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Do You Recall Any of Your New Year's Resolutions?

If you made some or even had a few hopes for this year, how are things coming along?

Since the start of the new year, I have been putting in motion my task list--you know that thing some call, "a goal" or "to do" list. I desired to write and read more (both of which I have been doing, but not without some challenges) and I also needed to abstain from some things personally and professionally that were setting me back including impulse buying.

Sometimes you will find yourself needing more time during the day to do something, so that's when some things must be put aside to allow for other things to happen in your life.

I have found that when we set our goals in front of us each day, great things can happen! There is something about looking at what you have and haven't accomplished each day that will give you a good kick in the rear! I don't know about you, but I just can't keep looking at an unfinished business project on a calendar or on notepads da…

Poetry: Steel City Under Watch by Nicholl McGuire

When I began really taking an interest in writing it started with a poem about nature back when I was nine years old. Funny, I developed an interest for journal writing at the same time, because I decided to pen it in my first diary.

It's usually a single word, a tugging in my spirit (or what some would call "your gut,") that makes me pen a poem. I don't restrict myself to a certain technique. If I feel like rhyming, then I rhyme, if I just want to write something that doesn't rhyme, isn't very long, and gets right to the point, then I do just that!

So the other day, I awoke to the following poem having been inspired by: the recent explosion of a rapper from Pittsburgh, PA (my hometown) called Wiz Khalifa as well as some interesting research about the music industry (I have been doing for almost two years now.) Here goes...the poem I title, Steel City Under Watch

The brotha from the Burg sitting back acting mellow
tellin' the whole d*mn world, "B…

Social Bookmarking

When it comes to keeping up with the many websites I visit, I utilize social bookmarking. One day while surfing the Internet and listening to an Internet guru, I came across an interesting site that helps with my social bookmarking. It is called, Only Wire.

This is a great site that not only helps you keep up with your many posts, but allows you to save all your login information to each website that you bookmark links. Simply put, you don't have to keep logging into your account every time you want to post a bookmark.

To visit the site just click here.

When it Comes to Business, Don't Text or Twitter Me!

"Did you get my text? I sent you a Twitter message...Did you check your Facebook?" Give me a break! People are getting ridiculous with this social media connection business! I don't want a simple text or twitter message about money someone owes me, I have a phone number too! I don't want my landlord sending me an email about fixing something in my apartment without a phone call. When it comes down to business, I believe one should always call to confirm. "Hello, I just wanted to let you know that the money is on the way. I apologize for my tardiness." or "Hi there, I know you are busy, but I will be in the neighborhood and just wanted to follow up to see if you received my email." Now how hard was that to call someone?

You see, some of us communicate back and fourth initially via email, text, etc. but at some point, one of us should be picking up the phone especially when there is a problem. Someone texts, "I don't like what you…