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Happy Thanksgiving!

Well the year is almost coming to a close! The decorations are showing up here and there around my local area. I don't know, but the spark, the happy feeling, just isn't there like it once was for me. Times are changing. There is a mass deception just about everywhere I look! From the prices I see on some merchandise to the servers at some of these restaurants that boast about friendliness and cleanliness. People are doing things for the money first and the people second or sometimes not at all! I am saddened, but not surprised, because the Bible warns us of these last days.

However, despite all the foolishness, I realize that I am responsible for my own happiness; therefore, I take each day one at a time. I also am learning to pay close attention to some of the food and drink that don't contribute to my happiness like yesterday when I ate a breakfast feast fit for a king and then later felt miserable (I won't be doing that today!)

Well thanks as always for stop…

When I Finished a Family Memoir I Learned More From What They Didn't Say

"Ain't nothing like talking to an old fool," the voice inside my head chatted away. Disappointed that after hours of interviews and time spent jotting down short sentences with very little adjectives, there still was no substance, no real emotion, and no life lessons behind those who I had been taught since I was a baby to "say Aunt...say Uncle...good girl!" These folks weren't going to hand me any story about their lives on a silver platter. It was as if they were owners of mom and pop shops telling me, "I will offer you the cheapest item in my store while I keep the good stuff in the back closet for the good customers 'cause you can't afford what I got." Oh please, I was going to get the family history even if it meant digging up some info. about the relatives of our family's slave master and letting them talk.

They were my elders who had nothing worthwhile to say unless you probed and probed a little more while sharing a little g…
Who Am I? Writer and Mother Nicholl McGuire Introduces Herself & Online Business
Sometimes readers want to know a little more about the person behind the scenes who is writing the material that they read. I am taking this opportunity to share a little bit about me and what I do. Enjoy!
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What to Expect when Telling Your Truth
Struggling with lies someone is telling you? Do you feel burdened because of it? Are there somethings that you need to speak the truth about? Thought-provoking, passionate commentary on the consequences of coming clean.
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Tempted to do something stupid?

Playing with the kind of thoughts lately that if anyone would know you would surely get locked up?

On Motherhood...

Mothers, are you trying to make sense of those feelings that got you down? Well I have my share. That's why I created a blog for all sorts of moms with all sorts of feelings, check it out:

How to Use English Punctuation Correctly - wikiHow

I thought this site was worth sharing for writers like myself. This is a quick reference for some of those punctuation errors that frequently come up in the online world.

How to Use English Punctuation Correctly - wikiHow

I Like to Shop on the Net!

When I'm not writing I enjoy shopping on the Internet. I often visit the stores where I need certain items then search on the Internet to see if I can get a better deal and acquire points for future purchases. However, there is always someone or something lingering on the Internet to ruin your shopping experience. Not that long ago, I got an unauthorized charge on my bank statement after using my debit card.

I had made a purchase for an item at what I thought was a reputable company and didn't think twice about using my debit card via the Internet, because I have used it everywhere without incident. I checked out at the company's website and then weeks later discovered there was another charge that was non-related to my purchase from the same company. I went to the bank about the charge and it was cleared.

Then there was another occasion with a different company. This time I didn't receive my product and went to the bank to get my money back since the company was not int…

Is There Anyone Home?

Sometimes the Internet world can be a very lonely place. Despite a ton of things to do, people are still lonely, attention starved, angry or just plain tired! It's obvious that's what is going on with some people when you see their photos and read their work. I mean how many naked chests, bare bottoms and sad faces must we see?

Anyway, I wanted to connect with some people who see what I see and don't mind sharing a few online experiences. I enjoy reading people's work and don't mind displaying it (of course with free rights to reprint) on my blogs.

So if you have anything to say and would like a little exposure, feel free to share what's on your mind--of value of course! There is enough smart "you know whats" in the world. You can send me an email to:

Also, if you are a mother, feel free to take a look at my blog:

Thanks for Your Support!

Sometimes I come across some interesting people who show their support for my work by compliments, donations, and/or promotion. When it comes to spreading the word, I provide various tools to those interested in supporting me. The following is a site that lists widgets of some of my endeavors, feel free to include one of my helpful widget tools on your site: NM Media Widgets

An Awakening

There comes a time when we all have those eye-opening moments in life where we question the decisions we made in the past and grieve over the impact that they have made on our present day. We think of what we could be doing differently. We are disturbed at what our negative actions may have done to others...So many thoughts, so little time!

I realize that I am at a place in my life that some would call perimenopause -- the change before THE CHANGE. Every now and then, what seems good and looks good on Monday is not good and never was good by Friday. Gray hair is annoying to me. A bloated belly makes me cringe. Older men that once looked handsome to me just look old. Lines are beginning to show up on my face that weren't there a couple of years ago. Strange feelings, odd pains, and maybe a little voice that whispers, "Take a vitamin, seek out an herbal remedy, and when did you last exercise?" has now shown up. Whether it's hormones, stress, or the sun just not…

Dangerous Thinking

To expound upon my point of "thinking can be dangerous especially when it affects the lives of others" from the last blog post, on a broader scale I have to talk about our government.

Now usually I will shy away from talking about those in leadership, there is a scripture in the Bible (Romans 13) that keeps most believers' mouths under control. But I have to step outside the religious dogma and just say, "I am not a mind-controlled slave" and neither should you be. What do I mean? I mean the kind of person who will not do the following: question anything, challenge authority on lies, take a stand (go along just to get along,) and fight distractions or fleshly temptations that are designed to get him or her to not think. The mind controlled slave says things like, "Your crazy, I don't believe it. Stop reading so much. Don't you have something better to do besides think. I don't worry about anything. I never thought of that." It'…

I Was Just Thinking...

Thinking is dangerous when it means that it will affect others' lives. Case in point, this summer I created a timeline of all sorts of activities to keep my four active and at times very temperamental boys occupied. Of course, some of those activities would slightly inconvenience the man of the house like sometimes he will have to be at home with two of the boys and he will have to make his and their meals. To his silent response with a slight negative disposition, all I could say was, "We will all need to step up to the plate!"

You see, when you are a creative mind, like I am, day after day of television watching is a "No can do!" especially when you have children who are growing mentally, physically and spiritually everyday! As I write, I think of the actress, Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City 2, explaining to her husband (Big) in the movie about how she didn't want them to become an old boring couple who was always at home watching television. …

Help For Your Mom Blog - A Beginners Guide

I thought this article would be helpful to my readers who have a parenting blog or just beginning one. I have one ( I have used most of these tips in the past and they do work, but do remember it's a slow process!
So you are either starting your Mom Blog or you have been blogging for a couple months now. At this point you are wanting to know how to become a much larger blogger than you are so that you can make a living or even some extra change in your pocket to support your habit. There are quite a few resources out there but you want to take baby steps first, eventually you will become better at what you are doing and reaching newer and better heights with your blog.First things first is you want to buy your own domain name. While this may only confuse you and you don't want to spend the money on what you may only consider as a hobby now, it is truly worth it. It allows you to brand your blog and even turn it into a site rather t…

Networking Events

I don't mind the invites to various events, but if you are seriously trying to recruit people wouldn't you provide the transportation at least to the first event?

I get invites from mothers, business people, relatives, and strangers on the street to go to all sorts events from flea markets to church gatherings. Its all well and good, but you would think after the person quickly interviews you and finds out you have four children, no babysitter, and one vehicle (that unfortunately can't hold everyone) that they would at least say, "I will take you, no problem!" You see, I am usually not sold on invites from strangers immediately anyway, because I am simply cautious of most people. I have found that there is always an agenda behind an agenda with some of these network recruiters (including some churchgoers) which usually involves giving someone money, service or both.

I think what frustrates me the most about these "recruiters" is that they are more conc…

New Book for Father's Day by Nicholl McGuire

You may have stopped at the greeting card aisle of a drug store seeking a card for your dad for his birthday, father's day or some other holiday and ended up settling on one that really didn't express how you really feel about him or opting out of buying him a card. It just doesn't seem right that every year a holiday comes up celebrating your father and/or the father of your children (some of you reading this have those too,) you just don't want to do anything. "Why bother?" You say. "It's not like he cares or would change his evil ways!" That's exactly why I wrote this book, because I want adult children as well as teens to express how they sincerely feel about their fathers while he is still young enough to do something about it and while you are still able to express your hurts.

I have personally witnessed the sons and daughters of fathers who waited too late to find their peace concerning their childhood issues and vice versa. It's s…

Know When to Write, Know When Not to

The Internet makes it extremely easy to write just about anything our little hearts desire, so with that you may write good, bad, or evil.

I was thinking about my purpose, my role in this life. I realize the length of my days aren't very long. The average human being lives well into their late 70s that's if he or she eats right, exercise, have good genes, live in a great community, etc. but compare that to the hundreds of years people lived in the Holy Bible, and that's not very long. Anyway with knowing the reality of my short existence on planet earth, I understand the significance of what action and inaction with a gift (also known as a calling, destiny or purpose) can and can't do. It can backfire and hurt if one should let it. Resulting in an individual abandoning his or her gift forever. It can elevate if a person cultivates his or her gifting. It can motivate one into other things if the individual tweaks his or her calling.

I have been a writer since I was…

Personal Attraction, does it exist?

I thought this article was worth noting on my site since I couldn't say it better myself, tell me if you agree.

Do you find yourself banging your head against the situations that keep going on and on? Are you caught up in a revolving door going around and around? When you take a good look at where you are in life, do you think you should be doing something else?

Not to long ago, I stopped and reviewed my goals. But there are some days when I feel very frustrated. I feel like I am spinning my wheels in the mud. You might be thinking that I am a dreamer... or at least crazy. Well? I'm crazy enough to pursue my dreams. I definitely have BIG dreams.

I feel blessed! Because I have challenge each and everyday to be conquered, I face everyday with excitement and passion.

I'm doing what I truly love. I love interact with people. Life is wonderful just because of the fact I'm alive, compared to the horrors we see out there. I am successfully pressing on to greater things. But I…

So I'm Hearing A Song in My Head...

With this month being National Poetry Month, it seems that the creative spirit seems to be on a bit of a high for me. I wrote two songs this month and now I am just sitting on them. That's right letting them marinate like a steak.

One song I hear a rocker in my head singing it and the other an R&B singer. I thought about submitting them to songwriting contests, but I am undecided. Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?

Newbie Affiliate Marketers: Listen Up!

For years I have been making pennies, dimes, nickels, and dollars through various ventures on the Internet. There are many things that have changed over the years especially with affiliate marketing. It seems the more someone says, "How it easy it is to make money..." The harder it becomes online. Posting your affiliate links everywhere just isn't like it use to be!

Restrictions on Craigslist

You can't use the short, the tiny or the short urls without a warning coming up.

Anything and everything being called, "Spam!"

If you post your url on Twitter, it just might be alerted as "Spam" to the site that hosts your url especially if you have it on an automatic scheduler. It's best just to cloak your link and limit how many times it shows up throughout the day.

Classified ads

There was a time that you could list your products and affiliate links galore, but now there are limits, restrictions, rules and regulations! Some sites charge addition…

I Like MyLikes

This week I was introduced to yet another company looking for people to help them promote their businesses. I guess it pays to look at your direct messages sometimes. The guy told me about MyLikes, a site that allows you to post links to everything you like on the Internet. Well that got my attention since I frequent many sites seeking answers to questions, research for articles, compare prices on products and more. I thought some of you who would like to keep all the things you like on one website as well as make your likes available to others would appreciate it!MyLikes

Writers and Photographers are Always Needed!

One day while surfing the net I stumbled upon a great site that helps anyone who is seeking someone to write, edit, desktop publish, take photos, or record for their upcoming projects. To be more specific, wedding planners.

As you and I know there is always something that needs to be done when planning a wedding. I created a blog that helps the do-it-yourself type. I thought it is worth mentioning on this blog since I know some of you are like me, go-getters, always looking for extra cash! I included a site that connects the creative person with the project. So check it out and let me know what you think. Wedding Planning Projects

A Source for Publishing Your Book

There are many places that will publish books these days, including this one I found. I thought those of you who are interested in going with a company that has all the bells and whistles and have a little money to invest in your project will appreciate this one. Click on the following link:

Strong Women Just Aren't Popular with Insecure Men

When you are a woman who stands for what she believes in and will not back down because someone has told you, "You shouldn't say your can scare a man a way acting like that" you are deemed a b*tch and if you raise your voice with tears in your eyes then you are called a crazy b*tch! Welcome to my world!

I write impactful articles and at times I don't come across as one who is "nice, sweet, and a beautiful person." When a person is agonizing over an issue, but aren't ready to let go and let God, they don't like a person such as me. They look for flaws in everything from my writing to my personality in order to shut what I am saying down! They will even go so far as threaten my life! The Internet world is comprised of many hypersensitive, stubborn, miserable people who want advice but when it isn't wrapped with a nice bow all the time, they reject the gift!

When you are a strong woman whether on or offline, and I am not…

Sometimes We Forget to Set Goals

I will be the first to admit that every project I get involved in I don't always set goals especially if it isn't long-term. I came across this great article, I thought I would share:

How to Set Your Goals - Step by Step By Kristen Burgess

You know that goal setting is very important. It helps you stay focused, keeps your productive, and you feel great when you achieve your goals. But if you've never set goals, or if you've set a lot of goals and haven't achieved them, setting goals can seem really overwhelming.
It should not be hard to set goals. It does require thought and effort, but it's not hard. You may need to set aside several hours or even a whole day to think about things and start solidifying some goals.
Start when you have some time to think. It's good to begin by thinking about where you are in your life. This isn't really the time to think about your regrets and mistakes - or where you could have been if you hadn'…
Who Am I? Writer and Mother Nicholl McGuire Introduces Herself & Online Business
Sometimes readers want to know a little more about the person behind the scenes who is writing the material that they read. I am taking this opportunity to share a little bit about me and what I do. Enjoy!
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Bit by the Acting Bug - Again!

Every now and then there is this little bug that bites me. Once his venom flows through my blood I have a sudden desire to want to act. Okay so I exaggerate a tad, but the truth is that around this time of year I get in the mood to act. Knowing full well I hate the fear that grows in my belly every time I do it and the many eyeballs that look at me when I do it, yet I still desire it anyway.

Its been almost eight years now since I have stood before a live audience. These days I perform behind the scenes. I read copy for websites, record my poetry online, and stage performances using my children around the house. I guess these things will suffice for now. However, I picture myself in the future doing something around the community like this older woman I met once. We performed in a play together. She was such an inspiration and I fed off her energy. She took acting seriously and when I asked her why she did it, she said, "It gets me out the house. It makes me feel young a…

One Day at a Time: Laboring to Love Myself

The road in learning to love myself has not been an easy or short one. It has been difficult and long. I finally realized after 30 plus years on this planet that I had no concept of what love is and how do I incorporate it into my daily life. I had heard people tell me and those around them that they loved them. I had even told others that I loved them. But I came to understand that the warm feeling I had inside was like a lightswitch it cut on and off. How did I get beyond the temporal feelings and lean toward something more permanent? I would not find the answer to this question until I looked within and stopped focusing on man or woman’s definition of what love is.

In order to begin my journey toward loving self first, others and God, I had to understand what love was not. Love was not abusive, it didn’t tease, wasn’t manipulative or controlling. It didn’t walk around having an attitude and criticizing people. It wasn’t loud and obnoxious either. Love was kind, considerate, compass…

My Own Woman

There comes a point in life where like a child learning how to walk, you start out being helped by others in learning how to make decisions, but then eventually you learn how to think for yourself. No longer do you succumb to what other people say, think, or feel about you. You are your own woman or man now, and if society doesn't like it well then they can...

I awoke one morning to this reality of being my own woman. I reflected back to childhood memories both good and bad. I primarily pondered on those who have influenced my life, in particular the United States government, from the public education I received to the public food stamps I once carried, it all seemed good at least on the surface, but remember what I wrote earlier, "I awoke one morning..."

Having been indoctrinated very young by an organization (I prefer not to name because they do more good than harm for young minds,) they taught me to love God, country and family, I didn't know about soft mind control…

So What About Your Books?

You know those books you are probably thinking about writing or the ones you have already written but haven't done anything with recently? Well, I have a couple of those too and these days my time is very limited as well as patience and motivation. I'm just not much of a politician doing alot of handshaking, especially with little ones, household chores, an Internet business, books, and more! However, it doesn't keep me from finding alternative ways to promote my books. So I came across this article. I thought maybe someone, just like me, might need a helping hand too with getting those books and/or business promoted. Enjoy!
How to Build Your Author Platform to Enhance Your Book Promotion By Dana Lynn Smith As a book author, you've probably seen the term author platform used a lot, but you may be wondering: what is a platform and how do I get one?Your author platform determines your reach in the market and it's a valuable tool in your book promotion activities. I…

"I want a blog!"

They saw your blog and now they want one too, the "I want..." people I like to call them. Its not like they are serious about wanting a blog, they just desire one because you have one. They don't even know what they will talk about, but because you talk about yours or you have your website link so neatly placed on a business card, flier or somewhere else, it has caught the person's eye and now they want it too.

These are the same "I want..." people who say, "I want to write a book too!" when you tell them about yours hoping they will buy it. Instead, they ask about the content of your book then politely interrupt with, "My relative just wrote a friend had a book signing at XYZ bookstore." I don't want to appear rude, desperate for a book sale, or mean so I say, "Oh that's nice..." But what I really want to say is "Who cares just buy my book already! Better yet, I'll make it easy for you, here'…

Freelance Jobs | Demand Studios

I thought this site might be one worth your interest. It pays more than the others I have mentioned in the past. However, the editors are very strict. So you have to bring your A game to this site; otherwise you will have to rewrite your article or worse face rejection. They also have a scoring card on each author as well.Freelance Jobs | Demand Studios

Future Speaking Engagements

I know the time is coming that I will have to stand in front of an audience again to make a speech and/or possibly act. I have been writing online for the past six years offline for over 10, so I consider myself to be a bit of a recluse. However, I am conditioning my mind for those future moments. Maybe you are required to write a speech and present it in the future, here's a useful article I read recently. To your success!

There are several types of speeches, and each have their own organizational patterns and elements. In this article, I discuss the parts of an informative speech. An informative speech is similar in structure to the five-paragraph essay structure you learned about in high school: an introduction paragraph, three main points (the body), and the concluding paragraph. You can think of an informative speech the same way.

The introduction section of your speech should last about one minute in a five-minute speech. In the introduction section, you should first gain th…

Make Your Presence Be Known on the Internet for Customers

There are times when I get someone offline who will ask me, "How do I get known on the Internet?" They usually have an offline project they are trying to promote, a website that needs more traffic, and other activities that they are involved.

I can tell you from experience its not who you know on the Internet, its about what you do. Like the farmer who plants his seeds in the spring and anticipates a harvest in the summer, the same concept holds true with this thing called, "Internet Marketing."

I don't claim to be an expert or guru in any one subject, I let others give me that title when it comes to some of the things they have noticed that I can do.

Anyway, I put together a very basic video on what someone who is fresh to internet marketing can do today to get started working on his or her presence. Each website that I show has complete instructions on what they can do for you and provides step-by-step instruction on opening accounts and building your websi…

Blogging: A pleasure that distracts from one's book writing

A few years ago I read where a woman talked about how her blogging was getting in the way of her book writing. I couldn't agree more!

As much as I would like to do other things besides write a new book or complete an old one, I know that this is something I should be doing, but at times I allow myself to become distracted with making the website owners money while getting paid pennies on the dollars.

Writing for other websites, instead of writing for you, can keep you happy about those pennies, but keep you away from the dollars that your own creation could bring. A money stream has to flow not only from a single source, but all sources! So when you are writing for someone else, but not creating your own, you will find that after awhile you could have been making more money from your own creation, but you were more concerned with taking the easy way out which is piggy backing off of someone else's success.

I thought I might write this as a reminder to myself and to those who…

How Do I Make My Internet Presence Known?

One day I decided to create a "To Do List" and while I put this list together, I thought maybe I should share some of what I am doing with those interested in making their presence be known on the Internet as well. The outcome: a YouTube video that simplifies the process of getting your name out there in the Internet world!

If you are just starting to understand the significance of taking what you do offline and giving it life on the Internet, then this video was created for you. Veteran marketers will be bored by it, so don't bother watching it unless you are looking for a checklist to be sure you have all the basics covered.

To view the video, please click here. If you have some brilliant ideas, I would love to hear about them just comment here or send me direct mail on Twitter.

A final thought, if you aren't following me on Twitter, then what are you waiting for? Feel free to click here.

Fridays: Feels different when you work from home

I remember the energy I felt when I would go into work on a Friday. There was just something special about Fridays. People seemed to be nicer, laid back, and showed their humorous side. But when you work from home, you miss all of that!

Being at home on a Friday is just another day for me that is if someone says something to me about it being Friday, I just might capitalize off their energy. We may chit chat for awhile, laugh and then off we go to perform the next errand or complete the next task.

So to all of you who have been following me, may I wish you all a Happy Friday!

Oh and one final thing, in case you have a little down time, you might want to check some things out that may be useful to you...

Make money taking surveys, games and reading e-mails

A Twitter Tool You Can Use for Free

Interested in doing more with your Twitter account? Recently, I received 8 exclusive & custom made tools to get real followers at Twitter, all for Free. One is called,"Twitter BuggaBoo Hunter" tool.

You have to come see what THAT is!

A person needs to roll with things, and as I learned, I need to use this for my marketing, and you should too.

You use these tools to build followers on Twitter and pick up where emails are blocked and cannot reach due to sensitive isp's filtering ads.

Also - the company doesn't put intrusive ads on your Twitter page. They also
have exclusive tools and no monthly fees. The people who follow you are real members - not a bunch of fluff people.

So take a look at the site and sign up today! Twitter BuggaBoo Hunter" tool.

Addicted to Marketing!

Ever feel this way? You know the determined feeling, the kind that sometimes keeps you awake at night. Your mind is in overdrive reminding you that you must reach certain goals by a set time period. So you rush around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything done! This is the way I feel right now.

There is an hour glass in my head that has been flipped over and if I don't get tasks completed, there are consequences like no money which means bills get left unpaid, no office supplies which means projects don't get done, and the worst of all is the demon of defeat will show up again and say, "I told you, you couldn't do it!"

So I became an addict to marketing and any business savvy mind can definitely relate! You know late night hours thinking of yet another way to get your product out to the masses. Outlines and more outlines of what more needs to be done. Rewrites of ad copy. Forum visits (looking for others' opinions to be sure you…

Uploading, Downloading, Scheduling...

This is what we do when our job is online. We upload articles, we download software to help manage our time, we schedule tasks to complete while we are away...I thought I was busy before, but clearly I am very busy these days! But I don't complain because I know that what I am doing gets me one step closer to achieving my goals this year.

My inner voice has been asking me, "Have we opened more accounts, gained more fans, followers and friends? Have we posted ads, wrote new articles, and sent thank you notes?" There is a manager in me right now that is telling me, "Enough of that typing on your blog! It's time to get back to work!"

Well with that said, I got to go! Until next time...

Nicholl McGuire
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Interested in Blogging in Your Sleep?

Finally I found something that automates some of my work for me and also helps me drive traffic to my Twitter account. If you are interested in the tool I use, Click Here. Take advantage of the cheap cost now before the price goes up.

Please note: software is not compatible with Blogger yet. They are still developing it. However, Wordpress it works fine!

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I enjoy talking about what I am up to (as you may already know,) there's plenty! So follow me on Twitter! I share with you some of the websites I visit, the deals I have found, and life experiences such as: parenting, finances and more!

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Does Anyone Have a Glass of Focus?

I could sure use a glass of focus! What I mean is a plan that helps me to stay focused and yields some noteworthy results! It's hard to stay committed to one thing when everytime you look up the Internet is changing. Marketing practices only a few years ago are now ineffective. Things that use to be hot to sell online is now over saturated and so cheap that you can't make a profit. As much as I would like to find just one simple thing that I could focus on, I find that my focus changes because the money or lack thereof keeps changing.

I am open to many legitimate ways to make money, but as some of you already know, and as I mentioned in a previous blog entry, not all of the ways are profitable. Case in point, a relative asked me to look at three websites for ways to make additional money. I found that two out of the three ways showed promised. The third a site that allows you to comment on websites for cash, failed after the first test. The server didn't respond, the softwa…