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Know When to Write, Know When Not to

The Internet makes it extremely easy to write just about anything our little hearts desire, so with that you may write good, bad, or evil.

I was thinking about my purpose, my role in this life. I realize the length of my days aren't very long. The average human being lives well into their late 70s that's if he or she eats right, exercise, have good genes, live in a great community, etc. but compare that to the hundreds of years people lived in the Holy Bible, and that's not very long. Anyway with knowing the reality of my short existence on planet earth, I understand the significance of what action and inaction with a gift (also known as a calling, destiny or purpose) can and can't do. It can backfire and hurt if one should let it. Resulting in an individual abandoning his or her gift forever. It can elevate if a person cultivates his or her gifting. It can motivate one into other things if the individual tweaks his or her calling.

I have been a writer since I was…