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How Do You Know Your Child isn’t Dating Someone Who is Violent?

As a parent you tried to figure out what has been going on lately with your teenager or twenty something year old. You tried to make conversation with them, but they seemed annoyed. You asked them if everything was okay and they either told you that everything was or they started talking about the usual: job issues, money problems, health concerns or something else. But what could that “else” be? You already heard their stories many times before, but you still have that unsettling feeling in your stomach that they just aren’t telling you everything, until one day you have a fleeting thought, something they said or someone else told you or even worse they have a scar or bruise on their body. Just as you suspected it’s the new boyfriend or the girlfriend who is making your son or daughter act different toward you, and everyone else.

Your beloved child may have once confided in you when he or she was in trouble, but now they don’t feel comfortable telling you anything about his or …