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Author Sharing Spiritual Insight on YouTube

Recently, I have been  inspired to add videos to my collection on YouTube discussing spiritual issues related to things like: relationships, pop culture, family and more.  God is blessing men and women with some wonderful insight using all who are willing to receive Him.  I have shared some revelations, see here:

Inspirational Videos, Poetry, How-to and more by Nicholl

How to be at Peace with The Things You Can’t Control | Socyberty

Writers: Joined this site...

Awhile back I joined Hub Pages and like the many topics and writers over at this site.  Easy to use, at times a little time consuming, but definitely a needed change for some of you--enjoy!  Click on my link: nmcguire7 on HubPages

Article Writing - A Simple Way to Make Money Online by Nicholl McGuire Media - YouTube

Do you know the enemy behind your enemy? Commentary & Bible Study about Satan - YouTube