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What Else Can I Do on the Internet? A Practical Guide for Internet Users Bored with Routine by Nicholl McGuire

Whether one is an Internet guru or dummy to new online inventions, sometimes it can be quite a challenge to find what you need versus what you want on the Internet.  In my new computer guide, What Else Can I Do on the Internet? by Nicholl McGuire, I am sharing my computer experiences, providing useful tips on searching for websites, and telling of some fun, creative ideas you may not have thought of online.  This book is a combination of story-telling and instruction to help you stimulate your Internet experiences.

If you are tired of the usual stuff you do online, why not get this book?  There are many timeless activities listed in the guide.  I was inspired to write this work many years ago when I noticed that I often forgot about some interesting things I wanted to do on the Internet, but didn't bother to bookmark, write websites down, or share things I thought might interest others.  I also wanted a handy guide near my computer that I could pick up when I'm bored.  So this…

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All the best to you!
Nicholl McGuire

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Small and large businesses can be overwhelmed with many tasks, this is where I come in to assist with the writing, formatting and proofreading of many documents while offering traditional virtual assistance services like administrative support.  Periodically I offer these discounted services for a limited time.  Feel free to reach out: with your need.  NOTE:  This is a seasonal service that I do not provide year round, so do connect as soon as possible.

A Memory of a Writer

It's funny how the sound of a typewriter can bring back such pleasant memories. The days of writing short stories...oh what a feeling!  Those were the simple days where I and the creative piece I tapped away at were one, that is until I made a mistake. Paper after paper I tossed aside, no time to stop and erase, re-type and erase again. I hated when I was on a roll and had to stop (sigh).  I thanked God when the word processor was invented.

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If you build it, don't assume they will come.
What Else Can I Do on the Internet? by Nicholl McGuire