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Monday, January 30, 2012

My Thought When Researching Celebrities...

Every now and then I get into these discussions with family and friends about celebrities.  Some of them claim to know this and that about a star.  I usually notice something funky in their stories and correct them on it, especially if I already did some research of my own.  Usually they redirect the conversation to some other artist when they know they have been proven wrong.  When people don't take a little bit of time to find out a few things about a celebrity, before making comments, they look silly.  They may watch a television show and then falsely assume they know all there is to know.  Case in point, Etta James.  This entertainer recently passed and all one hears about is her funeral.  But the real news, is behind the scenes.  Now how might you research subject matter about what was really going on with an artist leading up to her death?  You might start out by using one or two of your theories, notice I said theory, not fact ie.) follow the money trail, follow a controversial subject related to the person, check out the family, etc.  Now theories don't become facts unless you can prove them.

In the Etta James situation the point I wanted to make is how one's family can act like vultures once they know that someone is about to die and how they use the death to pad their own pockets.

The Etta James passing is a good example of how things work when an artist dies and their family surrounds the camp looking to see what they can get out of the death. I found out it odd that Christina Aguilera performs in front of many while her menstrual blood runs down her leg.  Just an accident, most likely, but definitely not liquid tanning stuff like some reporters tried to suggest. I will leave it at that, because things do happen to all of us women.  So there was no need to research that any further--yuck.  But what I did notice is Aguilera did listen to Ms. James as well as other singers while growing up.  However, no mention of Ms. James as being her best, most favorite in the whole wide world prior to the funeral, so "stop all that kissing up to the viewers and just sing, girlfriend," I thought, while watching the video.

Now back to Ms. James.  I had to wonder if anyone was responsible for speeding up her death, by doing certain things since there was $60,000 a month alloted for her medical expenses.  You can learn more about that when you click on one of the links below.   Hollywood has a long history of aspiring artists offering a blood sacrifice to a certain group they may belong to in order to obtain money and fame.  I didn't go that far to prove or disprove that this is the case with James family especially since everything surrounding her passing is still so new.  But I wonder.  In the spiritual realm, those of you who are believers, know that the love of money is the root of all evil and much pain and hardship gradually destroys family mentally and then physically so that others can see their slow decline.

Etta James had a husband, Artis Mills and two sons, Donto and Sametto.   Donto James is an unsigned artist. He doesn't have much going on in the music industry. What do you think might happen now since mamma died?
Now there were some family issues regarding money leading up to Ms. James death, mind you, she was terminally ill back in Dec. 2011 (and if you recall, Cadillac Records, came out in 2009) I guess someone (or someones-lol) thought she was going to die either in '09 or '11.  As you do more study on other celebrities, you will find a pattern when it comes to numbers (many are affiliated with groups into numerology.)  Anyway, here is a link to the controversy surrounding money between Ms. James husband and sons.
Did a little background checking on the second son, Sametto James, he doesn't have much going on as far as a film career. How might he stand to benefit since his mother's passing?
Since Ms. James death, her record sells have increased.
Interesting, she got her start in the church too. Another good example of how one uses God for this and that, then later on sells her soul. She was known for acting vulgar on the stage.
Now one who would want to continue to research other points related to Ms. James would keep seeking out additional information about the celebrity's affiliations, trouble with the law, relationships, location of performances and what happened while there, and more.  Before long, you have a pandora's box of information that just can't be disputed. 
This is how it goes behind the scenes, we research.  Like I mentioned before, I don't like talking to people who just say whatever, but don't check out at least a few sources. 
Remember mainstream media glorifies celebrities.  They try to keep negative things out of the limelight.  If you really want to know who or what a celebrity represents, you have to do your own research.  Don't leave it up to others to spoonfeed you!  Also, if you don't like reading and doing research, save yourself from a headache, don't attempt to argue with people who do like to do such things.
Nicholl McGuire

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thinking about Relocating?

There have been many times in my life that I have moved from one neighborhood, city and state for this reason and that one: a new job, change of scenery, more space, better location, you name it!

Everytime I moved, there was always some new experience I encountered living amongst strangers.  Sometimes the neighbors were friendly and other times they were not.  Sometimes children behaved themselves and then other times I wished I never saw them.  With every move, I would notice the neighbors had a story.  There was always something going on with them that was awkward.  I recall a neighbor who enjoyed drinking not only on the weekends, but through the week too.  Another neighbor enjoyed sharing his pleasure of a certain illegal drug by letting the smoke outside his window so everyone could smell it.  Then there was a neighbor who liked using his Karoke machine every Friday night while a couple found that yelling and screaming about their relationship difficulties every weekend would help them stay together.  Why don't some people respect the privacy of others simply by closing their curtains and windows?  Oh yeah, it's been a ride! 

Anyway, when you find some time, if you are apartment searching, I have a blog that you might be interested in.  Apartment Leasing Tips

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Time

Revelation is here!  More and more people are seeing that all that glitters in the entertainment industry, television news, talk show circuit, print journalism, front page search engine news, and even people in their own families ain't gold!  We have a lot of "wannabes" walking amongst us.  People that pretend like they are free emotionally, spiritually, and physically, but are really captives in prisons designed by other captives!

You see evidence of this by the many news stories and videos that are watered down!  You may have noticed this when you have attended large churches or watched them on TV.  It's not just you, truth is being watered down by any tax free organization that signed a government document!  Those at the top never want those at the bottom to know what is really going on!  This type of thinking has been going on forever and people at the bottom who speak truth aren't liked and eventually are silenced because of it!

Everything in our media, churches and elsewhere is edited so as not to hurt feelings or lose big money friendships!  So-called leaders apologize for speaking truth.  They backpeddle when confronted by handlers.  They say things like, "What I meant to say was...You misunderstood...They misquoted me...What I was trying to say..."  Oh, we know what truth this one and that one already said before "they" got a hold of them!  Like a witness seated in a courtroom, the entertainer, the politician and other people of influence let one piece of truth slip against all advice from attorneys.  Sometimes we too have to let that one piece of truth slip if it means it is going to help our case, free a captive, or give a voice to the voiceless.  However, some people let lies that pose as truths slip from quick tongues, so that it sends conspiracy theorists and truth seekers on a wild goose chase.  If you don't have a gift of spiritual discernment, good research skills, and a love for truth, you will buy into just about anything!

What all people, who are tired of being misled by media, government, mischievous family and friends and the like, ought to do is be like those mysterious wise teachers of yesteryear and seek a Higher Power.  I personally started on that quest back in 1997, but got knocked off track because I allowed worldly influence to dictate my thought processes--notice I didn't place blame on anyone.  I got wrapped up into my haves and have-nots that I slowly stopped using most of my spiritual gifts to help me and others.  It wouldn't be until 2007, that I would start moving toward God again in search of peace of mind and renewed focus.  These days, I call on my Higher Power, whose name is Jesus, so we are clear, and he has a Father, who sometimes I refer to as God or Lord.  When Jesus departed, he left behind a gift called the Holy Spirit.  So yes, I am one of those believers that a worldly society loves to hate.  I believe that Jesus and all who follow him have an enemy which some call Satan and others call Lucifer. I believe, like the Lord, Satan too has his followers that have "sold out" to him and his teachings.  I have personally experienced a world beyond the natural eye since connecting with the Holy Spirit and yes I have experienced a proposition from Satan himself (not man) to lend him my talents in exchange for money and fame while I lived less than 20 minutes away from Hollywood.

With all the foolishness that surrounds us on a daily basis, it can be hard to sort through the lies.  You are lied to about sporting events, American history, tragedies, celebrity stories, health news, business, employment, and more!

Anything seen in front of millions of eyes all have false fronts designed by people who are the best in their industries in building them! "Always show your best smile, best wardrobe, best car, etc.  Use your best vocabulary and never let them see you sweat under those lights," says those who represent the elite.  "We have an image to maintain, so don't $%^# it up!"  Oh yeah, unholy people don't use niceties! 

So what time is it, really?  Time for the return of our Saviour?  No.  We don't know the date or time.  Time for a new perspective? Yes.  Start looking at your daily routines with a new set of eyes.  So many entertainers cover one-eye that they never get a full perspective on what truth really looks like with two eyes!  Of course, a one-eyed enemy will do just that--make others look just like him.  If you don't know what I am talking about, you might want to check out the album covers of many artists, you will find a pattern of images that are connected to a so-called secret organization that isn't so secret these days.

Anyway, if you are interested in being delivered from the lie you may be living, start seeking truth in all things, not just in the Holy Bible.  Begin questioning things like, "Why do I spend most of my free time being fed other people's news, entertainment, etc.?  Why do I wear what I wear?  Why do I style my hair in this way?  Why do I settle for meaningless one-night stands?  Why can't I commit?  Why do I bother with certain family members and/or friends that are nothing more than vampires and wolves?  Why do I associate myself and my money with things that are really not helping me emotionally and/or physically?  Ask why about every little thing including tattoos on one's skin, books that people like to quote out of and post on Facebook, even why your boss may look at you in a certain way.  Oh yes, ask why about everything!

You see, once you start asking, "Why" instead of "What" so much, you will begin to see you and others in a new way and yes, the truth will hurt!  You will either work toward being a better you or remain the same feeling like something is missing in your life.  Most people never stay in their "Why" moments for long.  They are too busy allowing their minds to be critical of others.  They desire wisdom and more things, but don't want to do all that they need to do to obtain them.  Each person living on this planet had to give up something in order to get something. 

Some of us sacrifice a little and others sacrifice a lot from one day to the next just to maintain a certain lifestyle.  Some people have gone so far as to make promises to fulfill special duties (or orders) knowing full well that someone may get hurt in the process.  Others have lived by shallow principles for so long that their minds have been robbed of basic logic, otherwise known as, common sense. 

Some of you reading this have been told by those closest to you to, "Look the other way, ignore what those people are saying, stick to what you do!" You may have thought, "They are so right!"  But what you didn't ask yourself is, "Are these people really looking out for me or are they trying to keep me from growing up and away from them because I benefit them in some way?"  Some of you have long been robbed of the truth by people who find that money is more important than mental well-being.  "It doesn't matter what people say," the opportunist tells us.  "Just do you!"  However, these same people don't want you 10 feet near a church.  They get offended if you act like you want to talk about your faith.  They even get angry if you smile or laugh too long.  "We got work to do," they tell you in a mean voice.  Do they really care about you, or do they really care about what you can do for them?  Hmm.

It's time to stop allowing others to keep you from living out your calling--your true purpose for living, Child of God!  Some of you were told many years ago to be a certain something in the kingdom and you ended up being nothing in God's kingdom, but a spectator.  Others have a feeling they should be doing more than just going to work everyday, but never put aside time to just think long enough what might that be.  Some of you reading this are so confused about everything in your life from what to eat to which gender you are attracted to.  Are these issues and more, too hard for a God who makes the grass green and the snow white? 

It's time to let your guard down when it comes to the Lord, my friend.  Find a place where you can spiritually rest your head!  No distractions, no music, no TV, no conversations on the cell-phone, no anything for, at the very least, 24 hours!  That's right, get quiet!  Read a wise book.  May I suggest the Holy Bible for starters or something related to it that you can digest?  Ask the Lord what he thinks of you and what you should be doing to be a new and improved you!

It's time to stop playing and start praying!

Nicholl McGuire
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Rise Above It

Whatever your "it" is, rise above it!  Now I know that at times we all want to talk a long time about what bothers us to that significant person in our lives, we may call, "My best boo."  But let's just be honest, how many times have they heard our same broken down song.  "She makes me sick...I wish he would disappear...I can't stand working for...I would rather die then have to put up with..."  To all your story-telling, your partner might make a comment, deeply sigh, offer a little advice, or walk away with, "Not this again!" He or she may have drawn a line in the sand and if it could talk it sounds something like this, "You will not be upsetting me today with your mess! Cut your crazy people off.  Tell your boss to go to...I just don't want to keep listening to this mess!"

"Rise above it!" I say.  You know what?  It's obvious that you are wearing your advisers out with all that drama you are allowing in your life!  I know how it feels when you just want people to listen and they just don't act like they care.  They just give you that blank stare.  But if you honestly think about how many times you have shared a story filled with drama with those in your inner circle, it would probably make you cringe.  Rise above it!  Don't let anyone or any circumstance affect you so much that your partner starts wishing that he or she never allowed you into his or her world, because believe it or not, that's where your loved one is headed.  His or her mind will start fantasizing about what it would be like not being around you anymore--uh oh!  Relatives and friends will start distancing themselves from you.  You will start to wonder why they never bothered updating you with their new phone numbers or invited you to their personal events.  Don't wonder.  You know why.

It doesn't matter how long you have known someone or how much you think your relationship is the best, when people get tired, they get tired.  A boss gets tired of his worker's personal issues affecting the workplace.  The grandmother gets tired of the daughter dropping her grandchildren off on her while she does whatever with whoever.  The spouse grows weary of the complaints coming from his wife about what he never does or should do.  The mother reaches a point where she has to send her son packing, because he has disrespected her one too many times.  You get the point?

People are not gods.  Never will be!  As much as some would like to think they are or believe in many gods, there is only one God and many demons.  No one has the capacity to keep listening to drama day in and day out and remain unaffected unless they have a strong faith which many of us just don't.

Evil spirits love thriving in drama.  Evil spirits are invited into one's home by foolishness.  Fools on the outside looking to affect others on the inside.  Many are successful at doing it too!  The crying, the screaming, and the yelling are nothing more then a playground for the enemy.  It is better that one is quiet about his or her circumstances then loud and obnoxious.  You and that person you are talking to isn't the only two people in that room.  There are unseen spirits watching and waiting for their orders to attack.  Don't believe me?  Try reading a book that has been on this planet long before you were born, it's called the Holy Bible.  Then start looking at the album covers of most modern day musicians, then start looking at the symbolism in most movies, and businesses, watch for patterns.  Notice many of them have an occult origin.  Evil is real, spirits are real.  But what might all of this have to do with the personal drama in one's life? It all contributes to it.  What you put in your mind and body on a daily basis will eventually affect who you are.  There are enough studies and examples to prove this point.  Garbage in, garbage out, so the old saying goes.

If there was ever a time to get God in one's life, it is now!  Notice the boldness of evil images, thoughts, and patterns on our television screens.  How many times will we comment, "Wow, that's bad!  Ooo that's evil!  That is too dark and creepy for me!"  Rise above evil.  Do something different at home and everywhere you go that will bring love and goodness. 

Despite what the world thinks about the world, we know that deep down inside all of us, there is an "it" and "it" may be used for good or for evil.  The "it" shows up in how we react to others.  The "it" is disturbing your peace on the homefront.  The "it" is making those who once loved and respected you, move away from you.  The "it" will steal, destroy and eventually kill you. 

What "it" do you need to rise above today?

Nicholl McGuire

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Truth is a Hard Pill to Swallow

I have a background in journalism and communications specifically print media.  I was taught by a few professors that became rogue reporters over the course of their careers.  I say this because I see the tricks the mainstream media uses daily to convince you to believe their versions of the truth.  This is why my professors ended up choosing their own paths: rather than continuing on one that was designed for them.  They taught their students how to think for themselves...

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Updated my Blog: Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

Since my book was printed, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate on, some years back, I continued with updating my blog about abusive experiences, signs, and tips.  I thought it was best I do this so that readers of my book would have a place to go online that welcomes their issues, provides solutions and simply understands.  There aren't too many people that will allow themselves to comprehend much less offer assistance to someone who isn't leaving an abusive mate (at least not yet.) 

Many of the contributing writers and myself, have all been there and done that.  Some people may still be going through some challenges and just haven't revealed everything.  I am not where I use to be (in my past experience with abuse,) but because of it, I still have those times where it is difficult for me in my present relationship.

Honesty is the best policy in any relationship.  Be honest about the things that a partner says or does that trigger an emotional outburst.  Tell the truth, even if it hurts, when your partner is making you feel uncomfortable.  Do what you must to try to keep the peace in your relationship.  For instance, if you know that at times the children drive you mad, go into a room and close the door! 

So many couples spend more time trying to deceive one another and others into thinking they are fine and their relationships are the best; rather, than choosing to deal with the things privately that are bringing it down slowly but surely.  Some couples are so blinded by evil that they can't even see it!  Therefore, they justify their self-destructive actions or inactions in a relationship as them "just being them." 

You have to wonder just how much does someone care about his or her partner when they always look to excuse bad behavior.  "Oh that's just the way he is...She's crazy, but I love her...That's just how we do...I don't care..."  Sure you don't.

So check out my blog about Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate.  It is definitely a wake up call for couples who think that their relationship is okay when it really isn't, and it's a very useful blog to those who are interested in checking out of that abusive relationship slowly but surely.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just a Word about Online Selling/Marketing on Social Networking Sites

Some business people have bragged about how much money they have received and how many prospects they recruited as a result of marketing and/or selling via social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Black Planet. Yet, what they don’t tell you is the specific details of the plan they used to get them. They avoid telling you this, because they hope to sell what they know in a future e-book, consider their information too valuable to give up and don’t want to have to compete with a fellow seller in the future using the same tactics.  Marketing and/or selling online depends upon two things:  the type of product, service or event you are selling and how you go about marketing in order to get people to act.  However, these days, it isn't easy and all that glitters isn't gold.  Many products, services and events just don't measure up to the hype!  Online marketers lose out on a lot of money and/or time before they find the right system that truly works for them.  Marketing and selling with the intent to make long-term finances isn't going to happen overnight!  It sincerely does take years of preparation.  You can click around my site to read more about experiences.

As we all know, some products just don’t do well on social networking sites. They may cost too much or be too cumbersome to obtain. The company's website may be a headache to visit due to all the video, music, slow uploads, error codes, and long forms to fill out. Sometimes sellers are terrible marketers and do the following to lose a potential sale such as: bombard friends’ sites with lots of ads, ask for friendship without bothering to compliment or visit someone’s site, avoid starting a relationship with their potential customer, don’t support other sellers, and won’t respond to emails when they are contacted.

Trying to sell your own products can be a problem especially if others are trying to do the same. The social networking sites’ owners know this and will disable your links if you are an affiliate marketer or put up warnings of possible viruses to dissuade people from visiting your site. So at times, you may have to mask your links so that you don't come off as an affiliate marketer, but a website owner.  The social networking site owners know that if they allow marketer’s links all over their website's pages, visitors won’t stay at their site for long before they are clicking off and onto other competitors' sites. Owners of social networking sites hope that visitors will click on their Google ads so that revenue stays on their website.  So unless you keep adding new friends and take out advertising on these sites, besides hitting up your existing friend list, you won't really get any noteworthy results.

If a marketer wants to be seen by others, he or she will have to log in frequently to their page and do the following:  keep content fresh, make contact with their network, post blog entries, visit forums, and do other things to get noticed. Some marketers engage their audience with thought-provoking commentary, others survey the public, while other users just leave flattering comments on friend's sites hoping that this will lead friends back their page.

Successful marketers usually have software to help them add friends or use other clever ways to save time obtaining friendship manually. Sometimes using friend adder software can backfire often getting a marketer kicked off a social networking site.

Don't get me wrong, it isn't always about business for most marketers when joining these sites.  There are people on social networking sites who do look for legitimate friendships.  However, when too many people are marketing their wares, visiting a social networking site can be an unpleasant experience for all.  Some users will get angry and report marketers to the website watchdogs. Sometimes other marketers may be jealous of an individual’s larger network and report him or her in spite.

The more contact you make with those in your network the better! A friendly “how are you” email helps. A link back to your website in your forum signature is a great, non-intrusive way to get people to check out your site.  Posting to your wall can generate interest, but remember to limit what you post and have a variety of updates ie.) photos, questions, comments, etc.  One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is mixing too much pleasure with business.  You can do this so much that you eventually offend people.  Unless your business is in the areas of politics, religion, relationship, parenting etc.  then you do not want to post things about your personal thoughts on sexuality, spirituality and the like.  Sure, it's your opinion, but wouldn't you prefer money; rather than a comment from a potential customer which most likely will debate his or her viewpoint on your site.  Before you know it, you have an onslaught of angry commenters on your page.  Definitely a bad move, if you are trying to get new customers, attendees, recruits, and more.  

As for forums at a social networking site, these areas can get tricky if a business owner is not posting relevant information. Doing this can actually get your messages deleted and possibly your account.  Also, if the watchdogs see too many postings, they have a way of slowing you down by sending a warning email, commenting on your posts by making spam accusations, or sudden errors come up in the midst of all your posting. There are marketers who also use software to post to forums as well, but once again be mindful of these programs.

Just a side note, classified ads on these social networking sites can be helpful for marketing, but once again, depending on the product a business owner is trying to sell it can be useless; since many people visiting the site are more interested in socializing then clicking on classified ads.  Remember, most people still visit Internet search engines, type in a particular website address or pick-up offline material based on their needs.

Marketing a business on a social networking site is a great learning experience, but can be a big time waster if a marketer isn’t seeing any results after following a proven system. When you see free ways to promote your business (such as clicking on everyone’s profile page and sending them an email about your product and/or event) is not working, like door-to-door selling, keep it moving or try another method to market your business.

Nicholl McGuire

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolution? None Here

Happy New Year everyone! 

Now just because it's another new year, I'm not requiring myself to create any particular New Year's resolution.  However, I am requiring myself to apply what I have learned last year and do some things that will make my life a little bit more interesting and settled for this year.  Some of which includes: taking care of the basics like relationship and parenting goals, money management and my own personal walk with the Lord (without being confined to church walls and men's twisted teachings of biblical truths.  Can I get an Amen?)  I started changing my outlook in these areas of my life back in 2009.  Then by 2011, I received some life-changing plans.  Everything I did answered the following question, "How do I apply biblical truths to my life each day?"  This year it's time to give birth to what I have been learning.  Notice, I have been in a state of emergency with every change (9-11.)  It is indeed time to come up higher, folks!

There are those who restrict the intelligence of the Most High (I am referring to the one true God) to their inner circles.  They feel like the Average Joe just isn't privy to his wisdom apart from the biblical stories.  But if you choose to have a personal relationship with a being beyond basic human understanding, then you have to know that he is one who always has a plan for your life which is, dare I say it, better than yours!  A man who wants to keep you dependent on him, like a crack head needing a fix, is not going to reveal any universal plan in its entirety or any prophetic word that will lead you away from him!  He will leave those details out!  Why?  Because he needs your money and your service to promote his plan.  He doesn't care about your personal goals.   

Do you really know what the one true God's plan is for your life?  If you take the time to know the Lord, study his word and be open to a relationship, he will reveal his plan step-by-step.  Now what is revealed to you will affect those around you and they may or may not be on-board.  From the politicians to the local store owner, what you do with your time and money affects everyone besides your family.  This is why everyone wants you to stay close to them.  Momma doesn't want to let go.  Daddy wants to keep you around.  Your spouse wants you to stay at home all the time.  Your children want you to play with them all the time.  No one wants or will give you the time to just think!  You have to steal that time! 

The Pharaohs of this earth have ignored God's plagues like in the Book of Exodus.  The little people ie.) Moses and Aaron (you and me) keep telling these kings, leaders and others what to look out for; yet, they continue to act stubborn in their ways.  So sad, but true, it won't be long before they will be wiped out (ie. look at the many different world leaders who are no longer with us to date.)  The same destruction will happen on the national and local levels.  So if you are hurting for money, sell your business and add that money to your savings account.  If you need some debt relief, start making phone calls and negotiating with creditors.  If you are hoping that a dead-end relationship on a personal or professional level will turn around, not now, you have a choice either stick it out or end it.  There is no, "wait and see--things will get better."

Now I am not on this blog site just because I enjoy blogging, nor am I on here, because I get a few cents from an ad, but I am here because I have a calling on my life to write.  I wouldn't know that unless I had allowed myself to be in touch with the one true God.  For decades, I was oppressed by family, school, businesses, other associations, and friends to walk a path that was created for someone else.  I had very little say at one point in my life on what I was supposed to do and say, because of all my brainwashing.  In other words, what I thought I wanted wasn't really what I wanted.  Now that I am growing older and wiser, I realized that what I had been "buying" into over the years on a personal and professional level isn't what I really wanted.  Yes indeed, it's time for something different to happen in my life and yours too!

As I write, I think of you reader, you probably realize too that you were sold a bag of garbage for far too long!  You allowed people, places, things, circumstances and the like to influence your decision making.  You probably made some poor choices while the atmosphere you were in appealed to your five senses, now you are regretting some things.  But can I tell you, you can get out of your mess and you will!  But you will have to do much such as: read more about the subject area that troubles you, write about it and to those who you need to help you, save and spend money to get yourself out of trouble, and most of all try to keep the peace until your day of freedom comes which means not yelling, slamming doors, cussing people out--just acting like a fool!  When your freedom comes, my friend, you will be stronger and wiser, I promise you that!  It takes one to know one, so the old adage goes!

Sometimes we all walk toward pits then fall in them without anyone around to warn us.  This happens because there is something we need to learn while we are in the pit and sometimes the only way to get our attention to do good is through a bad situation.  As I write, I think of the story of Joseph in the Bible.  But when it is all said and done, like Joseph you will have your day to shine!

Know that there is something beyond the skies much greater than these weak humans on this planet!  You don't have to settle for man's dumb, dark philosophies!  You don't have to agree with everyone.  You definitely don't have to sell your soul to the Devil unless that is what you want but if you have already, you can reverse the curse, but you will definitely have to be on the winning side with the one true God on a consistent basis for that to happen which requires a sacrifice (Jesus performed the blood one already,) I mean all that dark thinking and stuff!

Remember whatever choice you make in this world will affect you on the other side (you do know there is another side after death, right?)  It is up to you to either wallow in the mistakes of the past or do something today to mark your future in the most positive way.

Thank God, not me, for today's inspiring message.

Nicholl McGuire
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