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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dangerous Thinking

To expound upon my point of "thinking can be dangerous especially when it affects the lives of others" from the last blog post, on a broader scale I have to talk about our government.

Now usually I will shy away from talking about those in leadership, there is a scripture in the Bible (Romans 13) that keeps most believers' mouths under control. But I have to step outside the religious dogma and just say, "I am not a mind-controlled slave" and neither should you be. What do I mean? I mean the kind of person who will not do the following: question anything, challenge authority on lies, take a stand (go along just to get along,) and fight distractions or fleshly temptations that are designed to get him or her to not think. The mind controlled slave says things like, "Your crazy, I don't believe it. Stop reading so much. Don't you have something better to do besides think. I don't worry about anything. I never thought of that." It's one thing to be a slave to your job (you need to pay bills,) but it's quite another thing to allow your master to enslave your mind too!

I watch the television commercials, see the banner ads, go to the mailbox and see advertisements everywhere telling me, "Buy my product!" Even when you attend church, there is someone asking you for money. So I started paying more attention to what my government has been asking of me lately, "Serve me!" is the message I see. There is an old agenda being repackaged again and again wanting all of us to do more for government (the elite foreigners.)

President Obama's change message during his presidential campaign was nothing more than a celebrity endorsement for New World Order products. We were being set up for what is to come: volunteering for government testing, spying, fighting, recruiting, investing and more! Your time will not be your own before long. As for your money, it was never yours because by the time your thought process was manipulated by the media or bullied by self-serving groups, you gave it away to pay for yet another over-hyped and overpriced good!

Now I am all for helping out my government (I was indoctrinated many years ago with the patriotic gospel thanks to my deceased aunt's affiliations and the many guys in my family that served in the U.S. military,) but what's in it for me? I mean what will our government give my family and I besides everything we didn't ask for? We want money to buy and maintain a quality house that comes with a backyard within walking distance from a town in a nice school district. We need the financing to go into business for ourselves. We want what those who went before us got -- an American dream! We have been Americans for centuries, yet what do we get, a form to fill out at the welfare office when no one is hiring. It doesn't matter that my families blood, sweat and tears, just like yours, help build this nation! But yet, I am accused of being prejudice when someone who can barely speak English gets special privileges.

The wind of change has been blowing for some time now whistling, "Order out of chaos!" But is that what our government really wants? I mean from my vantage point I see what the old school folks have been telling me for years, "The rich is only getting richer!" A voice in the back of my mind screams, "Fight the power!" How can you fight something without the numbers or the money? That kind of thinking I know falls into the elitists' trap. They want you to feel powerless. Day and night they write legislation that is so long no man could read it all especially in a span of a few hours before voting on it. They push for their causes deceptively or in plain site while most of the dumbed-down populace laughs at a movie while seated on their comfy sofa eating popcorn.

I don't know about you, but I am starting to feel like we are indeed moving toward the end of some comfortable once good ole' day times of the red, white and blue into something dark and sinister designed to wipe the middle class and the impoverished good and bad off this planet in record time! Some groups and individuals are simply fed up with business as usual. For them, they are tired of parasites -- people who eat off of others hard work. I can agree with that point to a certain extent. But what I can't go along with is the tampering of one's belief system in a God who has brought so many peace in both their personal and professional lives. Maybe this is really why the elite is working so hard to get their agendas fulfilled, they are tired of God and everything related to him.

Each day many rich, evil elderly men and women are dying. Why would they care about you or me? I think they know that hell waits for them (they have seen the visions, had the dreams) so why not recruit some people to go down with them?

Nicholl McGuire
Truth Revealed...

I Was Just Thinking...

Thinking is dangerous when it means that it will affect others' lives. Case in point, this summer I created a timeline of all sorts of activities to keep my four active and at times very temperamental boys occupied. Of course, some of those activities would slightly inconvenience the man of the house like sometimes he will have to be at home with two of the boys and he will have to make his and their meals. To his silent response with a slight negative disposition, all I could say was, "We will all need to step up to the plate!"

You see, when you are a creative mind, like I am, day after day of television watching is a "No can do!" especially when you have children who are growing mentally, physically and spiritually everyday! As I write, I think of the actress, Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City 2, explaining to her husband (Big) in the movie about how she didn't want them to become an old boring couple who was always at home watching television. Well, that's the way I feel especially with children! Our family isn't always on the go, but we aren't always in the same room with television blaring irritating one another either!

There is a time for all things. So I try to keep all things balance -- a little of this and a little of that. No activity is meant to be forever. No movie is meant to be watched a zillion times. No food is meant to be cooked every week. No park visit is everyday! I personally believe when you start making something routine, a tradition, or an everyday occurrence (unless of course it is a paid job,) you fall out of love with it!

Maybe that's why relationships don't last, there is no balance between togetherness and freedom to allow for people to just be. Oh well, maybe that's why children don't get along with parents, because it's always the same ole' same ole' "How was your day?"

Nicholl McGuire

Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Help For Your Mom Blog - A Beginners Guide

I thought this article would be helpful to my readers who have a parenting blog or just beginning one. I have one ( I have used most of these tips in the past and they do work, but do remember it's a slow process!

So you are either starting your Mom Blog or you have been blogging for a couple months now. At this point you are wanting to know how to become a much larger blogger than you are so that you can make a living or even some extra change in your pocket to support your habit. There are quite a few resources out there but you want to take baby steps first, eventually you will become better at what you are doing and reaching newer and better heights with your blog.

First things first is you want to buy your own domain name. While this may only confuse you and you don't want to spend the money on what you may only consider as a hobby now, it is truly worth it. It allows you to brand your blog and even turn it into a site rather than a customized journal running off another persons juice. Just remember when this is all confusing what is yours should be yours.

Next thing is to consider going over to your own web hosting service. This goes right along with buying your own domain and giving you full control over what is yours. If you do end up making the splash into a self hosting blog, consider using WordPress as your blogging platform. I use it myself and it gives me full control over my site and what I want on my site not limited to it's content. WordPress even offers plugins to optimize search engine optimization, ad revenue and more.

The next think you want to look into, social networking and social bookmarking sites. Both of these will prove to be invaluable when promoting your blog, branding your blog, creating back links and more. Some of the most popular and user friendly of these are: Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Delicious. These you can also incorporate into blogs posts giving your readers an easy way to share your content.

Up next is to comment on other blogs you find by search through blog search sites. This is a great way to build up your networking and make friends along the way. There are sites too that are Mom Blog Communities that you can join to build friendships, network and increase awareness of your own site. There are also directories focused on niches such as Mom Blogs that you can submit your rss feed and website to.

Now that you have begun the simple steps of increasing traffic and awareness to your site, you can begin researching how to increase the revenue from your site and become the blogger you want to be.

Brittany Hudson-Greer can be found blogging at her own mom blog - The Greer 5 Where she discusses everything from kid friendly products to controversial topics.

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