You might only have one chance to make the right not write impression.


Monday, December 14, 2009

One of My Hobbies Messing with My Hair!

When I need an escape from writing, caring for children and doing other things that are considered "being responsible," I enjoy trying new things on my hair. This wet set is pretty much one of the hairstyles that have followed me through time. It is like an old friend you can't seem to get rid of even if you wanted to. I chose to rock this hairstyle for the photo shoot as a statement to those of you, including myself, who beat up on ourselves about wearing our straight hair for "certain" corporate events!

Accept me and my curly, nappy, afro, straight, puffy, frizzy, tangled hair!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Contemporary Poetry by Nicholl

I have been submitting poetry to contests and websites for years! I have found that at 30 plus years I have grown weary of them. I have received recognition in the past and performed before live audiences, but I am looking to do more with my poetry. What exactly? I don't know. Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and Laboring to Love Myself have both quenched my thirst a little bit. I have provided the reader with excerpts of my life in the form of poetry and then challenged readers to think about their own lives.

I don't like anyone staring at my work for too long, analyzing and then coming up with some criticism about it. I think poetry is like abstract art, let it be! Must we comment on everything we see? Must we advise, teach or have meaning to everything? There are times I just want to write. I don't want to tell you nothing more than a story, a thought and nothing more. But logical thinkers...they want to analyze everything. "What did you mean when you said...what were you trying to convey..." Then sooner or later in the conversation they are trying to tell you how you felt and what you should have done with your creation. I know logical thinkers very well because almost half of my brain thinks that way. I say almost, because the creative side of my brain, every now and then, will drown out the voice who wants to question everything.

Stop by my "once in a blue moon I think about it" poetry site below:

My Poetry at

Helium: Yet Another Site for Writers

I have been on this site for awhile, but nothing has come of it in terms of money. I find it a tadbit complicated. I enjoy writing, but I don't like the uploading process. I find the writings interesting. It seems that there is alot of young people writing on that site.

Anyway, I have various poetry at the site. If you would like to check out my profile and poems there, by all means. I could use your support!

My Helium Profile

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making Money Online: My Internet Experience

Some people ask me what exactly do I do on the Internet because every time they see me I am involved with either helping someone with a project or doing my own thing. Over the years, I have been involved with so many different Internet companies so I thought I might share my online experience with my readers. If you are serious about making money via the Internet, realize its going to take some determination, sacrifice, money, and a whole lot of prayer! I have been challenged in everything I have ever done on the Internet. If it isn't the negative comments its the lack of cash. My daily goals have been derailed many times due to broken links, my children interrupting me, the phone ringing, noises outside, sleep, hunger -- you name it! But come hell and high water, so the old adage goes, I keep going! So here are 14 experiences of mine selling via the Internet for almost a decade(2001 to 2009)Prior to 2001, I offered offline writing, desktop publishing and typing services and sold housewares at flea markets in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Okay, here goes:

1. My fever for Internet selling, all started with a classified ad looking for Avon sales reps located in the Penny saver. The year was 2001. The woman who signed me up said I could have my own website through Avon -- I was all over it! I had only been dabbling with eBay at the time.

2. I saw an infomercial the same year for people interested in selling novelty items. The company was SMC I would take my catalogs to the workplace, order products and sell them or get others to sell for me, and post fliers in the community promoting SMC products. Around the same time, I saw ads online for eBay and thought maybe this would be a good starting place to get my feet wet. Boy was it ever! I literally prayed for knowledge on what to sell out of my home and everything I touched turned into cash! Those were the days, but the long hours...whew! There were many days I didn't go to bed until 4a.m. I had just had a baby back then. So I had two little boys in my care and they were very needy. I eventually added Half, (eBay's affiliate) and to my growing Internet ventures. There were other small things I dabbled in at the time like businesses that gave you free websites and others that sold oils and natural remedies and health drinks. All of which didn't live up to the hype.

3. While eBay, Half and Amazon seemed to be picking up some momentum some time around 2002, I was introduced to Prepaid Legal. I didn't take that business seriously since it just didn't appeal to me especially since the one who introduced me to it was my husband and he was looking for me to work the business. He didn't seem that enthused back then, so I thought, "Why should I?" I had enough on my plate, so that venture fell by the wayside. With my long hours day and night working my businesses, eventually my computer would no longer be any use to me, so I got another one and became an affiliate for the computer company that I bought my computer from. I would post fliers around the neighborhood including my link code so that the company would discount my computer for every sale. Once the computer was paid off, I stopped promoting them especially when they seemed to forget to give me a credit for my sales and I would have to call to remind them.

4. A friend of mine wanted me to start going to meetings with her for Petra Lingerie during late 2002 early 2003. I thought, "Well this is a good opportunity to promote Lucky Heart Cosmetics," the alternative to Avon for women of color. I wasn't enthused about booking home parties. Neither was I interested in making new friends. I had two little friends (my sons at home) that kept me active enough and an eBay business that kept me up late at night.

5. Things were getting to be challenging for my Avon business in 2003, because I was losing clientele in my apartment complex of 729 tenants due to my customers not paying their rent on time. It seemed that they could have the money to pay for Avon and SMC novelty gifts, but no money to pay rent. I tried to get some involved with my business affiliations, but they weren't interested.

6. The same year, my sister was on fire for a business dealing with nutritional supplements and chemical free cleaning products. That business was Melaleuca. I kind of fell into that business, because my mother invited us all to the house and then surprise! A white lady shows up talking about the Melaleuca opportunity. I didn't know how to feel about the business at the time. It sounded nice, but there was no love.

7. I joined Melaleuca, but it was short-lived because I didn't appreciate having to get customers to give up their credit card information so that they would have automatic shipments that they would later cancel; therefore affecting my bottom line numbers.

8. By 2004, I had dropped all those businesses because I had to work too hard for pennies on the dollar. I was ready to make some serious cash and joined a business through a so-called friend called ACN. I name her a "so-called friend" because as quick as I invested $500 into the business, I didn't hear from her or see her. Meanwhile, I was left with a few brochures and a video tape, I was on my own, that is if I decided to commit to weekly meetings, "I think not!" I wasn't about to fork over more cash during those meetings for sales tools, seminars, etc. When I couldn't even see results with traditional means of advertising.

9. I would abandon all Internet and offline sales until 2006, I was pregnant with my third son and desperate for cash. It had been over five years since having a little one and I noticed quickly how much the price had changed on baby stuff. I had also noticed how much eBay had changed too. Just about every market I could imagine was saturated with everyone's stuff! Even the wholesale distributors were in competition with their own clients! I decided to explore something called affiliate marketing which basically promoted others goods and services using a link that affiliates you with the company. When someone buys through that link, similar to that computer flier I spoke about earlier with my own code, you make a profit. However, even with some of these businesses, people will rob you of your profits. Here is one of the ebooks Click Here I am selling about making money online. I created my first website How to Books Online the same year which I have since abandoned.

10. While posting links everywhere I could, I came across SFI. This was a business that provided health and nutrition items, home business tools, magazines, and other useful items. I decided to give them a try because of how easy the business was to join and the fact it was free -- that is until I found out that this business wouldn't provide any real profit unless of course you signed up for their monthly billing/ automated shipment program (sound familiar?)! If you didn't want to do that you had to try to convince others to buy from you each month.

11. While struggling with SFI, I decided to return to my first loves eBay, Half and Amazon. So I searched around my household in 2007, 2008, and 2009 seeking things I could sell just like the golden days. While my listings were up on the various sites, I returned to writing (something I did on and off for years as a hobby since I was 9 years old. I received my first dollars for my writings in 1993 while providing a typing service for people back in Pittsburgh, PA.) I decided to get serious about my writings in 2007 after submitting many of my past writings to Associated Content, Constant-Content and later Triond, Ehow, Poetry Poem, and Helium.

In recent months, I came across Demand Studios another site that pays for content. However, I was very disappointed to see that for hours of work, these sites would only pay at best $5 for suggested titles and $15 for assigned titles for a professional writer's work. I began to venture off on my own only submitting on occasion. I started creating my own blogs and submitting to my own sites as the spirit moves.

12. During 2007, I had ran out of stuff to sell, so I connected with a few wholesale distributors. They were small mom and pop types. Some prices were indeed wholesale while others were not which didn't constitute a true wholesale business (they didn't even ask for business licenses!? Not only that, they charged a fee? Since when do stores charge you a fee just for partnering with them?) I decided to get my business license in 2008 in California (I had others in Pennsylvania and Ohio) and hoped that future searches would lead me to true wholesalers. Well it did, but those companies were not delivering unless businesses could meet their minimum. So back to the small mom and pop businesses who call themselves wholesale distributors. Bummer!

13. I filed my taxes, as I did in the past, only to find that many times I actually didn't come out ahead like I originally thought, if anything, I lost money trying so many things. For instance, I was sold on the hype about buying traffic. So I got involved with pay per click and was disappointed when I found that I had joined a site that hadn't stopped people from clicking on keyword sites even after I requested they do so. Almost a day later, they finally stopped it, but told me about the malfunction at the site. I learned the hard way that when you get involved with pay per click you almost have to babysit your page and try method after method until it yields the result you want.

14. In conclusion, I have stuck with writing and selling on the popular sites and creating books. These seem to be the only things online that have worked for me. Oh and by the way, I recently signed up with AccountNow, this company pays a small stipend for referrals in case you are interested. However, you will have to sign up first just click the link I provided. This is a great company for those of you who no longer want to deal with banks.

To be continued...

My Recent Video Posts

When I am taking a needed break from writing, I post videos about various issues that people face regarding relationship, parenting, and travel.

See my YouTube Pages

NM Enterprise 7

Nicholl McGuire Media

Virtual Assistant

Daily Motion

Nicholl McGuire Media

Selling on eBay Part-time

Well with so many projects going on, I need the funds for marketing and I don't have any Rich Uncles that will help. From my domestic violence cause to offering my book publishing services and articles for sale, there is just never enough money to take care of the needs of my children and me. Those of you who know me, know that I don't sugarcoat the truth, but times are difficult.

So while waiting for my ship to roll on with some other projects, I sell part-time on eBay. Items up for sale include new toys for toddlers and older children and pre-owned electronics. Feel free to periodically check in, my site is still new so I don't have alot to sell. My seller name is 8booksandstuff.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with my latest projects. If you haven't stopped by or to purchase a book by me, please do. Just type in my name in the search boxes at the sites "Nicholl McGuire."

I appreciate whatever support you can provide.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nicholl McGuire Book Samples

I have always enjoyed desktop publishing so much in fact I took courses, created my own publications over the years, and now due to the ease of book creation online, I am actively involved.

I encourage you to take a look at my work samples and if you could utilize any of my work by all means place an order. I have children to feed! (LOL) Enjoy.

My Book Creations

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Everything Seems to be Going Well Until...

Have you ever had one of those days that you awoke and you felt really good inside, but less than an hour of being awake you are bombarded with problems? Well that was my day today. The computer does something weird and everything I was working on comes to a hault. It was at that moment, I realized many of us work at home people rely on the Internet almost too much. But what else do you have when over 90% of your workflow, human interaction, and marketing is on the Internet? I reminded myself I have to keep in mind that there is an offline world that needs to know what is going on with me via the Internet. Time to prepare a plan...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time

One of the biggest frustrations of being someone like me is having too much energy for too many things. I would have never dreamed that I would find one of the hardest things about working for one's self is to stay focused on a task until you see the results you so desire.

I don't like waiting around for results. I like doing what needs to be done and then, like cooking a meal, checking on it later while cutting up the veggies to go with it. But what I have been noticing lately is that every task I start it requires that I spend great lengths of time babysitting it. To shorten my time with certain projects, I decided to research "automated" then add whatever task I need to do next to it.

I have found everything from blogs that update themselves to forum posting automatically and most cost allot of money and usually come with monthly fees. Although many of these inventions appear to be great, after further research I found that they have many glitches, aren't worth the money, or violate policies of major websites and search engines that I really need to promote my projects.

So here I am back to square one, attempting to find something, anything that I can just let simmer while I start another profitable venture.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Testing New Projects These Days: Voice Overs

Those of you know me as Nicholl McGuire, the writer, author and poet, but what you don't know is I also enjoy reading copy for my pages on You Tube and Associated Content. From excited voices to sad ones, I have always liked reading aloud.

My first recording I did using a cassette and a microphone with a player back in 1986. I created a mock radio broadcast. I was about 10 at the time and pretended to be the disc jockey of my own radio show. My guests included my sister and my aunt who supplied me with the equipment. Every now and then I would disguise my voice as a guest sitting in the studio being interviewed.

Lately, I have partnered with others in trying to build a client base of people who are in need of people to read copy for their You Tube videos. If you are interested in becoming a voice, assisting with marketing, or in need of a voice, feel free to contact me.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Domestic Violence Awareness

During the month of October almost 100 Pittsburgh Women's Domestic Violence and Homeless shelters received my book, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate by Nicholl McGuire.

I chose the Pittsburgh PA area because it was the location that my abuse occurred back in 1996. It was also the place that helped me get through my ordeal.

Thanks to a few family members and my own personal budget for the book, my cause got off to a great start and I hope to do it again next year!

Hopefully, someone will be moved by my writings and get out of a bad situation before its too late!

Friday, November 20, 2009

What ever happened to LightHouse 1795?

I don't know if anyone would ever ask this question unless they went through a relative or friend's old papers and found this spiritual newsletter. LightHouse 1795 was a small publication created by yours truly, Nicholl McGuire (owner, editor and writer) during the winter 1998 after a summer of 40 days of fasting. Prior to LightHouse, I decided to go above and beyond traditional church attendance in 1997 and do some indepth studying of the word of God on my own using prayer, fasting and a New International Version Bible.

The birth of LightHouse 1795 evolved from poems that I had wrote while on the fast. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit I was told to create a newsletter and to get other writers to submit their creative, spiritual work and include some of those poems. I placed advertising in local newspapers in Pittsburgh PA during the fall of 1998. My business name at the time was McGuire Publications replacing the former name McGuire Typing Services. Neither business made profits worth living on unfortunately, but money was not the sole intent, especially after I became passionate about a God-ordained newsletter.

Twelve writers did respond to the advertisements that requested spiritual writers send in their best work. There was a first, second and third place prize for the most creative and moving writings. Other work that were good, but didn't place were printed in the series of LightHouse newsletters. God instructed me that LightHouse would only print for a limited time. It was a seasonal publication that came out only when the seasons changed between winter 1998 in Pittsburgh PA to winter 2002 in Cleveland OH (I had moved during this time.)

God was definitely with me while putting the LightHouse project together, because it seemed I always had money for the paper, ink, and distribution of the newsletter -- all of which came out of my own pocket.

Here is a list of the writers from Pennsylvania at the time who participated in the contest and were printed in the offline newsletter:

Rod Alston
William Disso
Elizabeth Ann Fleming-Buford
Christopher Bill
Melissa Lamarca
Ron Thoma
Mike Nash
Rose Bennett
Regina S. Racke
Clarissa Glass
Mary Ann Haslett
Sandy Crowder

Looking back on the old copies of LightHouse 1795, I am still amazed and uplifted with the writings of each poet and writer. May God bless those that are still alive and their families.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Freelance Writers: Free Blog Promotion, Market Website

Simply respond to this blog entry including your website or blog url address. If your site is not offensive and useful to my readers, it will also appear on the left side of this blog site using the link you supply and the title of the website or blog.

Thanks for visiting.

Nicholl McGuire
Blog Publisher

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Blog for Young Women Interested in Dating Older Men

A collection of my best articles related to dating older men is available in one location. I am excited about this blog, providing tips on dating older men, because I know their are many young women seeking information about dating mature men. I use to be a single woman interested in dating older men and through my experience I realized that their are many older men that are suffering from andropause -- a male menopause. If young women aren't knowledgable about this very real issue they may find themselves being a victim of an older man's midlife crisis. I have an audio recording on about the subject. Feel free to check out the blog if you are a single woman looking to try something different!

Friday, November 13, 2009

He's Not My Dad by Nicholl McGuire

At it yet again, another book for those young women curious about dating an older man. I have been penning articles on this subject for awhile now most can be found at

So what are young women looking for in an older man? Besides the obvious like responsibility and financial security, they are often looking for just a nice man who will show them the kind of love they have seen in movies and books. A word to the wise: be careful what you are reading to your sons and daughters and showing on the television screen.

Anyone who is interested in dating a man 10, 15, even 20 plus her age will want to pick up this book! For more information or to pre-order your copy just leave a comment after this posting.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sequel to Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate in the Works Laboring to Love Myself

Since the release of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate in 2007, some readers have asked how has the abuse affected me later in life? The sequel Laboring to Love Myself answers that question as well as others. Like the first book, this too is interactive and challenges you to think about your relationship not with others but with self.

The book will also be available on in winter 2010. To find practical advice about various issues related to abuse, please visit the blog,

NEWLY PUBLISHED BOOK: When Mothers Cry Written by Nicholl McGuire

The man isn’t what she wanted even though he is the father of her children. Their legacy came before they were both ready. She is a mother and her childhood dreams aren’t the reality she now lives. Her own mother wasn’t happy when she got the news of her birth in fact she refused to see her after giving her daughter life. Some childless women resent her, allowing their jealousies to override common sense. “Being a mother just isn’t what you think!” she cries out to anyone who will listen. At the end of the day, the mother struggles to find time for herself. She often cries out to God.

Get ready for an emotional journey of what makes mother’s cry in Nicholl’s second thought-provoking book entitled, When Mothers Cry. Both good and bad mothers cry. Some don’t want to be mothers and have bad relationships. Others have what society deems “bad children.” Mothers make questionable decisions in parenting while others let themselves and their children go. These are only some of the motherhood issues discussed in When Mothers Cry. You will not want to put this page-turner down unless of course, you want to cry. Nicholl is inviting mothers from all walks of life (and the men who love them,) young and old, rich and poor, to come to her table and pull up a chair, “Let’s talk about how you really feel about your role not what you want others to think either!” says Nicholl.

When Mothers Cry doesn’t spare anyone’s feelings, doesn’t sugarcoat the truth and isn’t delusional. Not everyone is happy about parenthood. This book is for those who are struggling with motherhood and the challenges that come with it whether your child is 1 or 61. Women who don’t believe they have any struggles with being a mother, shouldn’t read this book, unless of course, you plan on helping your sister in a crisis.

“My motivation for writing this book came from being with my children ever day for three years. The longest I had ever been away from them was eight hours in a single day! I had become bored with routine and was seeking something that could excite my life. For me, writing this book did more than I could ever imagine! It gave me freedom in my mind from the burdens all around me. As I wrote, I often thought of the many mothers who died frustrated, angry, and sad for giving up so much for their children and getting little in return. Then there were those mothers who came to mind who couldn’t ask for a better life, but due to unresolved issues of the past, they just couldn’t shake their negative emotions. What others considered these mothers’ weaknesses, I knew it was my duty to note their strengths! I dedicate When Mothers Cry to deceased mothers.”

When Mothers Cry is available at For more information about the book visit or

Nicholl McGuire was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, relocated to Ohio and then settled in California. She is the mother of four sons. Her background is in journalism and communications. Nicholl penned her first book Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate in 1997. She is also the creator of several recent journals released this year for people who enjoy recording their life experiences the traditional way. Those books are: My Travel Journal, My Business Plan, My Business Journal, and What Do I Have To Say About My Job? all may be found at, a website that helps novices and professionals create books.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Handy Journals for Work, Business & Play by Nicholl McGuire

If you noticed to the top left corner of this site is a great link to books I have recently created to help organize your thoughts when it comes to work, business and leisure. I came up with these handy creations, because I wanted my most important thoughts to be penned in a great professional looking hardbound book.

If you are like me and you enjoy being organized and making a good first impression then you just might consider these journals. My books are alot cheaper than what you would pay in office stores. Also, these journals have a little more detail than just lines of paper -- check them out! Click on the link to the top left corner of this page!

Dating & Domestic Violence Awareness

My first book Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate by Nicholl McGuire will be circulating in women's shelters in the Allegheny County area, Pittsburgh PA, colleges and other women's groups in the are. It is being given away for free to during October 2009 which is dating and domestic violence awareness.

The book is located at,,, and also over at where you can also find more information about all kinds of abuse.

I encourage you to get the book! Thanks!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Freelance Writer At Your Service! Nicholl McGuire

With over 20 years work experience and 15 years writing experience, Nicholl McGuire assists individuals and businesses with their online marketing goals by providing them with her writing services. She understands internet marketing, because she too has businesses that she promotes heavily. When you work with her, you are working with a team player! She has prided herself over the years on her dedication to get the job done! Spending many hours online, she writes articles and markets them on various websites and blogs. Some of the subject matter she writes about includes: relationships, parenting, business, products, and services. She has over 300 articles to date! She also has recorded audio as well, a soft, soothing voice, she provides helpful information for both the young and old. To hear her voice, visit When she isn't online, she is offline penning her second book entitled, When Mothers Cry and organizing her family's history for a future book.

She is a talented young woman, attractive, and intelligent. She has been blessed spiritually and uses her gifts to better herself and others. Although, she is very dedicated to her faith, she doesn't allow it to jeopardize her relationship with others who may not agree with her beliefs. For she loves people, she appreciates life, and all she wants to do is "just get along" as Rodney King stated after being severely beaten by officers in Los Angeles County back in 1993. McGuire penned an article about the ordeal, her first major news article which was published in an Eastern Illinois University yearbook publication titled, The Warbler. Speaking of college, she has attended three: Eastern Il. University Charleston IL, Duquesne University Pittsburgh PA, and Point Park College (now University) Pittsburgh PA. She completed coursework in print journalism, speech communications, advertising, business writing, desktop publishing, and many others too numerous to list. She was also recognized by Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, received the National Communication Arts Award, and other special recognition certificates.

McGuire is also an experienced actress, acappella singer, and dancer. She has performed for dinner theater audiences in Cleveland, OH. She hopes to make a comeback to the performing arts world in the near future lending her talents to producers of commercials and sitcoms. McGuire is definitely an asset to your business and someone definitely worth knowing!

For more information about her writing services, send an email to:

Friday, April 24, 2009

Are Some Things Better Left Unsaid?

How do you know when you should keep some things to yourself without being a recluse and share other things without looking foolish? There is a fine line between the two when it comes to writing and so I will take this time to explain.

You see, when I write I have my boundaries I will not cross. If I know a person and he or she is in my inner circle I will tell a story using fictional names and in some cases change the situation a bit. I don't feel it is necessary to share specific details about the person I know since the story is all the reader is really after. As for the person who the story is about, they will feel naked, exposed, even insulted that I would actually share such details about their life. Of course he or she would, because they know who I am talking about. At first it seems like a shock, "how dare you put my business out in the street?" But in time it wears off.

I have been writing stories about people since the sixth grade. I will never forget the short stories I use to write about certain classmates and how I would change their names making a guessing game out of who the story was about. Back then, my classmates got a kick out of it. There were times that some people were offended even as young as we were (11, 12), but they got over it. Especially if it meant that a cute boy or girl liked them. It just meant that they would have to dress better, act better, etc. I was selective about the stories I told and not everything was meant to be said. Anyway, as an adult, I know what I won't discuss when it comes to certain subjects and even I have my limitations. For example, I will not discuss a topic I am not completely comfortable. I will avoid subject matter that is so revealing that it could possibly put someone in a mental ward, jail, break up a relationship, or destroy some other aspect of their life. I also won't talk about subjects I know nothing about unless I have specific information from experts to back up what I am saying.

I enjoy writing about parenting issues, relationships, and other topics related to lifestyle. But what I try to stay away from, unless someone specifically requests I write about it are the following: politics, racial topics outside my own unless I have a personal experience, and religions outside of Christianity. The way I see it there are plenty of people who are passionate enough about these subjects that they can write about them.

I personally believe that for every negative situation that has happened in my life, God has called me to share certain experiences that directly or indirectly affect me. I feel that I am called to help people who simply can't speak for themselves, aren't knowledgeable enough to write about issues that affect them, or just don't want to be bothered with the negative comments that come from writing. Oh I have had my share of negative, ignorant, downright bold statements, and even threats as a result of some of the things I have written about, especially having worked as an Editor in Chief of a college newspaper. I believe that reading audience is the worse! They don't spare your feelings about anything! But I have also had some very positive and life changing stories told to me due to subjects I write about as well.

I have also noticed some things that readers who read my work need to be mindful of and that is when you are making comments about the things you read, some things are better left unsaid just like some subjects are better left not written about as I discussed earlier. The truth of the matter is an article cannot cover all sides, all people, all opinions, and all experiences, because if it did you would be reading a book not an article.

The quickest way to show your true ignorance, readers, about a subject is to say something like, "What about..." What about is usually followed by the other side of an issue that has nothing to do with the subject matter. For instance, if the article is about "Things Women Hate About Men," why would men comment that the article is so one-sided? Another concern some one brought to my attention is "Why do you talk about all the negative issues in your articles, what about the positives?" That's because most of my articles are the kind that solve problems. So why would I talk about how everything is wonderful and nice when that has nothing to do with the problem that the article is trying to solve. I usually provide advice in my articles so that would cover the "positive" spin to the article. Take for instance an article on "Why Husbands Should Be more Supportive of their Wives" this would be considered an editorial piece or possibly a self-help work because of the question "why" in the title. Immediately you know from reading this title that there will be many problems listed in the article and what men should do to solve those problems. If you are a man who isn't interested in problem solving in your own relationship, you would stay away from an article like this, because you know at some point it will offend you.

So is everything worth writing about? Sure. But should you write about everything? It depends. If the goal is to help, I find the more detail the better, if you have to protect some of the people involved but still feel the need to tell the story do so! However, anticipate the phone will ring or some one might visit just be prepared to defend your argument!

Nicholl McGuire

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Home is Where The Heart Is: A Steeler Nation

After the Steelers won the Superbowl I couldn't help but feel a tad bit nostalgic for home. You see, I was born in the Steel City and in 2010 it will be 10 years since I lived in Pittsburgh! I couldn't believe how fast time has went by as I thought of the places I use to hang out! I miss walking the Smithfield Street Bridge, watching the fountain at Point State Park in the summer, and taking the city all in on top of Mount Washington. One day I hope to return, but not anytime soon, I am still living my Calfornia dream!

So congratulations to all, a raised glass to the team! from a Steeler country to a Steeler nation!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Forget about New Years Resolutions! How About New Years' Revelations

It's 2009! Another new year brings about change, for some good, for others bad. But whatever the case, it's all good. Because through change, people have a choice they can either learn from it or be beaten by it! I prefer to accept it and grow from whatever change that may come my way!

You see, I saw and learned alot in 2008. Some of which I never had to face and I learned who was my friend and who was my foe. For years, I thought that people would come through for me when I needed them most since I had a track record with some that said, "I can count on Nicky." But I was wrong and I am glad that change made me take off my rose-colored glasses and face reality.

So I am sharing a little bit of wisdom with you that I learned the hard way.

Being a good friend or relative, doesn't mean you have to share everything including your money and time. I thought that if I rearranged my schedule to accomodate folks that somehow it would keep them from talking about me. People are going to talk about you no matter what you do, so I have learned not to go above and beyond, do what you are most comfortable doing, plain and simple!

Don't allow others to dictate how you should behave. For example, if you don't have the money or time to return a favor, despite what others say, you can't do it. So be honest with yourself and others and just make a mental note that the person who anticipates that you will be able to do something for them will give you a hard time if you should ever need them for something. I usually pray for these people and God makes them my footstool.

Be encouraged even when those around you aren't. There will be those people who will tell you everything that is wrong with your life and will not say one thing that will make you feel encouraged. Don't rely on their comments to build you up; instead, look toward your faith, a stranger, read about how others make themselves happy, or seek out friendship with people who will help you see the positive within you.

These are just a few tips on the wisdom that 2008 brought me. For more articles by me related to relationships, family, health, and money, Click Here