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One of My Hobbies Messing with My Hair!

When I need an escape from writing, caring for children and doing other things that are considered "being responsible," I enjoy trying new things on my hair. This wet set is pretty much one of the hairstyles that have followed me through time. It is like an old friend you can't seem to get rid of even if you wanted to. I chose to rock this hairstyle for the photo shoot as a statement to those of you, including myself, who beat up on ourselves about wearing our straight hair for "certain" corporate events!

Accept me and my curly, nappy, afro, straight, puffy, frizzy, tangled hair!

Contemporary Poetry by Nicholl

I have been submitting poetry to contests and websites for years! I have found that at 30 plus years I have grown weary of them. I have received recognition in the past and performed before live audiences, but I am looking to do more with my poetry. What exactly? I don't know. Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and Laboring to Love Myself have both quenched my thirst a little bit. I have provided the reader with excerpts of my life in the form of poetry and then challenged readers to think about their own lives.

I don't like anyone staring at my work for too long, analyzing and then coming up with some criticism about it. I think poetry is like abstract art, let it be! Must we comment on everything we see? Must we advise, teach or have meaning to everything? There are times I just want to write. I don't want to tell you nothing more than a story, a thought and nothing more. But logical thinkers...they want to analyze everything. "What did you mean when you said...what w…

Helium: Yet Another Site for Writers

I have been on this site for awhile, but nothing has come of it in terms of money. I find it a tadbit complicated. I enjoy writing, but I don't like the uploading process. I find the writings interesting. It seems that there is alot of young people writing on that site.

Anyway, I have various poetry at the site. If you would like to check out my profile and poems there, by all means. I could use your support!

My Helium Profile

Making Money Online: My Internet Experience

Some people ask me what exactly do I do on the Internet because every time they see me I am involved with either helping someone with a project or doing my own thing. Over the years, I have been involved with so many different Internet companies so I thought I might share my online experience with my readers. If you are serious about making money via the Internet, realize its going to take some determination, sacrifice, money, and a whole lot of prayer! I have been challenged in everything I have ever done on the Internet. If it isn't the negative comments its the lack of cash. My daily goals have been derailed many times due to broken links, my children interrupting me, the phone ringing, noises outside, sleep, hunger -- you name it! But come hell and high water, so the old adage goes, I keep going! So here are 14 experiences of mine selling via the Internet for almost a decade(2001 to 2009)Prior to 2001, I offered offline writing, desktop publishing and typing services and sold …

My Recent Video Posts

When I am taking a needed break from writing, I post videos about various issues that people face regarding relationship, parenting, and travel.

See my YouTube Pages

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Nicholl McGuire Media

Selling on eBay Part-time

Well with so many projects going on, I need the funds for marketing and I don't have any Rich Uncles that will help. From my domestic violence cause to offering my book publishing services and articles for sale, there is just never enough money to take care of the needs of my children and me. Those of you who know me, know that I don't sugarcoat the truth, but times are difficult.

So while waiting for my ship to roll on with some other projects, I sell part-time on eBay. Items up for sale include new toys for toddlers and older children and pre-owned electronics. Feel free to periodically check in, my site is still new so I don't have alot to sell. My seller name is 8booksandstuff.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with my latest projects. If you haven't stopped by or to purchase a book by me, please do. Just type in my name in the search boxes at the sites "Nicholl McGuire."

I appreciate whatever support you can provide.

Nicholl McGuire Book Samples

I have always enjoyed desktop publishing so much in fact I took courses, created my own publications over the years, and now due to the ease of book creation online, I am actively involved.

I encourage you to take a look at my work samples and if you could utilize any of my work by all means place an order. I have children to feed! (LOL) Enjoy.

My Book Creations

Everything Seems to be Going Well Until...

Have you ever had one of those days that you awoke and you felt really good inside, but less than an hour of being awake you are bombarded with problems? Well that was my day today. The computer does something weird and everything I was working on comes to a hault. It was at that moment, I realized many of us work at home people rely on the Internet almost too much. But what else do you have when over 90% of your workflow, human interaction, and marketing is on the Internet? I reminded myself I have to keep in mind that there is an offline world that needs to know what is going on with me via the Internet. Time to prepare a plan...

Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time

One of the biggest frustrations of being someone like me is having too much energy for too many things. I would have never dreamed that I would find one of the hardest things about working for one's self is to stay focused on a task until you see the results you so desire.

I don't like waiting around for results. I like doing what needs to be done and then, like cooking a meal, checking on it later while cutting up the veggies to go with it. But what I have been noticing lately is that every task I start it requires that I spend great lengths of time babysitting it. To shorten my time with certain projects, I decided to research "automated" then add whatever task I need to do next to it.

I have found everything from blogs that update themselves to forum posting automatically and most cost allot of money and usually come with monthly fees. Although many of these inventions appear to be great, after further research I found that they have many glitches, aren't worth …

Testing New Projects These Days: Voice Overs

Those of you know me as Nicholl McGuire, the writer, author and poet, but what you don't know is I also enjoy reading copy for my pages on You Tube and Associated Content. From excited voices to sad ones, I have always liked reading aloud.

My first recording I did using a cassette and a microphone with a player back in 1986. I created a mock radio broadcast. I was about 10 at the time and pretended to be the disc jockey of my own radio show. My guests included my sister and my aunt who supplied me with the equipment. Every now and then I would disguise my voice as a guest sitting in the studio being interviewed.

Lately, I have partnered with others in trying to build a client base of people who are in need of people to read copy for their You Tube videos. If you are interested in becoming a voice, assisting with marketing, or in need of a voice, feel free to contact me.