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10 Internet & Email Dating Tips

The following tips will help you with your quest to find someone who is right for you online.

1. When reviewing the photos of people on social networking sites, be sure that you don't pick someone who is seen in all his or her photographs smiling with their mouth closed, wearing a hat, sitting down, wearing an unusual amount of makeup, or standing behind someone or something. This person is obviously trying to cover up their hidden flaws. They may be balding, obese or very short, have terrible looking teeth, covering up birthmarks, freckles or pimples or they may have some kind of handicap.

2. If you should find someone who has done this in all there photographs, ask them in your email to send you a recent photo. Now he or she may not have one, but give them enough time to get one taken. If they are always coming up with an excuse, move on.

3. Don't rush to ask for phone numbers. If you find that you are anxious to speak to this person over the phone, think about why. Is it be…

How Do You Know Your Boyfriend is Lying to You?

Whether you are in a new relationship or still trying to figure out an old one, chances are you either have been lied to or suspect your mate is lying to you again, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this article. To determine whether your mate is being honest with you the next time you question him or her, you will want to pay attention to the following signs. Although these clues may vary with some people, they are very popular with most liars.

Let's begin with one common tactic used by liars. You have approached him or her with a question followed by proof. He or she is obviously upset that you found out the truth. They will look for reasons to find faults with you also known as shifting blame. "Well if you hadn't went through my things we wouldn't be arguing? It's because of your insecurity is why I did what I did."

A softer tactic a liar will use to get off the hot seat is the all important phone call, meeting, or some other event. "Can this wai…

How to Deal with Your In-Laws When They Have Offended You

They have said or done something that is nagging at your heart, those in-laws! "How dare they say that? Who do they think they are? If I wasn't a Christian, I would beat their...?" In-laws you don't live with them; therefore, you can do without them, right? Too often spouses give their in-laws far too much power, right? So what they are your husband's, wife's, boyfriend's, girlfriend's or significant other's family right? Wrong. What you say or do to them will ultimately affect how your mate sees you. If your mate never had a close relationship with his or her family, then you are safe, but as for the other mates who are somewhat close, very close, or too close for comfort with their family, you will have to handle conflicts with the in-laws carefully.

Depending on what the offense was you will need to be certain that it is worth explaining to your man or woman about how they made you feel. When you open up to your mate or his or her family about …

How to Avoid Insecure Women Friends: Beautiful People with Low Self-Esteem

"You were destined to be great! Beautiful, smart, unique, talented and you will never have a problem getting your foot in anyone's door!" Some of you may have received similar compliments from well-meaning family, friends and strangers. You may know this about yourself, so you may take it like a grain of salt. However, some of you may not know this, and that is why this article is being written. Beautiful people with low self-esteem are targets for some unattractive people who are insecure. They hope to befriend you to get what they want! Hence, the expression, beauty can be a blessing and a curse.

Over the years you may have been friends with the ugly guy, the fat girl, the boy with the acne, the girl with the freckles and everyone else in between. Back when you were in elementary and high school you may not have thought too much about these people other than the fact that they were teased and you pitied them. You may have been one of the ugly ducklings that grew up to …