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Sunday, November 23, 2014

What is Making a Difference?

Lately, I have revisited what appears to be a simple question when thinking of my business endeavors, "How is what I do truly making a difference?"

We are so consumed by numbers, performance, dollar signs, marketing strategies, business planning, and how much is coming and going out of ones back account that we oftentimes lose sight of "the difference," whatever that might mean to you in your business or workplace. 

So I explored this thought of making a difference and I have reached the following points:

1.  What others view of what you do is "the difference."  So compare that with what your mission statement, objective or view of your business says and make the necessary changes.  Since what you do affects the people, wouldn't it make sense for them to have somewhat of a say so on what you are supposedly doing for them?

2.  Making a difference doesn't come without hard work.  As much as we would like to think we are on the right path, seek the one or those you sought for assistance and see what they think.  Are you working too hard, not enough, or just enough?  Are you doing some things with dismal results?  When do we cut those tasks out and replace them with new ones?

3.  Choose what you do wisely.  If what you do is truly making a difference you wouldn't care so much about "the numbers"-- what about how you feel?

4.  Knowing that doing something that is impactful on society doesn't come without sacrifice.  Depending on how passionate you are about it, something or someone is going to lose around you, you.  Be ready to wipe the tears from your eyes and keep going.

So I continue this quest which isn't always profitable, politically correct, or seemingly purposeful, but what I do know for certain is I am making a difference somewhere in this world!

Thanks for reading!

Nicholl McGuire