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Networking Events

I don't mind the invites to various events, but if you are seriously trying to recruit people wouldn't you provide the transportation at least to the first event?

I get invites from mothers, business people, relatives, and strangers on the street to go to all sorts events from flea markets to church gatherings. Its all well and good, but you would think after the person quickly interviews you and finds out you have four children, no babysitter, and one vehicle (that unfortunately can't hold everyone) that they would at least say, "I will take you, no problem!" You see, I am usually not sold on invites from strangers immediately anyway, because I am simply cautious of most people. I have found that there is always an agenda behind an agenda with some of these network recruiters (including some churchgoers) which usually involves giving someone money, service or both.

I think what frustrates me the most about these "recruiters" is that they are more conc…

New Book for Father's Day by Nicholl McGuire

You may have stopped at the greeting card aisle of a drug store seeking a card for your dad for his birthday, father's day or some other holiday and ended up settling on one that really didn't express how you really feel about him or opting out of buying him a card. It just doesn't seem right that every year a holiday comes up celebrating your father and/or the father of your children (some of you reading this have those too,) you just don't want to do anything. "Why bother?" You say. "It's not like he cares or would change his evil ways!" That's exactly why I wrote this book, because I want adult children as well as teens to express how they sincerely feel about their fathers while he is still young enough to do something about it and while you are still able to express your hurts.

I have personally witnessed the sons and daughters of fathers who waited too late to find their peace concerning their childhood issues and vice versa. It's s…