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About Me

Mother, Erlene McGuire photoed with Nicholl
Nicholl McGuire was born in 1974 in Pittsburgh, PA to parents, Nicholas and Erlene McGuire. While living in Wilkinsburg, PA during childhood, the energetic and jovial daughter of an industrial engineer and customer service representative, enjoyed dancing and singing before family and friends.  She was talkative and wrote a lot, according to her parents.  “She would keep Kindergarten schoolmates entertained during story-time, so the teacher would set aside time for Nicky to share her stories,” says her mother.

The school editor graduated from Wilkinsburg High School in 1992. A hardworking perfectionist during her youth, she was the Department Junior President of the American Legion Auxiliary in 1991 and recognized by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives during 1991-92 for outstanding achievements in both school and community. She attended Point Park University (Pittsburgh, PA) as well as two other universities and took courses in journalism and creative writing from 1992 to 1996. In 1993, Nicholl worked as a telemarketer, got promoted to a trainer and then participated in the writing of market research scripts for a minority-owned business.  The ambitious young woman didn't find that working a traditional job was paying all the bills, so she set out seeking ways to make additional money.  That same year, she created "McGuire's Typing and Writing Services."  While still attending college, Nicholl was nominated for the National Collegiate Communication Arts and Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Awards. During her collegiate attendance, she worked as a journalist intern for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and three non-profit organizations, one of them being the Pittsburgh Council on Public Education. In 1995, she became Editor in Chief of Point Park’s college newspaper (The Globe). She co-founded a poetry group on campus, Poetic Voices, and hosted events and performed poetry before audiences.  She was also a member of the Pittsburgh Black Media Federation (Pittsburgh, PA) and the National Association of Black Journalists during the 1990s.

During 1994 to 1998 Nicholl would work for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company providing administrative support. After attending college in 1997, that same year, Nicholl started McGuire Publications as a freelance writer in Pittsburgh PA and published and distributed spiritual newsletters throughout Pittsburgh, PA.   Several years later, she wrote theatrical plays as a hobby. 

In 1999-00, marriage, a relocation and parenthood took up most of her time.  In addition, she worked from home selling beauty products from 2001-03 while helping with a domestic violence awareness campaign.  During 2003, Nicholl offered clerical services to individuals and small businesses, joined a performing arts group in Cleveland, Ohio, organized an event for fellow home business entrepreneurs, a job fair, and created a weekly Christian Bible study group in her community and sang worship music Acappella for attendees.  In 2004, Nicholl would return to the work force taking a job in property management in Bedford Heights, OH working as a leasing consultant and events coordinator which would give her the skills to obtain employment in San Diego and Los Angeles, California in property management and administrative assistance.  One of her highlights in her career was planning and spearheading an event at the San Diego Job Corp. to help build employee morale. To date, she blogs about workplace problems and solutions.

In 2005-06, Nicholl would divorce and later start a new relationship that would produce two more sons, she would trade her position as a community manager for a quieter lifestyle blogging about apartment management.  In 2007 to present, she would pen nonfiction books.  Her first book, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate she would distribute it freely to select homeless shelters in Los Angeles and Allegheny counties.  More books would result including: When Mothers Cry, Laboring to Love Myself and Floral Beauty on a Dead-End Street to name a few.  In 2012, Nicholl would re-locate to Georgia with her family, but return to Los Angeles County in January 2013.

This gifted woman has been a working stay-at-home mom, self-publishing her work, blogging and writing articles about relationships, parenting, spirituality, and business.  When she isn’t busy writing, Nicholl shares spiritual wisdom and her personal experiences on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7 and other sites to help young men and women improve their daily living. 

Father, Nicholas McGuire Jr. United States Army

Sister, Melissa McGuire, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 913, Pgh PA Poppy Girl
Others from left to right: Leanne Peterson, Shawntele, Nicky, and Shawn.