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Forget about New Years Resolutions! How About New Years' Revelations

It's 2009! Another new year brings about change, for some good, for others bad. But whatever the case, it's all good. Because through change, people have a choice they can either learn from it or be beaten by it! I prefer to accept it and grow from whatever change that may come my way!

You see, I saw and learned alot in 2008. Some of which I never had to face and I learned who was my friend and who was my foe. For years, I thought that people would come through for me when I needed them most since I had a track record with some that said, "I can count on Nicky." But I was wrong and I am glad that change made me take off my rose-colored glasses and face reality.

So I am sharing a little bit of wisdom with you that I learned the hard way.

Being a good friend or relative, doesn't mean you have to share everything including your money and time. I thought that if I rearranged my schedule to accomodate folks that somehow it would keep them from talking about me. P…