who wants to sell online to do this. Also, you will want to do business from a business a…

Useful Tips on Working from Home

Think about journaling each day what it is that you do when working from home.  I find that keeping notes and resources near my computer in a neat space keeps me on task.  I avoid spending much time doing other things when I see what needs to be done right in front of me (ie. talking on the phone, surfing the Internet...) Home Business Reviews

I needed to keep track of all my research when searching for home business opportunities, so I created a site sometime ago that has information for anyone who would like to learn more about a variety of home businesses.

I am not one of those people who like to look for just one business opportunity, but I like to see many all at once. When I created my blog, I joined with others to bring my readers some of the best reviews on the web about some old businesses you may already know about and some new ones that you may have never heard of.

I can tell you that there are far too many businesses selling health and beauty products, but I learned that …


We stand.
We hope.
We dream.
We create.
We love.
We sacrifice.
We cry.
We scream.
We fight....
for what we lost,
the love, peace, trust, money, and dreams.
They tell us we can't, we won't,
but we will!
Whether we walk on our own
or carried in death our spirit always lives.

Nicholl McGuire
Watch inspirational videos at
Read more poems at

Nicholl preparing for domestic violence awareness month coming up in October


Nicholl shares thoughtful commentary on Godtube

If you haven't stopped by Godtube, take a moment to check out videos there.  Nicholl  periodically uploads videos sharing her personal experiences with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ on that site too.


Enemy Attack on a Spiritual Gift from virtualassistant on GodTube.

Don't have a study bible? Get one...Study with Nicholl

Nicholl is the author of the following books:

Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic
When Mothers Cry
Laboring to Love Myself
Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate
Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street
Spiritual Poems By Nicholl

Great Gift World - Electronics for sharp minds

Nicholl has been affiliated with Amazon for awhile now.  She has put together a site with specially selected electronics for those of you who need items for those digital cameras, iphones, camcorders, printers, computers/laptops and more.  See here:

About Youtube Channel Nmenterprise7 created by Nicholl McGuire

Bible Study and Commentary on YouTube Channel: Nmenterprise7 Increasing

With so many messages given to me through much prayer and meditation these past two years by my Creator, I realize just how important it is to share the gospel of Christ, help others through personal stories and life lessons.  Those with dark messages work hard to keep lies going.  God's people must work even harder to keep truth alive! 

It is no coincidence that you stopped here today, do be the positive example that someone in your family can be proud of.  With that said, expect more messages of uplift, rebuke, and more on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

Below is an example of some of the subject matter on the channel. Deceased Loved Ones

Nicholl McGuire

Nicholl Appears on WPXI Impact Show in Pittsburgh PA

Nicholl Interviews with Popular Pittsburgh Radio Show Host About When Mothers Cry

On Sunday, August 4, Nicholl spoke with Chris Moore of the Chris Moore Show on KDKA 1020 AM about her book, When Mothers Cry.  The author, poet and mother of four shared some of her personal challenges and observations of other parents who can't seem to cope with being a parent.  While Nicholl spoke, her parents, Erlene and Nick looked on and listened intently to their daughter's experiences.  You can read more and listen to broadcast here.

Nicholl will be on Gospel Excellence, Blog Talk Radio with Bobbie D

You may have heard some of her work on Youtube, Author/Poet Nicholl McGuire is sharing her faith and personal spiritual experiences on Gospel Excellence, Blog Talk Radio hosted by Bobbie D. Tune in on Wednesday at 5 p.m. 

Believer or Not, There is Something Going on in the World Beyond Our Comprehension

In this video, I share a message about a God we can't see. If you don't know him, this would be a good time to start.

It has been one year since the making of this video...

A spiritual perspective on the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Industry Exposed - Wake up! Think, before you meet
someone or a group that can make or break you (and your family).

Domestic Violence is Ongoing. Couples are fighting as you look at this video.


A listing of some of Nicholl's popular books and blogs

Nicholl is the author of the following books:

Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic

When Mothers Cry

Laboring to Love Myself

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street

Spiritual Poems By Nicholl

Some of Nicholl's blogs:Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

When Mothers Cry

Parents, Babies and Children (for families who have them all!)

Home Organizing

Things to Do When Bored

Nicholl returns to acting

Nicholl recently participated in an open call audition for a television commercial. She says of her experience, "Although I didn't get a callback.  I was very excited to meet other actors and get my feet wet once again when it comes to auditioning."  She adds, she was very happy to make connections with a reputable talent agency.  Nicholl says she will continue to pursue acting as a profession despite her extensive background in creative writing.  She says, "Acting found me again and I accepted.  A strong desire to take a vacation from self is what is motivating me to act again.  Who knows where this path will lead me this time?" 

The author and poet has shared her talent with novice directors and playwrights over the years and has also participated in her own online projects.   If you seek an actress for your upcoming project, Nicholl is available for short film, commercials, and voice overs.  Feel free to send her an email at:

Nicholl McGuire First Television Interview in Pittsburgh PA

On June 17, 2013, Nicholl made an appearance on a television news talk show entitled, Impact, that airs on Channel 11, WPXI in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on Sunday mornings.  The author and poet talked about her experience being in an abusive relationship when she was 21 years old.  She also shared information to look out for when dating someone abusive.  Details when the show airs will be forthcoming.  Stay tuned!

Nicholl sharing thoughts about lukewarm churches

Check out Part 2 and Part 3 on Nicholl's Youtube Channel: nmenterprise7.

Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic - Nicholl McGuire talking about ...

Downtown Pittsburgh Revisited - Buildings Worth a Look 2013

One place I enjoy walking and working, downtown Pittsburgh.  Located in Pennsylvania, the many historic buildings, hustle and bustle of people, peaceful sceneries, and culture makes this place one of my favorites!  Enjoy the video and watch others!

A Memory that Never Goes Away - Kennywood Park

One of Nicholl's favorite childhood activities!

Poetry is in her bones, Spiritual Love Poet Nicholl McGuire

From the beautiful sonnets of the great writers of yesteryear to the simplistic rhymes of rappers' about their hometown experiences, Nicholl was inspired at a very young age to share her observations and feelings with others via poetry.  Life lessons show up in this award winning writer's rhymes--the pain and gain of just living. 

If you are unfamiliar with this spiritual love poet from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, a city of winners (just ask any Steeler fan,) then you just might be missing out on a good thing!

View Spiritual Poems by Nicholl  here.

Then check out Love Poetry by Nicholl here.

Do keep in mind, Nicholl's work is copyright protected.  She is a published poet and nonfiction author of several books. She would like for her readers (including family members and friends) to give her "credit where credit is due" when sharing her work.

If you know Ms. Nicholl, read her work or know someone who has, won't you make a purchase a today?  Just follow links bel…

Relocations, Family Visits and Jobs

Nicholl enjoys relocations, visiting family and friends, working short and long term jobs, and learning more about interesting people, places and things.

The mother of four shares family trips and tips on Youtube as well.  Whether you are interested in vacationing or relocating, Nicholl has some links on that site that just might help you out.  Enjoy!

Youtube channel: budgettraveltips

Curious about moving to San Diego or Los Angeles?  Listen to Ms. McGuire's personal experience here.

Nicholl is on Godtube

Godtube is a website that showcases Christian videos. At this site, you will find  Nicholl reading from book Laboring to Love Myself from virtualassistant on GodTube.

Nicholl recently uploaded a three-part spiritual video on YouTube

For those who claim to be Christ followers, but aren't doing much lately to exemplify one's faith,  Nicholl provides a study, commentary and rebuke while referring to Psalm 36.

Nicholl reading Psalm 36, click here.

Nicholl updated some sites on Hub Pages - Check them out!

Nicholl enjoys writing about a number of topics.  From relationship woes to spiritual poetry, you will find some additions at her site on Hub Pages, one of her most popular blogs is seen here:

Subliminal Messages and Secret Societies Check out Nicholl's profile: nmcguire7 here.

Author Nicholl McGuire Speaks Out About Motherhood Issues

Just in time for Mother's Day...the best gift you can give a mother is some understanding and needed time alone, enjoy the videos!


Societal Ills

An Example of One of My Slideshows - When a Loved One Dies


Know Your Enemy Christian nonfiction book by Nicholl A. McGuire


Operating on Fumes? Feed Off of Others People's Energy

Tired, angry, bored, bitter, mad at the awful world and everyone in it, huh?  Well, no need to stay in that frame of mind unless of course you know how to redirect your attention on what is fueling your fire and then churn all of your emotions and tasks into one big burst of positivity!

Sounds difficult?  Not exactly.  After spending some time in the presence of a doctor who had worked from sun up to sun down dealing with babies, toddlers and children, I learned what kept a smile, some patience, and a positive spirit on him (besides prayer and having a personal faith) and that was the energy of others.  He chose to focus on what others were going through and turn their energy into something positive for himself.  He was charged on every story, emotion, and action of others.  As a result, he was like the energizer rabbit he kept going and going and going...

Some of us could use that "peace that surpasses all understanding," as the Bible puts it, in our own lives.  Despite all…

Friend Feed

In the past I connected with people on Friend Feed.  Although this network isn't as large as the more popular sites, it is just as professional.  I stick with this site because I like its simplicity and convenience--I have it linked to other accounts.  If you are interested in joining another social media site, then do try Friend Feed.  Check it out here and feel free to subscribe to my latest news feeds.

Just a Little Something...

It is rare that I find something so simple, yet so moving!  This link is just a friendly reminder to take one day at a time and while you are doing that it outlines some things that we seriously need to do!  Let this link be a blessing to you and yours and please share.  The writer is no longer with us, but his words live on!$2/

For My Writer Friends...

I thought you might be interested in two writer sites I have been following for years via email.

The first is Nick's Writing Blog.  He shares interesting tips related to the publishing industry and his personal experiences and his site has a freelance board.  Learn more here.

The second is Trent Steele's  On this site you will not only find useful publishing tools to help you improve your writing skills and create your best work, but there is also a forum where you can meet fellow writers like yourself!

Both sites have partnered with one another.  Definitely worth checking out!

7 Things You Worry About When You Shouldn't

Ever feel yourself getting upset over the littlest of things?  Do you often worry about things that end up not even being a big deal?  Why do we bother over issues that really are meaningless and will not help us or our families if we choose to waste time and money concerning them.

One.  Worrying over things beyond your control like incidents that happen on the job, at home and elsewhere.

Sometimes things happen unexpectedly and so situations like this are inevitable.  Of course, you want things to run smoothly, but we don't always get what we want in life.  Mistakes happen, people lose their cool, get sick, and leave.  Cursing, crying, and bad-mouthing about those people and things we can't control is going to accomplish what?  A negative energy that comes from you and then infects anyone you comes in your presence.

Two.  People we don't like.

You might worry over someone or a group that you don't like finding out that you don't like them.  So you worry that your n…

Truth-Seekers: The Scripts Man/Woman Comes Up with for Our Nation


Just Because it's a New Year Doesn't Mean...

Just because it's a new year doesn't mean...

1. You are going to do anything different this year.  But it feels nice telling people that you are.

2.  You are going to look any different, but if you keep telling yourself you are, well we will just keep your lie a secret.

3.  You are going to have less challenges, because the older you get, the more you have.  The more you do, the more the stress.  The more you talk, the more you will be held accountable.

4.  Your family is going to listen to you, share concerns, or even bother with you this year.  Most likely, they have enough going on in their lives.

5.  You are any closer to God than last year because you attend church a little more, participate in a spiritual fast, and give away more money and time this year.  Keep in mind, God wants a personal relationship with you and sometimes simply listening to HIM and doing what HE says is all that is required.

Lastly, just because it's a new year doesn't mean...

6. You are fin…