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Spying on people

A little something for fellow writers who want to interview subjects who claim one thing but do another, interact with others online about controversial subject matter and fail to hide their identities, and write about whatever whenever, uh oh, CAUTION.

Spying on people

When Surviving Life's Storms

I have had my share of storms and I will tell you it has been no easy feat restoring one's mind to peace and happiness and going on with life after a life storm.  But you manage, because your will to live is greater than your will to die.  Despite all of the challenges you might face, something on the inside of you whispers, "You are not done yet, there is still more we have to do."  Now that "something" for some of you reading this, you might call your gut feeling, higher conscious etc. but for me, I call "it" God, Lord, Holy Spirit.

When people tell me about their issues, I am learning to pray more, rather than just spectate and listen.  Oftentimes people are sharing their personal challenges, because they just want to know someone cares, and besides, they desire something great to happen in their lives.  So if you claim to be a believer in the one true God, then it might be wise to permit him to use you to reach that troubled individual along your …

Educate-Yourself - Forbidden Cures

Every now and again I come across a site worth sharing for those of you who research various topics like myself.  This site is one that you might find useful if you have accidentally found some eye-opening truths about government, media, health, etc. on websites in the past.  Enjoy!

Educate-Yourself - Forbidden Cures

Censorship Around the Web, Social Media, Blogs, Videos...

Years of content can easily be deleted simply because someone doesn't like or agree with your point of view.  So do back up your material and when you detect a site is blocking or censoring you, go somewhere else.

It's Time to Do Something More with Your Life: commentary by Nicholl McGuire - YouTube