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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Older I Get, The More I See Children Inside Grown-ups

They might look old, have some wit about them, and experienced much, but underneath the adult exterior are men and women who have a myriad of personality issues, ignorance, and downright weirdness.

Sometimes I try to talk myself out of what I'm seeing.  I pretend at times that I don't see what I see in people.  It's as if I hear a voice from their souls that wants to be let out of their dysfunction.  There are moments that I can feel their negativity and ugliness.  I have to work real hard not to reveal what I know about some of these people.

Supernatural gifts are powerful and can make or break a person or group depending on how you use them.  In the past, I have become quite angry and revealed my foes' issues in battle as far back as I remember and of course didn't win any friends doing so. I have physically fought with another foe's demonic energy and we both lost wearing permanent scars on our bodies as a result.  I have experienced so much pain from some that I felt sick to my stomach for a long time, had headaches, and shared their heartaches as well while asking the heavenly Father for strength to get through another day.

Some admire my strength, courage and boldness for being that spiritual person that really knows how to connect with others, but then there are those who look at me with eyes that wish I were dead.  They know I see their demons and worry that I might expose them for who they really are.

As I mature, I see children in many troubled adults, grown men and women who have yet to grow up. These little people that were abused and used and were never released.  They still hold on to adult bodies like infants clutching the fingers of mothers, but rather have beautiful angelic looks about them, they are dark, ugly babies within.

Mean-spirited, angry, frustrated, bitter, unforgiving, and resentful adults with agendas, schedules, appointments, money, and other material goods and still unhappy.  At times their eyes are like daggers with envy on the tips of them as they look you up and down from head to toe.  These sick people fake interest in you, smile half-heartedly, and if they should see the slightest flaw or weakness, these miserable people will amuse themselves by pointing it out.

Ugly men and women on the inside, yet attractive on the outside, tend to create offspring who wear their demons like badges of honor.  That's why for some they have no desire to bring human beings into this world because they know what they are, children of darkness.

Some of these evil adults will quite boldly tell you, "I am what I am.  I'm not interested in Jesus, God, wisdom, love, peace, patience...nothing!  Leave me be."  If you're wise, you will do just that, but if you were once like I was, you will try to play a Good Samaritan role and get burned.  When a person warns, "I'm not who you think.  I can't be who you want me to be.  I am incapable of loving others.  I don't want to be bothered.  I don't like you..." heed the warning!  You can't save them, so don't try. No amount of gift-giving, patience, love, or nothing else will win that person's love, his or her soul to Christ or anything else!  Rather than make the individual's life or others miserable with feel-good tactics, prompts to get others to tip-toe around the individual, or try to persuade him or her to change, save your energy for those who are willing and able to reciprocate love.

These lost men and women with childhood issues and tantrums are unfortunately headed to dead-ends unless they face their demons, purge their bodies of them, and embrace all things good.

Nicholl McGuire