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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

When I was a Child...

The paper and pencil were my best friends.  They were there to keep me out the way of stressed adults.  They were there when I couldn't express myself.  The paper and pencil was like a voice that called out, "Use me."  I had a place to escape.  Now this gift and others has shown up in the children.  Photographed is one of my supporters of my latest book.  Wide awake and ready to use the computer, my third son looks for some fun things to do besides the typical.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It Takes Money to Make Money - Monetary Assistance Welcome for NM Media

These days I am spending more time offline while online activities are still ongoing.  I hope to be of assistance to those of you who are in need of quality services.  Thank you much to those who have been quite supportive over the years with sharing links and purchasing products.  We welcome donations big and small to assist with things like:

1.  The purchase of clip art and photo images for slideshows
2.  Paying assistants to help with creating materials
3.  Spreading information to assist with mental, physical and spiritual wellness.
4.  Speaking engagements
5.  Travel
6.  New office equipment
7.  Promotional materials

If you have a sincere heart to give, then by all means please do share.  There are many more things that need to be done.  We sincerely appreciate your help!  Future expenses include:

1.  New vehicle purchase
2.  Increase office space
3.  Billboard and media ads
4.  Business networking events
5.  Space bought at special functions
6.  Ongoing administrative costs (currently operating without a salary)
7.  Debt

As you can see, Nicholl McGuire Media is open about our needs.  Our mission is clear, we give voice to the voiceless--those who want their stories told as well as people who want to accomplish dreams but are still mute about them.  They are wounded men and women--broken due to years of toxic programming by all sorts of individuals and groups.  In addition, some people who we work with are small business owners who have limited resources and time.

We ask all those who have benefited in any way by my material to give back.  For years I didn't beg, ask, borrow, steal, or plead to get anyone to do anything for me.  However, now I am asking--ask and ye shall receive, right?  Many listeners, readers, and professionals I have given much service via the Internet for FREE!  From counsel to speaking engagements, I have done what I could to help.  Others received many, many writings to assist with their businesses.

For those who feel moved to give, we bless you for heeding the call!  Thanks in advance!  It takes money to make money and we thank God for generous people who recognize when they are being led to do what's right and not what just "feels" right.  Donations are accepted here.

Check out previous posts of new book releases.  The latest eBook is What Else Can I Do on the Internet? by Nicholl McGuire.  The printed version of this book is also available.  See here.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

On Speaking Out About Women's Issues

Over the years I have spoken and written about women's issues from health woes to parenting and relationships.  This is a slideshow and audio recently put together by Nicholl McGuire Media.  Feel free to check it out.  I am available for speaking engagements.  Also, check out Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate blog.  On the site, many issues related to abuse are shared.  Feel free to contact me if you wish to connect regarding future business events.