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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Why It is Important for Business Owners to Establish and Maintain a Social Media Presence by Nicholl McGuire

You want to be seen. You want to make more money. Let's take a look at your social media presence. Having worked with fellow freelancers, real estate professionals, finance managers, property managers, hospitality and retail workers, and civic group leaders, I noticed that many had a presence online, but it wasn't always for the product or service that they most wanted to get in front of the public. Instead, they were buried in a sea of similar businesses hoping to grab whoever or whatever came their way.  I shared with them the importance of having not just an online presence, but a meaningful one that would get people to come to their websites and social media pages to engage with their material. 

The business owners and workers I interacted with had ambitious goals, but were they really prepared to be seen by many? What exactly would people see when they viewed their pages? What types of products or services would draw their desired audiences? These questions and more is what we tackled and what you, business owner or professional, will need to consider as you seek to grow your audience and your revenue.

1. What is your reach? The internet offers businesses the opportunity to connect with customers worldwide surpassing geographical boundaries. If you have no reach, it isn't any wonder why people are not visiting your website.

2. Do you need to be accessible 24/7? It can help. By having a presence your business can be accessible, to customers at any time regardless of their time zone or working hours. Now if you don't want that, then why display you are available to take phone calls, emails, or even in-person visits anytime day or night? The way you and your staff greet the customer says a lot. Consider using AI to greet your customer and answer any questions.

 3. Do you look credible to the public? A well-designed website and active social media profiles contribute to the credibility and legitimacy of a business in the eyes of consumers. Can't afford a new website or don't know anything about one? AI tools can help with that. Join my YouTube channel to learn more.

 4. What are you willing to spend on marketing? Online marketing methods like social media advertising and email campaigns tend to be more affordable compared to marketing channels such as TV or print ads. 

 5. Who is your target market? Online platforms provide businesses with the ability to focus their marketing efforts on demographics, interests and behaviors ensuring that they reach the audience. 

 6. Are you interacting with potential customers via the Internet? Social media platforms and other online channels facilitate interaction, with customers fostering engagement addressing queries and building relationships. 

 7. What tools are you using to collect and analyze data? Online tools provide insights, into customer behavior, preferences and interactions helping businesses refine their marketing strategies. 

 8. Who is your competition and how are you gaining a competitive edge? 
Companies that lack a presence may risk losing out to competitors who effectively leverage marketing to connect with and engage customers. 

 9. Have you established and enhanced a brand image? Being present online allows businesses to shape and communicate their brand identity through elements, engaging content and effective messaging. 

 10. Are you presenting your best products and services? Websites and social media profiles offer platforms for showcasing products and services using images, videos, detailed descriptions, well as authentic customer reviews. 

 11. How convenient are your customers' purchasing experience? E-commerce platforms empower customers to browse, compare options and make purchases from the comfort of their devices. Be sure your process is simple and gives your customer an immersive option depending on what you're selling. Think: augmented reality. 

12. Is what you are offering adapting to changing consumer habits? As more consumers embrace research and shopping practices establishing a presence becomes crucial in aligning with evolving consumer behaviors. 

 13. How does your business look on mobile devices? With the increasing prevalence of devices having a presence ensures that your business remains accessible to users, across smartphones and tablets. 

 14. What measures are you currently taking to enhance search engine visibility? A optimized website plays a role, in improving search engine visibility making it more convenient for potential customers to discover your business when they search online. 

 15. Do you have media that demonstrates your expertise? By publishing blogs, articles and educational content you can establish your business as an authority in your industry. This helps attract customers who are seeking knowledge and information. 

 16. Are you able to show measurable results? The beauty of marketing lies in its ability to be tracked and measured in time. This allows businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies and make decisions based on data. 

 17. Are you willing to be flexible with your current campaigns? Online marketing campaigns can be easily adjusted based on budget, goals and performance. They offer scalability options where businesses can scale up or down as needed. 

 18. Are you open to partnerships and collaborations? Having an online presence opens doors for collaborations with influencers, partners and other businesses. It expands your network. Extends your reach to audiences. 

 In summary establishing a presence is fundamental for business marketing. I ask my potential clients these questions and more depending on their industry and specific goals. For my own business, I do not have all questions answered nor do they all apply. You may also have some affiliations, products and services that are restricted or cannot be fully displayed on the Internet. 

You know your business. You know what applies to it and what doesn't--what is doable and what is not. However, keep in mind a strong internet presence enables you to connect with customers and helps with building credibility by showcasing your expertise. You are also able to adapt to evolving trends and achieve growth in our world. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's get to work!