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Operating on Fumes? Feed Off of Others People's Energy

Tired, angry, bored, bitter, mad at the awful world and everyone in it, huh?  Well, no need to stay in that frame of mind unless of course you know how to redirect your attention on what is fueling your fire and then churn all of your emotions and tasks into one big burst of positivity!

Sounds difficult?  Not exactly.  After spending some time in the presence of a doctor who had worked from sun up to sun down dealing with babies, toddlers and children, I learned what kept a smile, some patience, and a positive spirit on him (besides prayer and having a personal faith) and that was the energy of others.  He chose to focus on what others were going through and turn their energy into something positive for himself.  He was charged on every story, emotion, and action of others.  As a result, he was like the energizer rabbit he kept going and going and going...

Some of us could use that "peace that surpasses all understanding," as the Bible puts it, in our own lives.  Despite all…

Friend Feed

In the past I connected with people on Friend Feed.  Although this network isn't as large as the more popular sites, it is just as professional.  I stick with this site because I like its simplicity and convenience--I have it linked to other accounts.  If you are interested in joining another social media site, then do try Friend Feed.  Check it out here and feel free to subscribe to my latest news feeds.