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Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic

After four years of planning, creating, editing, crying, and being challenged on all fronts concerning my book, finally I have released it-- thank God!  Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic was one of those books that I couldn't write without being tested.  Like Job, I had personal trials that came up during the creation of this book that made me draw nearer to the Lord.  Satan is REAL!  The devil doesn't want you exposing him!  He wants to come into your camp and cause mayhem and expects the Believer to lie down and take it--well not this Christian, he had me mistaken!  Far too many believers cover their eyes and carry on with their lives oblivious to the enemy's schemes.  It's time to take back what the devil has stole from you, expose him on his plans to destruct your world and those around you, stand when he tempts you to run, and use every situation to just love the Lord just a little more!  You will enjoy this read even if you haven't been to church in…